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November 10th, 2009

Noma Mayo Wins CA State Long-Range Championship

Noma MayoIt was “Ladies First” at the California State Long-Range Championship held this weekend at the Coalinga Range in central California. Palma ace Noma Mayo topped a field of 26 shooters (24 men and 2 women) to take the CA title with an impressive 787-34X score.

The diminutive senior lady shooter had the men saying “Noma, ‘No Mas'” by the end of the 3-day event. Using the latest (#2156) Sierra 155gr Palma bullets, Noma steered her .308 Win, iron-sighted Palma rifle to victory, displaying great consistency and superior wind-reading skills. Finishing second overall was Michael Dunio (782-29X), while Noma’s husband Marty Mayo took third with a 779-16X score. Marty teamed with Noma to win the two-person Team match on Saturday, with a combined 385-7X.

Shooting his trusty 6BRX, Peter White took the F-Class title with a strong 785-36X score. Taking second was our friend and Forum member Gary Wood, who shot a 778-28X with the 6.5-284 featured recently in the Daily Bulletin. Gary Childs placed third in F-Class (769-25X), shooting a straight .284 Win with a handsome stock he crafted himself. When comparing these scores to the iron sight shooters, keep in mind the F-Classers shot a target with much smaller ‘X’ and scoring rings. We want to give special thanks to Gary Wood, whose generous donation to made it possible for this Editor and assistant Mark LaFevers to cover the event.

F-Class CA Peter White

There were some beautiful long-range rigs at the match, including many Gary Eliseo tubeguns. (Gary competed at the event, and shot well on Friday and Saturday, but fell victim to shifty winds on the final day.) In addition to the high-tech tubeguns, many handsome wood-stocked Palma rifles were used, including a Bastogne-walnut-stocked beauty built and shot by gunsmith Tom Luhmann of TLC Gunworks in Clovis, CA.

Tom Luhmann TLC Walnut

An interesting “California-legal” AR Platform rifle caught Mark’s eye. It sported a handsome matte camo finish, but the chambering was the most noteworthy feature. This rifle was chambered as a 6mm Dasher, an improved 6mmBR with a shorter neck and 40° shoulder. Most of the AR match rifles we’ve seen have gone to a Grendel-based case, if they step up past the .223 Remington. The 6BR parent case uses a .308-sized bolt-face, whereas the Grendel case rim is smaller. Also, with its steep shoulder angle, the Dasher can prove challenging to feed. However, the gun’s builder Marcus Naslund said they had achieved good feeding and function by opening up the gas port and adapting a custom single-stack magazine, made from aluminum billet. Despite California’s Draconian gun laws, this rifle is legal for sale in the Golden state because a “tool” (which can be a bullet tip) is required to remove the otherwise “non-detachable” magazine.

AR15 6mm Dasher

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November 10th, 2009

USAMU Junior Shooter Camp Serves Juniors and Their Parents

When he’s not busy running his software company in St. George, Utah, Ken Nelson enjoys competitive shooting. Ken also produces a web Blog that covers shooting (among many other topics). In his Blog, Ken featured a unique USAMU program that brings some of the nation’s top shooters together with young people for a 3-day marksmanship training camp.

USAMU Junior Camp

Ken recently attended the USAMU training camp with his son. Ken writes: “Take 50 junior practical shooters, put them with six of the best practical shooters in the world, mix in the man who has dominated practical pistol shooting for the last 30 years, give their parents something interesting to do, and then teach them. What do you get? Something awesome called the USAMU – MGM Targets Junior Shooters Camp.”

USAMU Junior CampThe ranks of USAMU instructors included top guns such as Sgt. Daniel Horner, current US Multi-Gun Champion and SSG Robbie Johnson, two-time winner of the International Sniper Competition. What’s more, legendary pistolero Rob Leatham joined the teaching staff as a “visiting expert”. Ken notes: “On Saturday, Rob Leatham, [23-Time USPSA Nat’l Champion and 5-Time IPSC World Champion], came in for a day to teach the parents… and to give the kids a class on mental preparation.” Ken, who corrected some bad habits thanks to Leatham’s guidance, observed: “Rob knows his stuff and somehow gave 40 parents individual attention. He is a natural trainer and his love for the sport… shined through.”

On Sunday, the 2nd Annual USAMU Junior Camp match was held, with Army and Junior shooters competing side by side. Ken reports: “The Army cadre shot the match as well and the top junior shooter beat them.” Ken adds: “The real joy, for me, was seeing awesome kids, brought together by caring parents and the good folks at MGM Targets, and hanging with soldiers who represent all you could want in a soldier and an American.”

To learn more about the USAMU Junior Shooters Camp, read Ken Nelson’s Blog, and you can also visit the Camp’s official website, The USAMU and MGM Targets deserve praise for offering such a fine program for young shooters and their parents. This type of program attracts new participants to the shooting sports and creates a positive image for competitive shooting.

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