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December 17th, 2007

Useful Ballistic Resources from Canadian NFA

The Ballistics Page for the Canadian National Firearms Association (NFA) website offers a variety of useful programs and data charts created by Peter Cronhelm. These include:

Caliber Twist Rate Chart

Greenhill Formula Twist Calculator

Bullet Stability Calculator (MS Excel)

Ballistic Coefficients Chart (MS Word), (Or DOWNLOAD HERE.)

Ranging Ballistics Computer (Scroll to bottom of page.)

There is even a detailed table with bullet weights and velocities for over 100 varieties of 22LR Rimfire ammunition from Aguila, CCI, Eley, Federal, Fiocchi, Lapua, PMC, Remington, RWS, and Winchester. This Rimfire Ammo Table is a “must-have” resource for any smallbore shooter. Shown below is the section for Lapua:

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December 17th, 2007

Ammo Price Hikes Coming January 1st

Natchez Shooters Supplies reports that the major ammo makers plan to raise loaded ammunition prices effective January 1, 2008. This comes on the heels of ammo, brass, and primer price increases which went into effect in September. Remington has announced: “Based on our current assessment of metals pricing for the remainder of 2007, we anticipate the need to implement as additional 12% across the board increase on all ammunition and components effective January 1, 2008.”

January Ammo Price Increase

Remington Price Increase Notice (.pdf)

If you plan to purchase loaded ammunition from the major domestic manufacturers, it’s wise to stock up before the end of the year. Likewise, we predict that European-made loaded ammo, such as Lapua .308, Lapua 6mmBR, and Norma 6XC ammo, will continue to rise in price due to increased material costs and the declining US Dollar. The chart below shows the U.S. Dollar to Euro exchange rate for the past year.

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