January 3rd, 2023

Gun Digest 2023 — Great 592-Page Firearms Resource

Gun Digest 2023 77th Annual 592-page Gun book

Here’s great firearms resource that you can enjoy reading during the winter months when you’ll be spending plenty of time indoors. The Gun Digest 2023, 77th Edition, can be ordered for $37.99 through the Gun Digest store or $22.42 from Amazon with $3.99 shipping (third party seller price — save $6 over Amazon direct). You can also pre-order the 2024 78th Edition set for release in September 2023.

This 592-page resource covers rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzleloaders, airguns, optics and more. We like the print edition, but there is also a Kindle eBook version for $15.87 on Amazon. Both paperback and Kindle versions provide hundreds of photos plus new product roundups, in-depth product tests, and scores of articles and stories.

Gun Digest 2023 Editor-in-Chief Phil Massaro has assembled a large team of respected industry authors for the new book, including Craig Boddington, Joe Coogan, Ron Spomer, Patrick Sweeney, Jim Supica, Thomas Gomez, Tom Turpin, Wayne van Zwoll, Bob Campbell and many more.

Gun Digest 2023 covers hunting, personal defense, target shooting, gunsmithing, and collecting. Historical articles look at the role played by firearms in our country. There are Updated Ballistics Tables, and the catalog section shows off the newest offerings in rifles, handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders and air rifles. Here are some of the key topics from last year’s 2022 edition:

Gun Digest 2023 77th Annual 592-page Gun book

Reports from the Field cover the newest firearms and accessories. A Testfire section brings readers up to date on product performance. And the annual photo essay spotlights the finest custom and engraved guns.

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