January 18th, 2023

Great Gun Safe Upgrade — Motion-Sensing LED Light Bars

Nobody wants to fumble around in a dark gun safe. Here’s a very affordable product that will illuminate your safe automatically when you open the door. These magnetic motion-detecting light bars (with 10 LEDs) can be placed on the sidewalls and shelves of your gun safe. As soon as you open the door, the light bars illuminate brightly. When you close the safe door, the LED light bars shut off, saving battery power.

Let there be light. Here’s a great accessory for your gun safe. This “smart” LED lamp turns itself on when you open the door, and off when you close the door. There’s a built-in magnet so you can easily attach the light to the inner walls or “ceiling” of your gun safe. It works, it’’s handy, and it’s inexpensive — just $20.99 for THREE (3) light bars. There is also an Amazon 10% Off coupon currently.

Each motion-sensing light bar has 10 LEDs and can provide 12+ hours of light with four AAA batteries (not included). Very versatile, these motion-sensor lamps can also be used in closets, car trunks, trailers, basements, storage sheds — anywhere you need light. This is an “Amazon’s Choice” for motion-sensor lighting.

Motion-Sensing Light Bar With Three Pivoting LED Heads
If you prefer a motion-sensing light system with a black body and dome-type LED lights, consider the Mind&Action Motion-activated Gunsafe Light. This provides “instant-on” motion-sensor activated LED illumination with three rotating light heads, which pivot independently. The unit can be mounted via provided magnetic mounting plate or Velcro-type panels. This $22.99 light system has earned 84% 4- and 5-Star ratings. The one downside is that it can be tricky to replace the batteries with the Velcro in place.

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