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November 1st, 2009

New "Outside-In" Flash Hole Reamer for Large Flash Holes

For years, Sinclair Int’l has offered a reamer for small, BR-sized flash-holes, product #07-3000. This popular tool features an 0.0625″ cutting tip to uniform the .059″ flash-holes on Lapua 220 Russian, 6mmBR, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.5×47 brass. Sinclair’s tool works from the outside, indexing off the primer pocket. For those people who believe in the utility of reaming small flash-holes (an open question), the Sinclair “outside-in” design may be the best. But until now, there has been no equivalent “outside-in” reamer for cases with large flash-holes.

Large flash-hole reamer Sinclair AccurateShooterSinclair recently introduced its NEW .081″ large flash-hole reamer, item #07-3081. This $37.50 tool is designed to ream standard flash holes (.080″) to exactly .081 inch, both for small primer pockets and large primer pockets. This tool will remove most burrs left in manufacturing and will uniform the flash-hole diameter of all your brass to ensure consistent ignition.

Double-Ended Design Works with Both Small and Large Primer Pockets
Sinclair’s all-stainless three-piece tool features a double-ended reamer guide for both large and small primer pockets, a knurled handle for easy turning and a straight fluted .081″ reamer. It is designed for all cartridges (with either small OR large primer pockets) with standard .080″ flash holes.

As one Sinclair customer noted: “This is a tool that has been needed for a long time.” As a result, the .081″ flash-hole reamers have been back-ordered through 12/1/2009. But if you order now you should have yours within 5-6 weeks.

IMPORTANT: We recommend, if you order this tool, that you mic the actual diameter of the cutter tip. We have found that some flash-hole reamers, of ALL brands, arrive with slightly oversized cutter tips. Indeed we’ve seen tip diameters of other brands (not Sinclair) vary by as much as .006″ (six-thousandths). You want to make sure you don’t have an oversize cutter before you ream hundreds of cases.

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November 1st, 2009

Time to "Fall Back" and Re-Set Your Clocks

Daily Savings Time officially ended on November 1st, at 2:00 am local time. So this morning you officially have an extra hour to sleep in. If you haven’t adjusted your timepieces already, set your clocks and watches BACK ONE HOUR. That means if your clock shows 9:00 am (before re-setting), you should set it back to 8:00 am.

MORE INFO on Daylight Savings Time Change | LINK to Official US Time (Atomic Clock)

Daylight Savings Time Change Fall

Computers Need Changing Too
Some computer operating systems will have automatically reset the time to standard time (as of 2:00 am, 11/1/2009). If your computer hasn’t corrected itself, you can reset the displayed time through your control panel. On a PC running XP, right click on the time display in the lower right hand corner of your display.

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November 1st, 2009

Basic Gunsmithing Videos from MidwayUSA

Larry Potterfield, owner and founder of MidwayUSA, has created some basic gunsmithing videos that are worth watching. These show some key aspects of rifle metal-working, such as crowning a barrel. Be aware that these videos are really just teasers — they don’t illustrate most of the critical preparatory steps a skilled gunsmith will do, such as leveling his lathe precisely, and indicating the barrel very, very carefully. Nonetheless, there are some good, basic tips in the videos, which should be informative for all shooters, whether they do their own smithing or not. Please note that benchrest smiths may employ more advanced methods.

VIDEO One: Cutting and Crowning a Barrel (Radiused Crown)

YouTube Preview Image

VIDEO Two: Threading and Chambering an Octagon Barrel

YouTube Preview Image

VIDEO Three: Trueing the Bolt Face on a Mauser 98

YouTube Preview Image
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