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January 25th, 2023

Safari Club Int’l Convention in Nashville, TN — Feb. 22-25, 2023

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

The 2023 Safari Club International (SCI) Convention is a month away. The event runs in Nashville, Tennessee during the weekend of February 22-25, 2023. In years past, the SCI show was held in Las Vegas, but we think this new Nashville venue is a great choice.

The SCI states: “Join us in the birthplace of country music to see world class musicians, guest speakers, exhibitions, and hundreds of domestic and international hunting guides. Be sure to get YOUR ticket today to the Ultimate Sportsmen’s Market!” CLICK HERE to register or get more INFO.

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Key Attractions at SCI 2023 Convention:

Exhibits by Outfitters and Manufacturers
Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Hundreds of professional hunters and outfitters from throughout the world will exhibit at the Convention. In addition, top manufacturers from the outdoor industry will be there, showing off the latest firearms, optics, ammunition, archery gear, and accessories.

Auctions — Live, Silent, and Online
Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

Over 20 live, silent, day, evening and online auctions will be held during the SCI convention next month in Nashville. Bid on hunt experiences, exceptional firearms, fine art and jewelry, all 100% donated by world renowned outfitters and manufacturers. Proceeds from SCI’s auctions support hunter advocacy as well as SCI Foundation’s conservation and education programs.

Seminars and Speakers
Over 70 seminars, “Meet and Greets”, and keynote speakers pack the schedule at the 2023 SGI Convention. Educational, informative seminar presentations cover the spectrum of hunting, fishing, shooting, and outdoor adventures.

Safari club international convention outfitter auction nashville tn tennessee 2023 show

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January 25th, 2023

Suppressors More Popular — Probably 3,600,000+ in USA Now

BATFE ATF suppressor silencer form 4 application tax stamp 3600000 2023 dean weingarten ammoland

Based on discussions with ATF representatives at SHOT Show 2023, it appears there are now over 3,600,000 registered suppressors (silencers), in the USA. Gun Journalist Dean Weingarten reports: “The total number of silencer tax stamps in existence in the USA as of 2019 was 2,042,719. The total number of silencer tax stamps existent in the USA as of 2020 was 2,664,774. The increase was 622,055 from 2019 to 2020. The number of legal silencers in the United States has not been updated since 2020. It is now 2023. When this correspondent asked representatives at the briefing if the numbers presented represented about a one million increase in legal silencers from 2020 to the end of 2022, they stated the number was reasonably correct.” That would mean the number of legal silencers/suppressors in the United States now exceeds 3.6 million in year 2023.

Procedure for Obtaining a Suppressor
Suppressors are now legal in 42 U.S. States. There are certain legal requirements for obtaining a suppressor, including paying a $200 Tax Stamp. To own a suppressor you must be legally eligible to purchase a firearm, pass a BATFE background check, pay a one time $200 Transfer Tax, and satisfy age requirements. (SEE ALL Requirements). In most (but not all) of those states you can use a suppressor for hunting. The eight (mostly blue) states which still prohibit civilian suppressor ownership are: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. READ FULL ARTICLE on GunsAmerica Digest.

Expect Delays on Form 4 Request for Suppressor Permits
An ATF presentation at SHOT Show showed how many NFA applications were processed in the last three fiscal years up to September 30, 2022. The vast majority of these applications were for suppressors, using ATF Form 4.

BATFE ATF suppressor silencer form 4 application tax stamp 3600000 2023 dean weingarten ammoland

This huge increase in NFA Form 4 applications for suppressors means that suppressor applicants can expect very significant delays in processing. An ATF slide show indicated that the ATF’s Form 4 processing now takes an average of 270 days for the eForm, and a full 315 days for paper forms. That’s over 10 months!

Dean Weingarten observed: “The presentation made a good case the NFA division of the ATF is overwhelmed with NFA applications, leading to significant wait times to process those applications. The NFA division is experiencing considerable stress in processing NFA forms expeditiously, especially Form 4s. The ATF does not receive the $200 tax for NFA applications. The money goes directly to the general fund. Therefore, the NFA cannot hire more people to process more forms.”

Read story by Dean Weingarten on Read more by Dean Weingarten on his GunWatch website. ©2023 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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January 25th, 2023

Doug Koenig — How to Succeed in PRS and Pistol Competition

doug koenig ruger PRS NRL precision competition

Doug Koenig is one of the best action shooters in history — both with rifle and pistol. In a recent video from SHOT Show Range Day, Doug, a 19-time Bianchi Cup Champion and a PRS Production Division Champion, talks about the disciplines he shoots, both rifle and pistol. He notes he has moved to Florida and he will be starting his own shooting school, which will open at the end of the year.

In this video, Doug is interviewed by Shooting Sports USA Editor John Parker. Koenig talks about his namesake Precision Rifle Series competition held in Colorado, the revitalized U.S. Steel Nationals and more.

doug koenig ruger precision competition
doug koenig ruger precision PRS NRL competition

You can see more Doug Koenig PRS/NRL videos on the Pursuit Channel, including coverage of precision rifle matches in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Wyoming. The videos are worth watching for the scenery as well as the rifle action.

doug koenig ruger precision competition

Doug Koenig — Action Pistol Master

doug koenig ruger precision competition

Doug Koenig has won the Bianchi Cup a remarkable 19 times. No one else, man or woman, is even close to that achievement. After his Bianchi victory in 2021, Doug said: “Winning the Bianchi Cup title for the 19th time in my career is very special on its own. But to do so after the difficult year we’ve all faced, and to do so wearing a Team Ruger jersey, has made this win that much more meaningful for me.”

What skills does it take to win a Bianchi Cup? You need speed, accuracy, control, and discipline. Koenig explains some of these techniques in the video below. You’ll find 30 more Doug Koenig videos on the NSSF YouTube Channel:

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