December 7th, 2007

Bullet Test Tube for Hunters

Sinclair Int’l now carries the Bullet Test Tube. This unique bullet-testing system uses cardboard tubes filled with a reusable plastic-like test medium. Field & Stream named the Bullet Test Tube a “Best of the Best” product in 2006. According to Sinclair, this system is the only bullet-testing medium that lets you measure wound cavity in detail including volume. To reuse the testing medium, simply melt the expansion material in a standard 1.5 gallon crock-pot and pour it into a replacement target mold.

If you wish to capture the bullet after it passes through the test medium, add the Xtender accessory which slips on the end. This allows hunters to examine bullet integrity as well as wound cavity. Sinclair Int’l prices the Bullet Test Tube at $61.25, while the Xtender is an additional $57.60.

Bullet Test Tube

For more information, read this Test Tube FAQ, or Click the screenshot below to watch a QuickTime Video that demonstrates the whole process.

Bullet Test Tube

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