January 23rd, 2008

Ammo Blocks for Long-Range Benchrest

Forum member Eric Springman has created a nice product for long-range benchrest shooters. He crafts solid-aluminum “Record String” shell blocks for 600- and 1000-yard shooting. These have a wide, stable base, and the top section is angled for easy access. The blocks hold up to 10 record-string rounds and up to 10 sighters, using 10 holes in the base and 10 more in the upper section. The shell blocks are offered with two hole sizes: “Standard” for 6mmBR up to 280 Ackley size cases, and “Magnum” for WSM through 300 WBY/300 Ultra cases. Eric’s shell blocks are CNC-machined and feature a nice brushed finish. The top sections are securely bolted to the base. Price is $65.00 delivered to the 48 states.

To order, or if you have any questions, contact Eric at:

springmanrifles [at] hotmail.com
Springman Rifles
2260 Pike Peak Rd.
Allenwood, PA 17810
Phone: (570) 547-1905

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