January 22nd, 2008

Cooperative Legal Service for FFLs Launched

The Chiafullo Group, a New Jersey-based law firm, has launched a new cooperative program to assist firearms retailers and FFL-holders in matters concerning licensing and compliance with ATF Regulations. Entitled “FFLGuard” this program provides qualified legal advice to subscribing gun-related businesses. In effect, the Chiafullo Group, LLP acts as a cooperatively-financed, de facto “general counsel” to participating clients.

The FFLGuard program is designed to provide participating Federal Firearms Licensees cost-efficient access to trained firearms lawyers and other qualified legal personnel who can respond quickly to protect the client’s business and its Federal License(s). Under this program, the majority of the client’s retainer for participation in the FFLGuard program is held in trust with other participant’s retainer fees. This provides “strength in numbers” so no individual business is saddled with overwhelming legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit or dispute with the ATF. FFLGuard is endorsed by AcuSport, a leading firearms wholesaler.

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