June 22nd, 2010

Kinetic-Powered Flashlight Needs No Batteries

The problem with most flashlights is that, when you really need them the most, you often find the batteries are discharged. A flashlight with dead batteries is useless in an emergency. The new LED Magna flashlight doesn’t need batteries at all. Inside the housing is a copper coil. By shaking the handle of the unit you cause a magnet to pass back and forth through the coil. This generates electricity which is stored in a capacitor. Just a few shakes will generate light.

kinetic flashlight LED kinetic flashlight LED

The LED Magna Light costs just $4.68 plus shipping from www.techdeals.us. At that price you can afford to keep one of these lamps in each of your vehicles, plus one in your range kit or “bug-out” bag. Now we just wish somebody made kinetic-powered cell phones and GPS units. It seems we are always struggling with low batteries on those often-used electronic devices. And why hasn’t anybody put a solar panel on the back of the iPhone yet?

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