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January 14th, 2023

Saturday Movies: New Rifles for 2023 Coming to SHOT Show

new 2023 rifles video showcase top five shot show precision hunting

SHOT Show 2023 is right around the corner, with the annual NSSF Gun Industry convention opening its doors to dealers and media on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Thousands of new products will be unveiled for the first time at SHOT Show 2023, including hundreds of new rifles. Today’s Saturday Movie showcase features a number of new (or nearly-new) rifles that will be on display at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. This showcase gives our readers a chance to preview some of the newest hunting, precision, and tactical rifles on the market even before retail buyers get to handle them at SHOT Show display booths.

Five Best New Generation Precision and Sniper Rifles for 2023

This Survival Gear video showcases five newer model precision/tactical rifles offered in 2022 and some new offerings for 2023. The models are: 1. SIG Sauer Cross PRS (1:01 time-mark); Scopes Poweryz (2:25); Tikka T3X Tac A1 (3:18); Kelbly’s Nanook MG (4:48, shown below); and IWI US DAN (6:05).

Kelbly's Nanook MG

The video hosts based his choice on function, reliability, and accuracy: “When pulling together this list of the best precision rifles and sniper rifles, I considered a few different criteria. The list highlights modern rifles with proven track records that are currently in use. It includes some new precision rifles that are coming online right now.”

Three Impressive Modern Rifles — Including a Cool Ultralight

This 10-minute Central Gear video covers three fairly interesting rifles. PRS/NRL fans will like the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Precision Rifle, a modern mag-fed chassis rig for PRS/NRL competition. Hunters should check out the impressive Gunwerks Skunkwerks Lite SabR rifle. Designed for easy field carry by hunters, the limited-edition Lite Sabr features an ultra-light magnesium metal chassis and a folding buttstock. The third rifle, also from Gunwerks, is a modern muzzleloader for hunters.

new 2023 rifles video showcase top five shot show precision hunting

Fierce Arms 5.8-Pound Mountain Reaper Ultralight

SHOT Show 2023 new rifles hunting varmint bolt-action PRS precision AR tactical

This video covers just one rifle, the Fierce Arms Mountain Reaper. But we think this new ultralight rig will definitely appeal to hunters who need a light rifle. With an 18″ barrel, the Mountain Reaper weighs just 5.8 pounds! The Mountain Reaper features an ultra-light magnesium chassis, carbon-wrapped barrel, and carbon M-Lok forearm. It also boasts a quick-deploying, push-button-lock folding stock and premium Bix ‘N Andy trigger. Seven chamberings are offered starting at $3399.00 MSRP.

Three New Bergara Rifles for 2023

With over 620,000 subscribers, the Backfire YouTube Channel is very popular. It has earned a strong following for its multi-product comparison tests and straight-talk “No BS” reviews. In this video, Backfire reviews three new rifles from Bergara: The Bergara B14 Squared Crest, The Bergara Wilderness Ridge Carbon, and the Bergara HMR Carbon. All three products are well suited for hunting and varminting.

Five New Rifles for 2023 — Wide Variety of Platforms

The five rifles featured in this video have just hit the market. Most of these were first revealed at the NASGW (Nat’l Assn. Sporting Goods Wholesalers) EXPO a few months ago. Many will also be showcased soon at SHOT Show 2023 next week. The five featured rifles are: 1) Traditions Shed Horn .50 Cal Muzzleloader (1:02 time-mark); 2) Rock River Arms LAR22 (3:19); Mossberg Patriot Predator (5:47); Live Free Armory Challenger (8:28); and Pioneer Arms 556 (11:05). Two of these five choices are AR-type rifles, and one is an AK variant underfolder. The reviewer notes: “Here are five of the best new rifles introduced at NASGW 2022 … to keep an eye out for in 2023.”

Top AR-Platform Rifles for 2023

AR-platform “Modern Sporting Rifles” continue to be top sellers because of their affordability and versatility. An AR rifle can be used for Service Rifle competition, 3-Gun games, varmint hunting, and of course, home defense. This video features 15 modern-generation AR-platform rifles. Most of these rifles will be on display at SHOT Show in Las Vegas starting Tuesday January 17, 2023.

SHOT Show 2023 new rifles hunting varmint bolt-action PRS precision AR tactical
Overlay highlights Gunwerks ClymR carbon-stock mountain hunting rifle.

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January 14th, 2023

Qualities of Winning Barrels — Brux Co-Owner Explains

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

In this 54-minute video interview, Ken Clemens, co-owner of Brux Barrels, is interviewed by F-Class ace Erik Cortina for the Cortina Precision YouTube Channel. A lot of ground is covered, with many fascinating insights into barrel-making revealed. Watch and learn:

Interview with Ken Clemens, Co-owner of Brux Barrels

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

If you are involved in competitive shooting, and especially if you compete in F-Class or long-range benchrest, we recommend you take the time to watch this interview, perhaps in a couple of sessions because it runs for a lengthy 54 minutes. Ken Clemens explains the important procedures that go into making match-grade, cut-rifled barrels. Ken also explains some factors to consider when choosing a barrel-maker and specifying length, contour, land/groove configuration, and twist rates.

For more information visit, use the online PRICE ESTIMATOR, or call (608) 592-3324.

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken ClemensAbout BRUX Barrel-Making Methods
Brux starts with 4150 chrome-moly or 416R stainless steel double-stress-relieved bar stock — the best available. Barrels are bored with the Barnes gun drill, and reamed with an industry-standard Pratt & Whitney reamer. Brux uses solid carbide cutter hooks and employs special methods to achieve best results.

After the bore-cutting process is complete, each barrel is hand-lapped to high-precision standards. Multi-point inspections and meticulous hand processes (not possible in mass production) ensure extremely high quality. The Brux website says: “If there is the slightest deviation in surface finish or tolerance, the barrel is discarded.”

BRUX Specializes in Cut-Rifled Gun Barrels
Brux produces custom cut-rifled barrels, precision-crafted by professionals with extensive experience in both machine tools and competitive shooting. While Brux earned its reputation building great barrels for F-Class, benchrest, and long range competition, Brux also crafts hunting barrels. Brux states: “Hunters, big game and varmint, can benefit from the accuracy and dependability of a custom barrel made to your specifications.”

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

BRUX Barrels’ Owners Are Competitive Shooters
Brux owners and machinists are shooters themselves. So they understand how important a truly top-quality barrel can be. Everything else about a rifle can be great, but you need a superb barrel to win at the highest level. Owners Ken Clemens (pictured above) and Norm Brux are both seasoned shooters with years of experience using their own products.

Made in the USA — About the Home of Brux Barrels
The Wisconsin River Valley near Lodi has a storied history of hunting and shooting. The glacier spared many granite escarpments, leaving secluded glens and a topography rich in soil and wildlife habitat, which attracted families with old-world values and skills. Many of their descendants turned raw steel and iron into the tools necessary for farming – and some evolved to precision tooling and making gun barrels.

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens
Wisconsin River Valley near Ferry Bluff State Natural Area.

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January 14th, 2023

Fitness and Cardio Training for Competitive Shooters

fitness cardio training

In the archives of The First Shot (the CMP’s Online Magazine), SGT Walter E. Craig of the USAMU discusses physical conditioning for competitive shooters, particularly High Power competitors. Fitness training is an important subject that, curiously, is rarely featured in the shooting sports media. We seem to focus on hardware, or esoteric details of cartridge reloading. Yet physical fitness also matters, particularly for High Power shooters. In his article, Craig advocates: 1) weight training to strengthen the Skeletal Muscle System; 2) exercises to build endurance and stamina; and 3) cardiovascular conditioning programs to allow the shooter to remain relaxed with a controlled heart beat.

SGT Craig explains: “An individual would not enter a long distance race without first spending many hours conditioning his/her body. One should apply the same conditioning philosophy to [shooting]. Physical conditioning to improve shooting skills will result in better shooting performance[.] The objective of an individual physical training program is to condition the muscles, heart, and lungs thereby increasing the shooter’s capability of controlling the body and rifle for sustained periods.”


In addition to weight training and cardio workouts (which can be done in a gym), SGT Craig advocates “some kind of holding drill… to develop the muscles necessary for holding a rifle for extended periods.”

For those with range access, Craig recommends a blind standing exercise: “This exercise consists of dry-firing one round, then live-firing one round, at a 200-yard standard SR target. For those who have access only to a 100-yard range, reduced targets will work as well. Begin the exercise with a timer set for 50 minutes. Dry-fire one round, then fire one live round and without looking at the actual impact, plot a call in a data book. Continue the dry fire/live fire sequence for 20 rounds, plotting after each round. After firing is complete, compare the data book to the target. If your zero and position are solid, the plots should resemble the target. As the training days add up and your zero is refined, the groups will shrink and move to the center.”

Brandon Green
Fitness training and holding drills help position shooters reach their full potential. Here is 6-Time U.S. National Long Range Champion John Whidden.

Training for Older Shooters
Tom Alves has written an excellent article A Suggested Training Approach for Older Shooters. This article discusses appropriate low-impact training methods for older shooters. Tom explains: “Many of the articles you will read in books about position shooting and the one mentioned above are directed more toward the younger generation of shooters in their 20s. If you look down the line at a typical high power match these days you are likely to see quite a few folks who are in their middle 30s and up. Many people in that age range have had broken bones and wear and tear on their joints so a training program needs to take that into account. For instance, while jogging for an extended period for heart and lung conditioning may be the recommended approach for younger folks, it may be totally inappropriate for older people.”


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