June 12th, 2008

Good Wind-Reading Resource on CD

Readers often ask for a good, authoritative resource on doping the wind and reading mirage. Many Forum members recommended M.Sgt. Jim Owens’ Wind-Reading guide. This is now offered on CD, with 22 sets of wind charts. Owens’ Reading the Wind and Coaching Techniques clearly explains how to gauge wind speeds and angles. Owens, a well-known High Power coach (and creator of Jarheadtop.com), offers a simple system for coming up with wind value based on speed and angle. The CD also explains how to read mirage — a vital skill for long-range shooters. In many situations, reading the mirage may be just as important as watching the wind flags. Owens’ $9.95 CD provides wind-reading strategies that can be applied by coaches as well as individual shooters.

Shooters’ Log Books
M. Sgt. Owens also offers excellent log books for High Power shooters. The Owens Data Book features an updated design with “amended” grid lines and twin plotting bulls for rapid fire. Much more than just a shot log, Owens’ books offers eight sets of wind charts, a wind speed estimating guide, a “gun round count page”, a scoring system chart, an equipment check list, and a guide for normal come-ups from 100 to 1,000 yards in 100 yard increments. There is also a special Long-Range Data Book with 54 two-sided pages for the 600-yard stage, 54 two-sided pages for the 800/900/1,000 yard target, 14 sets of wind charts, and larger plotting areas. Price for either the standard Owens Data Book, or the Long-Range Data book, is $14.95 plus $1.50 S&H.

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