October 13th, 2008

Hunters: Measure Bullet Performance with Bullet Test Tube

Planning an important fall hunt? Here’s a product that will help you pick the most effective bullet for use on big game. The Bullet Test Tube (BTT), an innovative product from Ballistic Technology, allows hunters to test the terminal performance of hunting bullets. This $69.95 unit contains a re-usable wax-like compound that simulates how a bullet penetrates and expands when shot into a game animal. With the BTT, you can measure the wound channel volume (with water), then split the medium in half to measure the wound channel’s length and width. To re-use the BTT, simply melt the wax-like core material in a standard 1.5 gallon crock-pot or large pan and pour it into a replacement cardboard target mold.

Bullet Test Tube

Click the screen below to watch a YouTube Video that demonstrates the whole process. (If you are at work, turn down the audio volume first.)

YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about the Bullet Test Tube, read this Product FAQ. The Bullet Test Tube has earned the NRA Publications 2007 Golden Bullseye Award and Field & Stream’s 2006 “Best of the Best” Accessories Award. The product is available through major vendors including Cabelas.com, MidwayUSA.com, and Sinclair International.

If you wish to capture the bullet after it passes through the test medium, add the Xtender accessory which slips on the end. This allows hunters to examine bullet integrity as well as wound cavity. Sinclair Int’l prices the Bullet Test Tube at $61.25, while the Xtender is an additional $57.60.

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