November 20th, 2008

Edgewood Seeks Design Input on New F-Class Rear Bags

Edgewood rear bags are considered by many to be the “Cadillac” of rear bags. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, these bags are beautifully crafted of top-quality materials. Most of Edgewood’s current line-up of rear bags are optimized for use on a bench, but Edgewood also builds bags for F-Class shooters. Jack Snyder, Edgewood’s owner/chief designer, is soliciting ideas for new bag designs for F-classers. Jack posted this request in our Shooters’ Forum:

To all F-Class Shooters: We’re in the process of doing some serious R & D for new products specifically for F-Class Shooters. Our focus, in the past, was on Benchrest, but we’ve had many calls lately from F-Class shooters requesting different Rear Bag body heights, Ear heights/spread and more. Our new Grab Bag (offered by Sinclair Int’l) has become popular with F-Class Shooters because of its easy-to-grab handle. And we’re now ready to begin working on other bags and products to suit the F-Class Shooter’s specific needs. Email sales[at] with any and all ideas, suggestions and general comments, and we’ll get back to you. Thanks, in advance, for any input you might offer. — Jack Snyder

You can reply to the folks at Edgewood via sales[at] or you can join the rear bag design discussion on our Forum:

CLICK HERE for Forum Thread on Bag Designs for F-Class.

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