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November 25th, 2009

AR15 Magazine Torture Test in Shotgun News

Writer David Fortier recently conducted an extensive torture test of AR15 magazines — both polymer and metal-bodied. Fortier’s test results, some of which may surprise you, are found in David’s article “Feeding Your AR”, published in the latest (November 20, 2009) edition of Shotgun News.

20 round AR15 magazineFortier tested a variety of popular AR mags including PMAG, Tango Down, CProducts SS, Brownells, Bravo Company, Lancer, MSAR, and Tapco. The “torture tests” included dropping the mags on their feedlips from 8.5 feet, driving a full-size army truck over the mags, jumping on the mags, and deliberately tilting the followers. The mags were also tested for fit and function with live-fire shooting. Results were a little surprising. When dropped from 8.5 feet on their feedlipgs, the Tango Down, PMAG and TAPCO all split down the spine. CLICK HERE for Test Photos.

The Lancer L5 model seemed to be the toughest magazine tested, and Fortier noted how the “old-fashioned” aluminum mags did surprisingly well. Lancer L5 magazines have “see-through” translucent polymer bodies (similar to Sig 55X series magazines). In addition, the Lancers feature teflon-coated, hardened steel feed lips, and a rubber-coated “bumper bottom”. Lancer L5s are offered in 20-round, 30-round, and 48-round capacities. The 48-rounder employs a special coupler to provide super-high capacity for 3-gun comps. Below is a Lancer-produced video showing the L5s being dropped from 5 feet (on both base and feed lips) without injury.

YouTube Preview Image

Fortier, posting on concluded: “PMAGs are very good, but not as indestructible as some think. Aluminum mags are not as bad as some think. You should consider checking out Lancer’s mag…they surprised me. If MSARs mag dropped free they would be an interesting option. Dropping mags onto cement is A LOT tougher on them then running them over with a SUV…. but all those videos from the various mag companies sure did work wonders for advertising didn’t they?”

20 round AR15 magazineOld Metal 20s — Still Best Match Mag?
Editor’s NOTE: I won’t speculate as to the best 30-round magazine for field and military use. But in all the ARs I’ve owned, and most of the AR target rifles I’ve shot, the best magazine for Bench use and High Power Match use was the old 20-round straight aluminum mag with silver-colored metal follower. These 45-year-old mags seem to work perfectly, even when the gray powder-coat has worn off in spots revealing a dull brass color underneath. The silver metal follower still works better than most of the new “no-tip” polymer followers.

There may be better 20-round polymer mags today, but match shooters won’t go wrong with the original metal-bodied straight 20s with metal followers. I’ve bought, sold, and traded many AR mags over the years — and my old GI metal 20s are the only ones I’ll never sell.

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November 25th, 2009

Big Discounts on Cabela's Gun Vises

Need a sturdy gun vise to hold your rifle for cleaning and work sessions? has slashed prices on both its hardword and plastic gun vises. You can now save up to 50% on these handy work-stations.

gun vise

Cabela’s simple but rock-solid hardwood gun vise (item 9IS-228063) is now marked down from $59.99 to just $29.99 — that’s 50% off the regular price. And — get this — the hardwood gun vise comes with a 31-piece screwdriver set, included in that $29.99 sale price. This hardwood vice measures 28″L x 8″W x 7.5″H and features four cut-outs for parts and small solvent bottles. The gun is secured in leather-padded cradles tensioned with a simple wood camming mechanism.

gun vise

Cabela’s also has slashed the price of its polymer gun vise (item 9IS-227687). The polymer vise is now just $29.99, marked down from $49.99. That’s a great price for a versatile, light-weight (5-lb.) unit that can easily be moved around your shop. Cabela’s polymer gun vise features rubber padding at the front, rear, and under the pistol grip. The base has many small compartments and recesses for solvents and cleaning gear.

FREE Shipping on Orders over $99.00
In addition to the savings on these items, Cabela’s is currently offering FREE Shipping on all orders of $99.00 or more. This special savings is good through December 1, 2009. Use promo code 9CHRISTMAS at checkout.

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November 25th, 2009

FREE Issues of RIFLE and HANDLOADER Magazines

Free Recent Sample Issues to Review
Wolfe Publishing offers FREE, downloadable partial samples of the January 2010 issue of Rifle Magazine and the December 2009 issue of Handloader Magazine. (Note: these are fairly large, 4-5 megabyte .pdf files.) The Rifle magazine sample spotlights Volquartsen’s Evolution varminter. The Handloader sample issue has a nice story on Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) Silhouette, plus a full feature on the unusual 22 Jet cartridge.

CLICK HERE for January 2010
RIFLE Magazine (partial issue)

Rifle Magazine free offer

CLICK HERE for December 2009 HANDLOADER Magazine (partial issue)

Rifle Magazine free offer

FREE Hard Copy Samples Also Offered
You can also order FREE sample hard-copy issues of Rifle Magazine, Handloader Magazine, and Successful Hunter magazine. You can request up to one (1) issue each. Just supply your name and address on the Hardcopy Sample Order Page. The full copies of recent issues are both worth a read. The latest issue of Rifle magazine has a good story on the Volquartesen Evolution varmint rifle. The Dec/Jan Handloader includes a fascinating “Cast Bullet Myth Busting” article, plus a guide to powders for the 220 Swift.

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