June 2nd, 2008

Mac's Magical Mystery Tour

Mac Tilton Operates MT Guns, with shops in Southern California and Nevada. MT Guns has one of the most extensive collections of pre-owned target rifles (primarily rimfire), in the world. Mac has been in the firearms business some 55 years, having obtained his first FFL as a teen-ager. In recent years, using the services of expert buying agents in Europe, MT Guns has acquired a huge inventory of premium target guns including hundreds of Anschütz match rifles.

In addition to the Anschütz line, MT Guns has a very large selection of the classic BSA Martinis, including dozens of the desireable MK III match guns. Mac also has a large collection of Walthers, Suhls, Tikkas, Vostoks, Weihrauchs and many other “exotics” from Europe. Being a left-hander himself, Mac maintains an extensive selection of left-handed rifles.

CLICK HERE to WATCH VIDEO about BSA Martini Rifles.

In addition to complete rifles, MT Guns has a large inventory of barrels and a wide selection of “iron” target sights, including rare 19th-century Creedmoor sights. For a fan of precision rimfires and “golden age” rifles, visiting MT Guns shop in Santa Barbara is like striking the mother load. This editor spent four hours with Mac recently and we only saw a small fraction of the inventory.

CLICK HERE for Anschütz and Walther Collection VIDEO.

In addition to selling used target rifles, MT Guns is the USA importer for Barnard Actions. Mac is also a skilled gunsmith and he can build complete rifles on a Barnard or the action of your choice. Mac has built many High Power rifles based on the relatively inexpensive but high-quality Tikka 595 action, often fitted with a Barnard trigger.

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