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November 15th, 2009

New Tactical and Hunting Rifles from Kelbly's Inc.

Kelblys Inc., long-respected as a producer of benchrest actions and rifles, has expanded its product line. Now Kelbly’s will be offering complete tactical and tactical/hunting rifles. Produced in a wide variety of chamberings from 6.5×47 Lapua all the way up to 300 Win Magnum, these new Kelbly rifles are available as either single shots or as repeaters. To learn more about the new Kelbly rifles, visit Kelbly’s enhanced website.

Kelbly's Atlas

Shown above is Kelbly’s new Atlas rifle. This rifle’s$2800.00 base price includes premium components: Single-shot Atlas action with 20 MOA or Flat integral scope base, Jewell or Shilen trigger, Krieger or Bartlein Barrel, Kelbly’s HCFB or Hunting stock (with recoil pad and swivels), Double screw rings (30mm or 1″). Available options include: McMillan A5 stock, CDI Magazine w/ 5 round AICS Magazine ($260), 3-Round Blind Mag ($150), Kemper or Vais Muzzlebrake ($185 Installed), Karsten Adjustable Cheek Piece ($75), Barrel Fluting ($120), Long-Action Upgrade ($70), Painted stock ($300), CeraKote Barreled Action ($200).

Kelbly's Grizzly II

Kelbly’s new Grizzly II Tactical/Hunting rifle costs $3300.00 before options. Shown above in wood thumbhole stock, this rifle features a single-shot Grizzly II Action with 20 MOA or Flat integral scope base, Krieger or Bartlein Barrel, Jewell or Shilen Trigger, Kelbly HCFB or Hunting stock (with recoil pad and swivels), Double screw rings (30mm or 1″ scope tube). Grizzly II options are the same as for the Atlas model, except that a detachable box magazine is not offered with the Grizzly II. NOTE: The stock in the photo is a prototype wood thumbhole. The production Grizzly IIS will use a Kelbly fiberglass HCFB stock (standard), or McMillan A5 stock (optional at extra cost).

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November 15th, 2009

National Ammo Day is November 19th

Ammo Day 2009Since 2001, November 19th has been decreed National Ammo Day. The backers of this event want each and every gun owner to purchase 100 rounds of ammunition this Thursday the 19th. The purpose of Ammo Day is to support the Second Amendment and to send a message to politicians.

There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States. If even 10% of them purchase ammo on Nov. 19th, this will demonstrate the size, and economic importance, of the gun-owning citizenry. If there’s one thing politicians cannot ignore, it’s tax revenues. The sales and excise taxes on guns and ammo help support many important public programs.

To learn more about National Ammo Day, visit Unfortunately, certain types of ammunition remain in short supply. Because of the surge in gun and ammo sales following last year’s Presidential election, most ammunition is quite a bit more costly than it was 12 months ago… if you can find it at all. One person, commenting on the website, expressed his frustration with price hikes: “How about we don’t purchase any ammo on the 19th to send a message to the manufacturers that the price gouging better stop, or we’ll simply reload everything we shoot.” He has a point. However, in a market economy, supply and demand will always influence price levels.

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