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January 11th, 2023

Minute of Angle (MOA) Defined and Explained by the Experts

one minute of angle

This popular video, viewed 3.4 million times on YouTube, provides a clear explanation of Minute of Angle (MOA) and how that angular measurement is used. Among novice shooters, there is much confusion over this term. In this NSSF Video, Ryan Cleckner, a former Sniper Instructor for the 1st Ranger Battalion, defines the term, “Minute of Angle” (MOA) and explains how you can adjust for windage and elevation using 1/4 or 1/8 MOA clicks on your scope. This allows you to sight-in precisely and compensate for bullet drop at various distances.

For starters, Ryan explains that, when talking about angular degrees, a “minute” is simply 1/60th. So a “Minute of Angle” is simply 1/60th of one degree of a central angle, measured either up and down (for elevation) or side to side (for windage). At 100 yards, 1 MOA equals 1.047″ on the target. This is often rounded to one inch for simplicity. Say, for example, you click up 1 MOA. That is roughly 1 inch at 100 yards, or roughly 4 inches at 400 yards, since the target area measured by 1 MOA increases in linear fashion with the distance.

More Minute of Angle (MOA) Explanatory Videos

This Gunwerks video explains that Minute of Angle subtends approximately 1″ for each 100 yards (well, 1.047″ to be more precise). That means a Minute of Angle increases in actual measured size the greater the distance of the target from the shooter.

This lengthy (24-minute) video defines Minute of Angle, and uses multiple diagrams to illustrate how MOA angular measurements works. The video also how MOA-based click values translate to point-of-impact changes at various distances.

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January 11th, 2023

Slow Motion Wind-Flag Videos Reveal Whims of the Wind

Photo of Aussie Wind Flags courtesy BRT Shooters Supply.

A while back our Aussie friend Stuart Elliot of BRT Shooters Supply filmed some interesting videos at the QTS range in Brisbane, Australia. Stuart told us: “I was shooting in an Air Gun Benchrest match here in Brisbane, Australia. I finished my target early and was awaiting the cease fire and took a short, slow-motion video of windflag behavior.” You may be surprised by the velocity changes and angle swings that occur, even over a relatively short distance (just 25 meters from bench to target).

Here are windflags in slow motion:

The flags show in the videos are “Aussie Wind Flags”, developed by Stuart Elliot. For many years, these were sold in the USA by Butch Lambert, through Shadetree Engineering & Accuracy.

Here is a video in real time:

Stuart says this video may surprise some shooters who don’t use windflags: “Many people say the wind doesn’t matter. Well it sure does — whether for an airgun at 25 meters or a long range centerfire at 1,000.” This video illustrates how much the wind can change direction and velocity even in a small area.

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January 11th, 2023

CMP Announces 2023 Travel Games Schedule

CMP travel games 2023

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has released its 2023 Travel Games schedule. The Travel Games are regional competitions that give competitors the chance to participate in notable CMP events found at the National Matches, but on a smaller scale. The CMP Games feature rifle and pistol matches designed for experienced competitors as well those who are new to the shooting sports. Along with shooting matches, each of the five scheduled 2023 Travel Games events will include Basic Rifle and Pistol Training Courses.

CMP Travel Games scheduled for 2023:

March 10-19, 2023 – Western CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches, Phoenix, Arizona.

April 28 – May 7, 2023 – Eastern CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches, Camp Butner, N. Carolina.

June 6-11, 2023 – Talladega D-Day Matches, Talladega, Alabama.

September 16-24, 2023 – New England CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches, Jericho, Vermont.

November 6-12, 2023 – Talladega 600, Talladega, Alabama.

For rifle shooters, the CMP Travel Games include a wide variety of modern and vintage rifle events including John C. Garand, Springfield, Rimfire Sporter, M1 Carbine, and Vintage Sniper Matches. The CMP High Power Matches offer more competitive possibilities such as the 4-Man Team Match, EIC Rifle Match, and three days of 80-Shot events. Pistol events include the CMP Match Pistol 2700, EIC Service Pistol, .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC, Military & Police Service Pistol, and 1911 As-Issued Pistol matches.

M1 Carbine Match at Western CMP Games
CMP travel games m-1 carbine 2023
CMP travel games 2023

Electronic Targets for Rifle Events at CMP Travel Games

All CMP Travel Games rifle competitions will be fired on CMP Targets, a user-friendly electronic target system that instantly displays shot placement. The electronic targets also eliminate the need for pit duty. This helps matches run more quickly and efficiently with less physical strain for older shooters.

CMP Games 2023 electronic targets
CMP Games 2023 electronic targets

Training Programs at CMP Travel Games

In addition to competitions, educational opportunities such as the GSMM New Shooter Clinic, Basic Rifle and Pistol Courses and M1 Maintenance Clinics provide valuable experiences off the firing line. CMP-sanctioned GSMM (Garand-Springfield-Modern Military) rifle clinics teach basic and intermediate rifle marksmanship skills to new and beginning shooters. For newer shooters, the Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol Courses provide a solid introduction to firearm safety along with basic marksmanship skills and fundamentals. The courses also cover preparation for competitions and much more.

CMP Games 2023 GSMM New Shooter clinic Rifle pistol training courses

Garand collectors gca master marksman medal 2023Garand Collectors Association Master Marksman Medal
For the first time, in 2023, those competing in the John C. Garand Match with As-Issued M1 Rifles at CMP Travel Games will have the chance to earn a Garand Collectors Association (GCA) Master Marksman Medal. The GCA Master Marksman program is set to begin in January 2023. Like the CMP’s established Distinguished Badge Program, the GCA program will work on an Achievement Award point system, based on performance at designated CMP events.

For more information about all CMP Travel Games events, visit the CMP website at

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