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January 17th, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 — Opening Day at the Big Event

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum new products

Today’s the day — SHOT Show 2023 has officially opened with thousands of gun industry exhibits at the Venetian EXPO and Caesars Forum center. The big event, the largest gun/shooting/hunting convention on the planet, will attract tens of thousands of visitors to Las Vegas for the next four days. SHOW Shot 2023 concludes on Friday, January 20, 2023. Our Daily Bulletin will provide reports from SHOT Show all week, highlighting interesting new firearms and shooting sports products. If you want an “insider’s view” of SHOT Show, check out the SHOT Show Facebook Page and SHOT Show Instagram Page.

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum new products
CLICK HERE for the searchable database of all SHOT Show 2023 exhibitors.

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum new products
SHOT Show Level 2 of the Venetian Expo, just hours before the event opened this morning.

Notable Products on Display at SHOT Show 2023

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum

New Forster Co-Ax XL Reloading Press
The folks at Forster Products surprised us all with a remarkable new Co-Ax XL Press. This is bigger than the classic Co-Ax so it can handle cases up to .50 BMG. This new press features a floating quick change die station, floating “universal” shell holder, and integrated LED lighting.

Our friend Gavin Gear of has an exclusive video showcasing the features of the new XL Co-Ax press. Gavin posted: “The Co-Ax XL is a lot like the standard Forster Co-Ax, but on a larger scale to accommodate cartridges up to the mighty 50 BMG!”

MPA Matrix Air Professional Air Rifle Chassis
SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum

Leading rifle chassis-maker MasterPiece Arms (MPA) has released the new Matrix Air Professional Chassis. Built for stability and precision, the Matrix Air Pro is rugged and sturdy. Compatible with RAW HM1000X and FX Crown, the Matrix Air Pro can handle Plenums and 300, 580, and 700CC bottles. This game-changing Airgun Rifle Chassis offers simple installation and a large variety of accessories. MPA President Phil Cashin noted: “Over the past several years, there has been a huge growth in the Competition Precision Airgun market. Masterpiece Arms has recognized a significant need for a Precision Oriented Airgun Chassis. The Matrix Air Professional Chassis answers that need.”

Elite Iron Revolution Bipod
SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum

Elite Iron offers the impressive Revolution Bipod. Designed for long-barreled rifles in .338, .375, and .408 calibers, this unique bipod design provides exceptional strength, stability, and adjustability. Every bipod is hand-constructed to individual customer specifications, ensuring the highest quality fit and standards for even the most demanding environments.

AMP Bullet Seating Press — Computer Controlled
SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum

The AMP Press from Annealing Made Perfect combines a motor driven ram, a distance sensor, and a load cell to deliver extremely accurate and precise Force / Distance bullet seating measurements. It is designed for use with inline bullet seating dies. For the first time, this data can be stored and sorted according to a multitude of variables. This allows users to enhance their case preparation, so as to achieve more consistent “neck tension”. It also allows users to batch their loads accordingly. Users can store sessions for each caliber. Current bullet seating sessions can be compared to previous ones to accurately see how loads are changing (if at all) over time.

New Handguns for 2023 — Video Previews

Thousands of handguns will be showcased at SHOT Show 2023. This video covers seven relatively new design pistols that will be on display at SHOT Show 2023. These are: 00:34 The CZ P-10 F; 02:06 Rock River Arms STK 100; 03:44 SAR9 Compact; 05:04 Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 10mm; 06:22 Bond Arms Roughneck Derringer; 07:08 Mossberg MC2sc; and 08:39 Cabot Guns Apocalypse.

Want to see even MORE new pistols? This Survival Gear video features has ten other recently introduced pistols. Most of these will be featured at SHOT Show 2023.

SHOT Show is a Massive Event — 800,000 Square Feet of Products

Based on current bookings, SHOT Show 2023 will encompass over 800,000 net square feet. That’s the equivalent of 14 football fields. There should be over 2600 exhibitors this year. CLICK HERE to search for exhibitor booths by company name.

SHOT Show 2022 full post registration

SHOT Show 2023 las vegas NSSF Venetian expo caesars forum new products

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January 17th, 2023

New SuperTrickler Precision Powder Dispenser

Supertrickler precision powder measure device

There’s a new advanced powder dispensing system on the market — the SuperTrickler. This is an extremely advanced, push-button control powder dispenser that aims to offer the speed and precision of the AutoTrickler V4 in a unitized product with all the components — powder container, fast dispenser, and precision trickler — in one device. Below are four videos that show the SuperTrickler in action.

The SuperTrickler was designed by Rex Petersen of Denmark in collaboration with Australian Peter Kowald, a retired automation/process control engineer. Peter concentrated on the software, while Rex designed and crafted the mechanical functions. The SuperTrickler prototype attracted worldwide attention. It is now manufactured and sold from Denmark to customers worldwide.

The design team states: “Rather than just dropping powder, the SuperTrickler has been designed from the get-go to be part of a compact system approach to reloading, which is affordable to the home user. Apart from the precision balance, it does not rely on third-party products and has a responsive touch-screen interface to a stand-alone microprocessor that enables powerful … features such as laddering, data logging, automatic power-up, robotics interface and much more. When true precision matters for reloaders that want more, the SuperTrickler is a very fast, feature rich, expandable and future-proof investment in the art of reloading.”

Supertrickler precision powder measure device

The SuperTrickler is available by itself, or as a bundle with an A&D FX-120i force restoration scale. Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars NOT including shipping. If you have questions about the SuperTrickler, you can get answers via the SuperTrickler Facebook Group. There is also a SuperTrickler thread in our Shooters’ Forum. Units have started shipping but there can be significant wait times from order to arrival.

SuperTrickler Demonstration Videos

Elfster Tests the SuperTrickler with H4350

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