March 23rd, 2010

Redding Adds 358/25 WSSM Dies for Indiana Hunters

Redding Reloading Equipment has responded to the requirements of Indiana Deer Hunters with the addition of the 358/25 WSSM to their line of regular production “Custom Series” reloading dies. The following 358/25 WSSM dies are available: full-length sizing die, neck-sizing die, and a 3-die deluxe set including both full-length and neck-sizing dies plus a seating die with crimp.

Redding 358/25 WSSM dies

This 358/25 WSSM wildcat cartridge has gained favor as an alternative to standard handgun calibers under Indiana’s hunting regulations, which allow the use of cartridges with a bullet diameter of .357″ or larger and a maximum case length of 1.625” during Indiana’s firearms deer season. The 358/25 WSSM can be used in both bolt action and modern sporting rifle styles. The round produces effective terminal ballistics on whitetail deer.

For more info or to order a current Redding catalog contact: Redding Reloading Equipment, 1089 Starr Road Cortland, NY 13045, or visit

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