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November 21st, 2009

Remington Plans to Produce Handguns

Remington Arms Co.Remington Arms Co. plans to start selling handguns, perhaps as early as the first quarter of 2010. In his Shooting Wire website, Jim Shepherd has confirmed that Remington is planning to build and market handguns, including a 1911 type semi-auto pistol. Remington recently named Tom Taylor as its new Senior VP for Handgun Marketing and Products. Taylor, formerly Vice-President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson, was hired for his handgun industry expertise.

Remington May Acquire Handgun Maker
Shepherd reports that Remington is seeking to acquire an existing handgun manufacturer, although it appears that Remington’s first new pistols will be developed and produced in-house. Shepherd writes: “it has been no secret in the industry that Remington has been ‘shopping’ for a handgun company. Several names have been mentioned, but it appears the first product will be ‘organic’ coming from inside Remington, rather than via acquisition. A 1911 is in first-production testing, and may be ready for introduction at SHOT Show in January”. Shepherd cautions, however, that Remington may move back the launch of its 1911 pistol to ensure all the bugs are worked out, and that the product is 100% reliable.

Will Remington Revive Older Designs?
Though Remington is now best known for its long-guns, it does have a rich heritage of pistol-making, going all the way back to the early 1800s. In the Civil War, Remington & Son percussion revolvers were often used by Union calvarymen, many of whom preferred the Remingtons over the standard issue Model 1860 Colt revolver. Remington also produced popular semi-auto pistols in the first half of the twentieth century. Shepherd speculates that “the small, reliable Model 51 might be a candidate for a revival”. A thin, sleek design by John Pederson, the Model 51 (shown below) was offered in .32 ACP and .380 ACP calibers. With some updates — such as improved sights and a shorter, more compact slide and barrel — a modernized m51 design could prove a popular carry piece. No doubt Remington hopes to emulate the commercial success Ruger has achieved with its recently introduced LCP™ compact .380 ACP.

Remington Arms model 51

History Lesson — How Remington Arms started
Legend has it that a young Eliphalet Remington II believed he could build a better gun than he could buy, and he set out to craft such a gun on his father’s forge located at Ilion Gulch, New York. In the autumn of 1816, Eliphalet entered a shooting match with his new flintlock rifle, and while he only finished second, his handmade rifle was a success. Orders for new Remington-made rifles and barrels began to accumulate from the many other contestants, and before Eliphalet left the shooting field, he was in the gun business.

Remington Model 51 photo courtesy Mob Guns Inc..

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November 21st, 2009

One-Day Dell Deal — Wireless Keyboard + Mouse for $28.00

We know a lot of you guys have old, grungy computer keyboards that should be tossed. Maybe your current keyboard has some broken keys or “blank” keys with worn-out printing. Or perhaps you have an unreliable mouse with a mind of its own. Well, it’s time to chuck that old broken equipment. For today only, Dell is selling a brand new WIRELESS keyboard and mouse, complete with USB adapter, for just $28.00 total with FREE Shipping. That’s $31.99 off the regular price. This bundle (Dell Part# 468-6001) provides a clutter-free desktop.

This Wireless Keyboard and Mouse deal is good for today only, 11/21/09.

Computer Keyboard

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UPDATE: This has now been switched to a “Weekend Deal”. Same stuff, but the price is now $29.99. Still a good deal. CLICK HERE for weekend deal.

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