June 13th, 2008

Berger to make 55gr 20-Caliber Bullet

Erik Stecker of Berger Bullets confirmed that his company will be producing a new, high-BC 20-Caliber bullet this fall. The new bullet features a conventional, non-VLD tangent-ogive design for greater seating flexibility and, hopefully, increased precision. The new bullet should be the highest-BC bullet available to 20-Cal shooters from a major bullet-maker. Although production dies aren’t ready yet, Berger has set a 0.400 Ballistic Coefficient design goal for the bullet. That would be a significant step up from Berger’s current 50gr, 20-caliber bullet, which has a published BC of 0.295.

We expect the new 55-grainer to require an 1:8″ or faster twist barrel, but the exact twist required will depend on the final bullet dimensions when it is put into production. Expected ship date for the new 55gr bullet is “late August to early September”, according to Stecker. With the correct-twist barrel, the new bullet should work well in most popular 20-caliber chamberings, including 20 VarTarg, 20-223, 20 PPC, 20 BR, and .204 Ruger.

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