September 14th, 2008

Stocks by Umberger — A Tradition Continues

We recently followed an auction for a Cooper 17 HMR. Such a rifle (in normal trim) might typically sell for $1300.00 on But the bids on this particular rifle soared, eventually closing at $3126.00! What made this Cooper so desireable? Well it did have a case-colored receiver, but the main attraction was custom-crafted stock from Stocks by Umberger. Shown below is a centerfire stock produced by Brent Umberger.

Brent Umberger custom stocks

Brent Umberger custom stocksArtisan’s Legacy Lives On
Brent Umberger practiced his trade as a master stockmaker for four decades. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago. However, the company he started, and the legacy of fine craftsmanship he created, are being carried on. In recent years, Brent worked with Adam Fraley and Jason Basham, training them in the fine arts of gunsmithing and stockmaking and sharing his expertise. After Brent’s passing, Adam and Jason purchased the business from Brent’s widow. Adam and Jason are now continuing the tradition of fine-crafted, hand-checkered wood stocks built from the finest woods available. Stocks by Umberger products are showcased on the website,

Brent Umberger custom stocks

Umberger rifles and shotguns have been featured in many publications including American Shotgunner, Gun Week, Peterson’s Shotguns, Sporting Clays, American Walnut Industry and Trap and Field magazines. Umberger guns have graced the cover of The Shooters’ Bible, and a fabulous Purdy sidelock shotgun stocked by Brent is on display at the ATA Hall of Fame.

Brent Umberger custom stocks

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