November 26th, 2008

Popular New Products at Sinclair International

Now through Jan. 11th, 2009, Sinclair International is offering a set of stainless-steel-framed digital calipers (item code MIC-14) for just $27.95. The folks at Sinclair tells us this item is extemely popular. These digital calipers feature an easy-to-read large LCD (display) and a one-touch zero function. With the push of a button, the calipers can switch from inches to millimeters on the fly.

Digital Neckwall Thickness Gauge for $49.95
Another slick new product in high demand is the InSize Digital Thickness Gauge. Sinclair reports this product is selling very well and customer feedback has been very positive. Designed for easy, one-handed use, this is a great tool for measuring neck wall thickness. You can make multiple thickness measurements around a case neck in just a few seconds, or easily calculate a needed neck bushing size without having a loaded round. The tool works with a spring-loaded sliding anvil to maintain consistent anvil pressure when taking multiple measurements. The ball anvil for case necks or tubing can be moved down to allow the gauge to measure flat stock up to 1” thick. The claimed accuracy on the digital display is 0.0005″ (half a thousandth), with controls for on/off, zero and inch/millimeter. The new InSize Gauge (item 52-9900) comes complete with a fitted plastic case and SR44/357 batteries.

neckwall measurement gauge

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