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January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year 2023 and Message to Our Readers Worldwide Accurate Shooter Forum new year year's happy donation forum membership gold silver member new members

Happy New Year to all our readers, and especially the 66,660+ members of our AccurateShooter Forum. We hope 2023 brings you happiness in your lives and success in your endeavors. We also wish for small groups, high scores, and successful hunts in the New Year. And, yes, we wish for mankind’s victory over COVID, and other viral pandemics, so we can fully return to our normal lives.

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Looking Forward to 2023 ForumEvery year we work to improve We have continued to upgrade the Forum, adding enhanced security measures, with background checks on all sign-ups and enhanced scammer detection. On the content side we have expanded our popular Deals of the Week and Sunday GunDay features. And we’ve added a Video Showcase every Saturday. We also now offer more product reviews in our Daily Bulletin. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our feature articles, our Deals of the Week, our match reports, and our Forum Classifieds. The formula seems to be working — our audience is bigger than ever, with Forum membership growing substantially year after year.

Forum Membership Increased 10% in 2022
Our Shooters’ Forum grew significantly over the past 12 months. Total registered membership grew by about 10% as Forum ranks swelled to 60,670+ members! More people are successfully buying and selling through our Forum Classifieds services than ever before. Silver and Gold members get unlimited Classifieds for 12 months. Gold members also get custom Avatars and other privileges. Forum New Year 2018 donation donation

We need your support. For 19 years the site has relied largely on volunteer efforts. But as the site grows, we need the assistance of Forum moderators, product testers, web gurus, and computer software experts. Those guys don’t work for glory alone.

Consider this — you could pay $25 for a couple medium pizzas. For the same twenty-five dollars you can become a Silver Forum member for an entire YEAR and help this site provide info, tests, tech tips, bargains, and shooting news.

And consider the benefits — Silver or Gold Members get unlimited classifieds for 12 months. If you were to sell just ONE $1500 rifle through, you would pay $66.50 in fees! That’s much more than our Gold Membership — just to sell one single rifle. Accurate Shooter Forum new year year's happy donation forum membership gold silver member new members

In the last quarter of 2022 about 540 site users have donated or upgraded their Forum membership. That’s less than 1% of the current membership. We thank all those who have generously contributed. But that still leaves tens of thousands of users who access the site every week without contributing. With more donations and more Forum upgrades, we can deliver more premium content and offer more services to our members.

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January 1st, 2023

Sunday Gunday 2023: Gavin’s 6GT Shines in Snowy Northwest

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

For the very first day of 2023 we present a precision rifle built with a relatively new cartridge — the 6GT. Developed by George Gardner of G.A. Precision and Tom Jacobs of Vapor Trail Bullets, the 6GT was designed to have the efficiency of a 6mm Dasher without the need for case forming. It was also designed with a longer case body so it feeds better from magazines. Even with the added capacity, the 6GT is still very efficient, and can achieve good velocities with less powder than a 6mm Creedmoor.

Today’s Sunday Gunday feature rifle was smithed and tested by Gavin Gear of Gavin did all the gunsmithing — chambering the barrel, fitting the muzzle brake, and even laser engraving the barrel. In building this 6GT rifle, Gavin used top-tier components: BAT TR action, Krieger 28″ 1:7.5″-twist 4-groove 6mm barrel, TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700-compatible trigger, and Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Brake. The barreled action was then fitted in a handsome and rugged MDT ACC Chassis. On top is a Zero Tech 4.5-27×50mm FFP Trace Advanced scope in 30mm Hawkins Precision high rings.

We recommend you watch the video above — it covers the rifle build, load development, and then features some remarkable shooting sequences across snowy hills in the Pacific Northwest. Gavin’s team actually used a drone to capture overhead footage of the location.

After developing a promising load with Berger 109gr LRHT bullets, Varget powder, and Alpha brass, Gavin literally headed for the hills to test his new rifle at longer ranges, shooting from bipod. His load had shot well under half-MOA at 100 yards in testing so he was hoping he could hit multiple steel targets positioned at 340 yards, 760 yards, and 1000 yards. Indeed he did, proving the rifle’s great accuracy and Gavin’s fine trigger-pulling skills. You can see the hits at these time points in the above video:

340 Yards — 18:15 time | 760 Yards — 19:00 time | 1000 Yards — 19:54 Time

Gavin’s 6GT Hit Highlights on Steel out to 1000 Yards

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

Building Gavin’s 6GT Precision Rifle

Gavin Gear did all the gunsmithing on this project, using his own Precision Matthews TL-1660 lathe for the chambering with an Alpha carbide 6GT reamer. The barrel work took about four hours total. Shown below is the reamer cutting the chamber, which was finished with a 0.170″ freebore and 0.270″ neck diameter. For other brands of brass you might want the chamber to have a larger 0.272″ neck diameter.

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
Chambering the Krieger barrel with Alpha carbide 6GT reamer, 0.170” freebore, .270″ neck diameter.

This project when smoothly, with Gavin able to install the barreled action in the MDT Chassis and fit the buttstock in an hour or so. So total build time was about five hours. One nice “finishing touch” on the project was laser engraving the 28″ Krieger barrel — a process you can see in the video below.

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
Laser engraving of Krieger 28″ barrel.

About the 6GT — Sort of a 6 Dasher on Steroids

6GT 6mm GT comparison 6mm Dasher 6.4x47 Lapua

alpha munitions 6mm GT 6GT

6GT Cartridge Design Features

The 6GT was designed to have an optimal length and capacity for mag-fed PRS/NRL tactical rifles. The 6GT is longer than a 6mmBR and 6 Dasher, but shorter than a 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5×47 Lapua. That gives the 6GT ample case body length to feed reliably from a magazine, while the case capacity is sufficient to run popular powders at reasonable pressures. It has a 35-degree shoulder angle.

On paper the 6GT seemed like the perfect cartridge for PRS- and NRL-style centerfire competition. It has the low recoil of a 6 Dasher, with good feeding and mag compatibility. With the 6GT, a competitor can push 6mm 105gr bullets at 3000+ FPS or run heavier bullets at ~2950 FPS. With this 28″ Krieger barrel, Gavin actually achieved 3004 FPS running 109gr Bergers.

On the G.A. Precision website, the qualities of the 6GT are listed as follows:

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

Loading for the 6GT

Gavin started with quality Alpha Munitions brass. The cases were then annealed with an AMP Annealer and trimmed to length with a Henderson powered trimmer (see video below). After sizing with a Forster Co-Ax press, Federal SR Primers were seated using a Primal Rights competition seater. Next the powder was measured with an A&D FX120i force restoration scale. Finally, the Berger 109gr LR Hybrid Target bullets were seated with a Forster Micrometer die, again using the smooth Forster Co-Ax press.

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

Initial Load Testing with Berger and Hornady Projectiles

Before it got cold and snowy, Gavin did load development, shooting from a bench with a Sinclair front rest. The Krieger cut-rifled barrel was accurate right from the start and Hodgdon Varget powder proved to be a very good choice for the 6GT.

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis
Gavin’s 6GT boasts a MDT ACC short action chassis with SRS-X Elite buttstock, vertical grip, and MDT CKYE-POD Bipod.

Gavin did initial load testing with both Hornady 110gr A-Tip Match and Berger 109gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets. The Berger 109gr LRHT bullets were the most promising. A variety of charge weights were tested, with Gavin settling on 34.6 grains of Varget. This delivered fine accuracy with a 3004 FPS muzzle velocity. Group size measurements with this load are shown in the chart. At 100 yards, four three-shot groups averaged 0.361 MOA, and the rifle produced a nice 0.387 MOA (0.405″) five-shot group.

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

———————————————— Winter Wonderland for Shooters ———————————————–

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

Coming Soon — Ultimate Reloader Rifles Business

Gavin Gear is in the process of opening his own gunsmithing business. He will be offering a variety of custom-built rifles for multiple disciplines — hunting, PRS/NRL, ELR, and other competitive disciplines. Gavin explains: “Ultimate Reloader is gearing up to do custom rifle work for the general public starting (hopefully) in Spring 2022. We will most likely start with complete custom rifle builds using parts from our inventory. We will focus on high-end, bolt-action rifle builds and gunsmithing, primarily Remington 700 and clones. We will entertain limited gunsmithing work outside of complete builds (i.e. chambering, muzzle threading).

gavin gear 6GT alpha brass krieger barrel NRL PRS MDT Chassis

If you are interested, go to, then fill out the Waiting List Form to receive more information.

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January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year 2023 with Champagne Trick Shot

As we release this story, the East Coast has just entered a new year 2023. Perhaps you’ve been eagerly awaiting for the big event, getting champagne (and sparklers) to celebrate the New Year. 2023 will hopefully be a much better year than 2022, a tough year with inflation, the border crisis, War in Ukraine, and shocking incompetence in Washington. To mark the dawning of 2023, with hope for a much better year, we expect many folks will open a bottle of champagne. You could pop the cork the traditional way, or read on and learn how to release the celebratory champagne with a rifle shot, as demonstrated by the talented Kirsten Joy Weiss.

Kirsten Weiss Champagne Trick Shot

Recently at Thorton Winery in Temecula, California, a champagne vintner, we were shown the best way to open a champagne bottle. We were told you should hold the bottle nose up at an angle then rotate the BOTTLE slowly while holding the cork. That works great… but it’s not as stunning as the way sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss opens a bottle of bubbly.

Kirsten Weiss Champagne Trick ShotA former competitive smallbore rifle shooter, ace trigger-puller Kirsten Joy Weiss tried a special New Year’s trick shot a few seasons back. In keeping with the festive New Year’s spirit, Kirsten attempted to shoot the cork off a champagne bottle. After a few unsuccessful tries, she managed to hit the cork with at least two shots. But alas the cork did not fly. She actually hit the cork, but it did not release. That was surprising…

Undaunted, Kirsten changed her strategy, aiming for the neck of the bottle. This duplicates the process of “sabering” a champagne bottle — a method of liberating the bubbly by slashing off the end of the neck with a blade. Aiming for the neck of the bottle, Kirsten successfully blew off the top of the bottle. (Apparently, when “sabering” it is actually the pressure within the champagne bottle which does most of the work).

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