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January 4th, 2023

NRA Rifles of the Year — Golden Bullseye Winning Rifles for 2023

golden bullseye nra publications ruger marlin springfield armory nosler 21

golden bullseye nra publicationsEvery year the NRA Publications group announces Golden Bullseye Award winners for various product categories (rifle, handgun, shotgun, optics, gear etc.). These awards are like the Oscars for the shooting industry. There are many Golden Bullseyes given out each year because there are separate awards given by different NRA Magazines — including American Rifleman, Shooting Illustrated, and American Hunter. Here are the 2023 Rifles of the Year (Golden Bullseye Winners) as chosen by each of those three publications.

benelli lupo chassis golden bullseye winner rifle

American Rifleman 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Marlin 1895 SBL by Ruger

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL rifle golden bullseye NRA award 2023

In late 2020, Ruger acquired the assets of the Marlin Firearms, as part of the Remington bankruptcy sale. After acquiring the Marlin assets from Remington, Ruger put its engineers to work producing one of the best-machined Marlins ever, the impressive Marlin 1895 SBL. The first new-generation model 1895 SBL rifles were chambered for the .45-70 Gov’t cartridge.

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL rifle golden bullseye NRA award 2023

Ruger President/CEO, Chris Killoy explained how the Model 1895 SBL was developed: “Since the move of over 100 truckloads of equipment and inventory back in November 2020, our engineering team took the 1895 through a complete design and production review, focused on achieving the highest quality, accuracy, and performance standards. The end result is a quality rifle, produced using modern manufacturing methods[.] From the quality of the firearm, to clear ways for consumers to differentiate Ruger-made Marlins, we focused on getting every detail right.”

Ruger-made Marlin 1985 SBL rifles bear an “RM” (Ruger-Made) serial number prefix, have the Marlin Horse/Rider logo laser-engraved on the grip, and include a red and white bullseye on the buttstock.

American hunter golden bullseye award springfield waypoint 2020

American Hunter 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Nosler Model 21

American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action
American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action

The new Nosler Model 21 rifle has many advanced features. Along with a lightweight McMillan carbon fiber stock, the Model 21 boasts a wire EDM-machined receiver, nitride-coated fluted bolt, and TriggerTech trigger. Excellent accuracy is delivered with a Shilen match-grade stainless barrel, threaded at the muzzle for brake or suppressor. The Model 21 is offered in a wide variety of chamberings from .22 to .375 calibers: 22 Nosler, 26 Nosler, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 27 Nosler, 280 Ackley Improved, 28 Nosler, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, 30 Nosler, 33 Nosler, and .375 H&H Magnum.

American hunter golden bullseye award nosler model 21 mcmillan stock EVO action

The heart of the rifle is Nosler’s new Model 21 action, designed in collaboration with the Mack Brothers from South Dakota, creators of the advanced EVO action popular with precision shooters. Nosler’s newly-designed Model 21 blends the best features of the EVO action with unique Nosler-engineered customizations, delivering an ultra-reliable, smooth cycling action, well suited for hunting applications.

Nosler Model 21 with McMillan Carbon Fiber Stock

golden bullseye shooting illustrated

Shooting Illustrated 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winner

Rifle of the Year — Springfield Armory Saint Edge ATC

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

Springfield Armory’s new SAINT Edge ATC is built around a patented “Accurized Tactical Chassis”, an advanced evolution of the AR platform. Featuring a monolithic lower/handguard system, the SAINT Edge ATC delivers a 100% free-floated barrel. This ensures that the barrel, barrel nut and gas system are totally free from any contact with the lower chassis.

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

Chambered in .223 Wylde, the SAINT Edge ATC is offered in a standard black model as well as an Elite version finished in Cerakote® Coyote Brown, paired with an upgraded LaRue 2-Stage trigger and B5 Systems’ Precision Stock. For those that demand sub-moa precision from their AR-style rifle, the SAINT Edge ATC series is guaranteed to deliver.​

golden bullseye award springfield armory saint edge atc AR15 AR rifle Shooting Illustrated

About the Golden Bullseye Awards
Now in their 21st year, the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge top products available in the shooting sports. The winners are selected by a committee of editors, graphic designers, and NRA Publications staffers, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting/hunting industry. This year’s Golden Bullseye Awards are noteworthy as American Rifleman magazine is celebrating its 100th anniversary, while American Hunter magazine marks its 50th year of publication. Golden Bullseyes are also awarded by the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine, and website.

To qualify for consideration for a Golden Bullseye Award, a product must have been:

— Recently introduced and available to consumers.
— Used/tested by a staff member or magazine contributor.
— Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations
— Innovative in design and function.
— Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser.
— Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry.

NRA Publications Executive Director Doug Hamlin stated: “The NRA Golden Bullseye Awards epitomize what NRA members seek in their shooting and hunting equipment—outstanding performance, innovation and value. These are the best new products, truly worthy of NRA Members’ attention, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all this year’s winners.”

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January 4th, 2023

EuroOptic Offers FREE Ultra-Fast RED Delivery Service

EuroOptic RED Shipping Program

Back in 1999, EuroOptic became one of the first U.S. commercial dealers of premium European optics such as Zeiss and Swarovski. Now, 23 years later, EuroOptic is an industry leader with a massive catalog of over 200 manufacturers, with exclusive product offers from some of the most respected names in the business. EuroOptic also boasts an outstanding customer service and sales team.

Adding to this impressive list of achievements, EuroOptic now offers RED 1 & 2 Day Delivery! This service ensures your order is shipped the same day and is delivered to you the next day or in 2 days time FOR FREE, with no hidden fees or memberships whatsoever. Speedy RED shipping is available for most optics and non-firearm products including products from Vortex, Nightforce, Leica, Trijicon, Swarovski, Leupold, Sitka Gear, and more. Visit for more information about this program.

EuroOptic RED Shipping Program

What’s better than getting new gear? Not much, but getting it the next day is a step in the right direction. Now, with EuroOptic’s RED shipping service, that’s the program – any item marked with the EuroOptic RED Shipping Program logo will have a delivery speed marked — usually the next day or the day after.

And, EuroOptic RED Shipping Program shipping is no extra charge.

EuroOptic states that it has “always been about getting shipments out as fast as possible, and now we’re turning up the intensity on the shipping carrier speed as well. Give it a try, we’re sure you’ll be pleased.”

EuroOptic RED Shipping Program

Program Details

Products on the website which have the EuroOptic RED Shipping Program logo will also have a delivery speed listed — generally, 1-Day Shipping or 2-Day Shipping. When purchasing these items, you can expect those items to ship with a carrier method to match the stated delivery speed — No extra charge

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January 4th, 2023

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Brownells discount code savings bargain

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Brownells discount code savings bargain

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