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January 26th, 2023

New Howa Hera H7 Chassis Rifles — Under $840 MSRP

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

At SHOT Show 2023, Legacy Sports Int’l introduced a new line of Howa rifles that should be popular with hunters as well as PRS/NRL Factory-Class competitors. The new Howa Hera H7 rifles features an internal aluminum V-block chassis with modern composite external stock body. The forearm (aka “forestock”) is aluminum with M-LOK slots. The rear half of this German-engineered stock is fiberglass-reinforced polymer. These rifles are VERY affordable, with an $839.00 base MSRP.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

The stock features a removable cheekpiece plus adjustable length-of-pull with 3 LOP inserts. The butt panel itself can be removed, allowing a bit of internal storage. The rifle ships with two AICS-compatible 5-round magazines.

The Hera H7 is offered in three colors: Tan, Black, or OD Green. Notably there are THREE barrel options: 24″ Carbon-wrapped, 24″ Heavy Contour, and 22″ Light Contour. These all have “suppressor-ready” threaded muzzles. We expect hunters will chose the Carbon-wrapped barrel, while PRS/NRL shooters will choose the Heavy-barrel configuration.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

All the Hera H7 models feature a smooth-running Howa action fitted with the excellent HACT 2-stage trigger (see below). We’ve used this adjustable 2-stage trigger and it is among the best factory triggers you’ll find. These rifles all come with a Sub-MOA guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. Two chamberings are currently offered: 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. We hope Howa eventually offers a 6mm chambering in the future — 6mm Creedmoor, 6XC, 6GT, or 6mmBR.

howa hera h7 stockWe like all the key features of the Howa Hera H7 rifle — the action, the barrel options, the excellent 2-stage trigger, and the very affordable price (MSRP starts at just $839.00). However, we question the design of the lower part of the rear stock section. This starts with a downward angle like a normal hunting stock, but then it angles upward to the butt-pad. That V-shaped design might not work so well with a conventional rear bag. We suspect some owners will add a straight piece of Delrin or aluminum to act as a bag-rider.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

Hera Arms H7 Chassis System
The Hera Arms H7 Chassis is a modern and easy-to-use stock system for the Howa (short action) system. Made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer, with aluminum V-block and aluminum forestock, this stock system comes with two spacers, a polymer cheekpiece and an AICS-compatible, 5-round magazine. The H7 stock system has M-Lok mount points for mounting various accessories. Shown above is the Tan version with carbon-wrapped 24″ barrel.

howa h7 hera modular rifle hunting PRS NRL HACT trigger

Howa 1600 HACT Two-Stage TriggerHowa 1500 HACT 2-Stage Trigger
Howa 1500s feature the very nice Howa HACT trigger. This is an adjustable, two-stage trigger, set for about 3 pounds (combined stages). Crisp and repeatable, this is an excellent trigger for a factory gun. There is no annoying Glock-style safety lever in the middle of the trigger blade. The 2-stage design and pull weight range works well for a hunting rifle or a rig for PRS competition. says the Howa trigger is “one of the best factory triggers, along with Tikka. I’ve found the Howa trigger superior to a Remington 700 — the Howas doesn’t need to be replaced.”

Writing for the Western Outdoor News,, Steve Comus has field-tested the HACT Trigger. Steve writes: “I always liked two-stage triggers, because of the way I could take-up the slack and then actually know when the rifle was going to go off. The take-up on the [HACT] trigger was fast and easy. The crisp, positive release when pressure was put on during the second stage [reminded me] of some of the target rifles I shot through the years.”

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January 26th, 2023

Warning — Tumbler Catches Fire in Reloading Room

Electrical Fire Tumbler ExtinguisherA fire in the home is always to be feared. And a fire in your reloading room can be disastrous. Near your reloading bench you probably have flammable solvents, and maybe gunpowder. What would happen if an electrical fire started in your reloading room? Would you be alerted? Do you have a proper fire extinguisher at hand?

Here’s a true story from Forum Member Joe O. (aka “Joecob”) that provides a valuable safety lesson. After Joe started up his old tumbler, an internal connector worked loose, causing an arc which started a fire in his basement reloading area. Luckily Joe had a functioning smoke detector, and a fire extinguisher.

Very few of us would worry about fire when we plug in a tumbler or other AC-powered reloading tool. But there is always the possibility of a malfunction and a fire. Quick thinking (and a handy extinguisher) prevented serious damage to Joe’s reloading room and house — but things could have been worse (much worse), had Joe not responded quickly.

Fire in the Reloading RoomReport by Joecob
The day before ‘Sandy’ hit I was cleaning brass the way I always have. I set the vibratory tumbler on the back of my reloading bench in the basement. I loaded the media hopper with 40 fired empty brass cases (and walnut media), plugged the cord in, turned the tumbler on and went back upstairs to watch TV. I could hear the tumbler running in the background.

About half an hour later I heard the basement smoke alarm go off. I ran downstairs. Flames were licking from the melting plastic of the tumbler.

ABC fire extinguisherI grabbed the nearby ABC cannister extinguisher and squirted out the fire and soaked the charred bench areas with water. Good thing I had the extinguisher! And I was glad I religiously store powder and primers properly — away from the bench (and everything else).

What caused the fire? It looks like an internal AC connector finally vibrated loose enough to arc and ignite the plastic. WHEH! I had been using that thing for 25 years the same way without mishap. Guess I should have known to periodically check the guts of a thing that plugs in and vibrates for a living?

Today I went out and bought a new even bigger ‘Pro’ ABC extinguisher, plus a dual-detector smoke alarm, and an ultrasonic cleaner. That experience was scarier than the storm. I hope this true account might help someone else to avoid a bad experience.

In his account, Joe refers to an “ABC” cannister fire extinguisher. The “ABC” refers to the fire classification rating: Class A (trash, wood, and paper), Class B (liquids and gases), and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires. There are many brands of ABC-rated extinguishers.

The rechargeable Kidde 210 unit (sku 21005779) contains four pounds of a multipurpose monoammonium phosphate dry chemical extinguishing agent. It has a discharge time of 13 to 15 seconds, a discharge range of 10 to 15 feet, and an operating pressure of 100 PSI. The seamless aluminum cylinder measures 4.5 inches in diameter and 15.7 inches tall. The Kidde 210 has a 6-year limited warranty. This is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller among Fire Extinguishers.

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January 26th, 2023

2nd Amendment Rights — Montana Attorney General Interview

montana attorney general larry keane Shot shot tv second amendment gun rights

In this video, Larry Keane, NSSF Sr. VP and General Counsel, talks with Montana State Attorney General Austin Knudsen. The two men met in the SHOT Show TV Studio to discuss Second Amendment issues, and the firearm industry. Keane noted that Atty. Gen. Knudsen is a recognized leader — among all state elected officials — in protecting the Second Amendment. Knudsen “leads the charge among all Republican AGs” on gun rights issues. Knudsen has filed legal actions to safeguard Second Amendment rights, and he recently spear-headed an investigation of UPS and FedEx Sharing of Gun Owner Info with Federal Agencies.

Montana Attorney General Knudsen Leads 18-State Effort Calling On UPS And FedEx To Clarify Gun-Purchase Tracking Polices
Seventeen state Attorneys General joined Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen today in asking major shipping companies to clarify new policies that allow them to track firearm sales with unprecedented specificity and bypass warrant requirements to share that information with federal agencies.

Reports from Montana federal firearm license (FFL) holders made to Attorney General Knudsen’s office indicate that UPS and FedEx are now burdening them by requiring them to ship separately and track firearms, firearms parts, and firearm products so gun purchases can be tracked.

Knudsen and the coalition of attorneys general sent letters on November 29, 2022 to leadership at both companies requesting additional information on their new policies and the possibility that the effort was coordinated in part with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

“These demands, in tandem, allow [UPS/FedEx] to create a database of American gun purchasers and determine exactly what items they purchased… In doing so you, perhaps inadvertently, give federal agencies a workaround to normal warrant requirements. This allows [UPS/FedEx] to provide information at will or upon request to federal agencies—information detailing which Americans are buying what guns,” Attorney General Knudsen’s letters state.”

In addition to requesting updated FFL-related shipping policies from the two companies, Attorney General Knudsen asked them to clarify the following:

Did UPS/FedEx enact these policies with the goal of information sharing with the ATF or any other federal agency;

Did UPS/FedEx enact these policies at the request of officials in ATF, a different federal agency, or on its own initiative;

If UPS/FedEx implemented these policies at the request of a federal agency, please identify that agency, the officials who made that request, the nature of that communication, and any legal authorization cited by those officials;

If UPS/FedEx changed its policies on its own initiative, please explain why it made those changes;

Did UPS/FedEx communicate or coordinate with each other in making these changes;

Did ATF or other federal agency employees help draft the updated shipping agreements?

montana attorney general UPS FedEx firearms shipping tracking ATF investigation

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