October 5th, 2009

Coming Soon… Ballistics Software Package for Cell Phones

One of our readers, Rafal Walczowski, revealed that programmers from Poland have developed ballistics software for cell phones. The new program, KABAL, should be able to operate in over 90% of programmable mobile phones. Rafal tells us: “Our idea was to develop software which could be used on the most common devices people carry all the time — mobile phones.” Current mobile ballistics programs require a separate device (such as a Windows PDA), or are limited to a single type of phone (e.g. the KAC program for the I-Phone). The Polish developers came up with a handier, more universal application: “We made software that should work on every device with JAVA MIDP.2.0. That should work for about 90-95% of the phones on the market. And, later, we will make a KABAL version that runs with older versions of JAVA.”

Kabal Ballistics software cell phone

Rafal reports the KABAL Ballistics program for mobile phones has worked well in field tests: “The algorithm for our calculator was field-tested for 18 months at ranges up to 1076 meters. Many different calibers, rifles, and bullets were employed during testing. We are pleased with the results, even when compared to QuickTarget and Exbal programs. Our KABAL program often proved more accurate, especially for long-range calculations, whereas QuickTarget and Exbal could be too optimistic.”

English Version Coming Soon — and Free BETA Version Online
Rafal reports: “Several weeks ago we finished the Polish version of KABAL and we are selling it for mobile phones. We are now are working on an English-language version, which is currently in beta testing.” There is a free English test version that works in a PC browser. This includes a BC database, a bullet stability calculator, plus tooltips describing each field. You can try out the free online beta version by clicking the link below. Rabal adds: “We would highly appreciate any opinions/feedback about our software”.

CLICK HERE for Beta Version of English KABAL Ballistics Software (Web use only)

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