August 26th, 2008

Exotic Hunting Videos Online

If you’re a fan of hunting in scenic, far-away places, you’ll enjoy Petersen’s Hunting Adventure Television. While the plots are predictable (Gun Mag writer hunts with local outfitter), the scenery is often stunning, worthy of Nat Geo. The producers have put highlights of some of their best shows online. You’ll find 4-minute clips of leopard hunting in Namibia, Ibex hunting in Spain, and a Cape Buffalo safari in Zimbabwe. Our favorite clip features a hunt for Dall Sheep in Alaska’s glacier country near the southwest border of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Legendary hunting writer Jack O’Connor hunted this area, near the headwaters of the White River. During the stalk, the hunters do some serious high-altitude trekking through spectacular mountains. This 4-minute featurette is worth watching for the photography alone.

CLICK HERE to watch Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting VIDEO.

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

Short, 1.5 minute previews of 2008 broadcasts are also offered online. Featured videos include: Tanzania Plains Animals (classic safari), East Africa Mtn. Buffalo (dangerous game), British Columbia horsepack hunt for Mtn. Goat, Sitka Deer Hunt in Alaska Islands, and Winter Elk hunt in Colorado.

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