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January 16th, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 — Industry Day at the Range

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

Industry Day at the Range is a unique event. Gun industry representatives are able to view, inspect, and shoot scores of new rifles, shotguns, and pistols provided by 200+ manufacturers from around the globe. In addition, new optics and shooting accessories are on display. Hundreds of media members and other gun industry personnel visited the Boulder City, Nevada gun range on 1/16/23 to test a wide variety of new firearms. There were many notable new products, with new rifles, pistols, and optics on display.

Conditions this year at the range were pretty brutal. It was cold, and there were wicked, 20+ mph winds. Still most of the shooting was at targets inside 50 yards so those breezes didn’t stop the show. It did make it more challenging to hit the longer range targets set up on the upper rifle bay.

Wicked Winds at the Range

New Henry Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

industry day at the range

Featured Products for SHOT Show 2023

SIG Sauer MCX-Spear Tactical Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

SIG sauer mcx-spear rifle media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

SIG Sauer’s MCX-Spear will soon be available to purchase. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce was impressed with this advanced tactical rifle, which is a semi-auto version of the full-auto platform that won the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract with the U.S. military. MSRP for the MXC-Spear is $4199.00. It will initially be offered in .308 Winchester, and then 6.5 Creedmoor soon after. A few months later, the new .277 SIG chambering should be available. This looks like an AR, but because it has a gas piston (rather than direct impingement), it needs no AR-type buffer tube. This allows a handy folding stock. The MCX-Spear also has a convenient side charging handle. Watch Pearce shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor MCX-Spear starting at 3:20 time-mark. NOTE: Video and photo from previous SIG Sauer product demo day.

New 2311 Pistol from Oracle Arms — A Thoroughly Modern 1911

The all-new Oracle Arms 2311 has features derived from the classic 1911 platform, but modernized in many ways. Will this be a game changer? Only time will tell. The Hunt Fish Shoot Channel testers state “a completely ambidextrous 2011-style pistol with P320 magazines is something to get excited about!”

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Shotgun

The new Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is an American-made semi-automatic tactical shotgun for under $1000. The A300 series carries forward many features of the popular Beretta 1301, but with a redesigned operating system and lower price tag. This was filmed at the Special Beretta 2023 Range Day.

Henry Homesteader 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol Caliber Carbine

Henry Repeating Arms is known for classically-styled, lever-action rifles, but the new Homesteader is very different. This is a semi-automatic, 9mm Luger-chambered pistol-caliber carbine complete with a two-piece wood stock, open sights, and a 16″ threaded barrel. The design employs a proprietary magazine, though adapters for Glock, SIG Sauer P320, and Smith & Wesson M&P magazines will also be available.

SIG Sauer P320 AXG Comp Legion Pistol

In this TFBTV video, James Reeves tests the new SIG P320 AXG Comp Legion, an aluminum framed, compensated version of the SIG P320, optics ready and in the Legion format. NOTE: This test was done at the SIG Sauer range day which proceeded the full Industry Range Day.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
One of the best things about Industry Day at the Range is the FREE Ammo provided by Federal and other manufacturers. Rifle, pistol, shotgun — the ammo is ALL FREE.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
CLICK IMAGE to load large, printable Exhibitor List PDF file.

REPEAT Performance — Savage Impulse Elite Precision Rifle

Media Day at the Range GunsAmerica Digest 2022

As we recently featured Savage’s straight-pull Impulse Elite Precision rifle in our Daily Bulletin, we are reprising a video from Range Day 2022. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce tested the Impulse Elite Precision at the Savage range booth. Pearce confirmed that the straight-pull action can, with a little practice, definitely increase rifle cycling speed: “It’s much faster to chamber follow-up shots, and stay on target. Even novice shooters can chamber a second shot much faster than with a standard rotating bolt.” Here is his video report:

Watch video at 3:00 time-mark to see bolt cycling. CLICK HERE for more GunsAmerica Range Day videos.

Zeiss Optics industry day range
Impressive Zeiss optics were on display in 2023, as shown here in 2020.

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January 16th, 2023

SHOT Daily 2023 — FREE Digital Magazines from SHOT Show

shot daily 2023

SHOT Show 2023 ran January 17-20, 2023. Here are FREE digital magazines covering many new products displayed at the show. We’ve embedded three digital versions of the SHOT Daily print magazine provided to SHOT Show attendees. You can navigate page by page with the left/right white arrows in the gray box below. To quickly scan through an entire 60+ page digital magazine, use the slide bar. When you find content you want to read, use the zoom control or click the FULL SCREEN brackets icon at lower right.

We highly recommend two big feature stories. In the Day 1 Edition, check out the Guns 2023 article starting on page 28. You can also read the New Rifles section of this story on the SHOT Show Website. In the Day 2 Edition, look for the Optics 2023 article starting on page 30.

CLICK Full Screen (brackets) icon at lower right of dark gray box to read.
Recommended Stories: Guns 2023, pages 28-40; New Products, pages 64-66

shot daily 2023
shot daily 2023

CLICK Full Screen (brackets) icon at lower right of dark gray box to read.
Recommended Stories: Ammo 2023, pages 22-29; Optics 2023, pages 30-40; New Products, pp. 54-58

shot daily 2023

CLICK Full Screen (brackets) icon at lower right of gray box to read.
Recommended Stories: Knives 2023, pages 22-26; Electronics 2023, pp. 28-32; New Products, pp. 48-50

shot daily 2023

UPDATE: SHOT Daily Day 4 Magazine has been released. CLICK HERE for SHOT Daily Day 4 2023.

ENJOY the Final Day of SHOT Show 2023!

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January 16th, 2023

BargainFinder 382: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Palmetto SA — PSA 16″ Barrel Complete AR 5.56 Rifle

 AR15 AR black rifle upper lowers triggers MLOK MOE EPT sale discount
Very good deal on complete 5.56 AR rifle with top rail

Well the corrupt politicians in Illinois have passed a so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” that will prohibit sales of many semi-automatic modern sporting rifles. That’s the 9th state that has done this. If you think it’s time to finally get that Black Rifle before ARs are outlawed in your jurisdiction, here’s a great deal from Palmetto State Armory. Get a complete modern PSA AR with 16″ barrel for $599.99, $400 off the regular price. This includes an adjustable stock plus flip-up MBUS sights. And you even get FREE Shipping to your FFL. This SHOT Show Sale is good for this week.

2. Brownells — January Black Rifle Sale, up to 45% Off

brownells AR15 AR black rifle upper lowers triggers geissele sale discount
Major discounts on uppers, lowers, stocks, triggers and more

Now through the end of January 2023, Brownells is running a major Black Rifle Parts Sale. You can save up to 45% on a wide variety of AR-platform rifle components. On sale are lowers, uppers, complete rifle kits, triggers, bolt carriers, handguards and more. You’ll find all the part you need to build a Modern Sporting Rifle for home defense, varminting, or 3-gun games. if you own a lower, consider the Foxtrot Mike .223 Wylde Rifle Build Kit. It has a fully assembled upper with barrel and all the lower parts you need. This is on sale now for $499.99, marked down from $766.49, a 35% Savings. NOTE: On many of these items you can save even more with Brownells Discount Codes. These codes may work through 1/31/2023: JAN60 ($60 Off $475+); JAN35 ($35 Off $275+); JAN20 ($20 Off $150+); and TA10 (10% Off 150+).

3. Precision Reloading — 10% Off Whidden Dies and Products

whidden reloading dies seater sizing precision reloading
Superb Whidden sizing and seating dies in stock and now 10% Off

Whidden Gunworks makes some of the best dies and reloading tools you can buy. And right now at Precision Reloading you can save 10% on a wide selection of Whidden die sets, individual dies, bump gauges and more. For example, a 6BR Ackley (6BRA) FL bushing Sizing Die is $102.05, marked down from $111.39. And a 6.5 Creedmoor Micrometer Seating Die is $125.01, discounted from $138.90. Dies for a wide variety of cartridge types, regular and magnum, are on sale now through 11:59 pm on 1/19/2023.

4. Amazon or MidwayUSA — RCBS Summit Press, $164.02

rcbs press sale
Unique compact design, also great for loading at the range

Do you need a press that can be mounted on a bench with limited space and no overhang? Consider the RCBS Summit Press. This press has a small footprint design making it very compact, versatile and easy to transport to ranges. With a 4.5″ opening, this has great frontal access and there is no linkage below the press. The case does not move — instead, the die is lowered onto the case. The Summit Press works with standard 7/8″-14 threaded dies, or 1-1/4″-12 with the reducing bushing removed. Our tester found this press to work great — READ FULL REVIEW. If you want an RCBS Summit Press — act quickly. Get it now for $164.02 on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members. It is also offered for $164.02 at MidwayUSA (shipping extra). These are great deals. The same RCBS Summit Press sells for $230 elsewhere!

5. Palmetto State Armory — Norma TAC-22 Ammo, $3.99/box

tac22 22lr ammo sale
Excellent rimfire ammo at a GREAT price — .22 LR Deal of the Year

We’ve found no other .22 LR ammo that rivals Norma TAC-22 at anywhere near the price — just 8 cents per round ($3.99/box). If you shoot NRL22 or just practice for fun, grab some Norma TAC22 .22 LR ammo at Palmetto State Armory. On sale at just $3.99 per 50-round box, this TAC-22 ammo is a truly great bargain. In our test, it out-shot some ammo that cost $8 per box. During testing with a CZ 457, one of our Editors had multiple 5-shot groups at 50 yards that were typically one ragged hole (all shots touching). He observed “It’s amazingly good ammo for the money”.

6. Amazon — EVERLIT Survival Backpack w/ First-Aid Kit, $69.95

rimfire steel targets
rimfire steel targets
Rugged backpack includes First Aid Kit and survival tools

This rugged EVERLIT Survival Backpack includes a 68 oz. Hydration Bladder. In addition the pack comes complete with 23 tools and accessories including compass, flashlight, glow sticks, multi-function pliers, saber card, paracord, poncho, shovel, thermal blanket and a well-equipped First Aid Kit! You get all this for $69.95 at Amazon — a pretty amazing deal. This is a great product for hikers and hunters. Choose either tan or black backpack for the same $69.95 price.

7. Amazon — Smart Weigh Gem20 Digital Scale, $18.69

gem 20 powder scale

Great little accurate, repeatable scale at amazing price — Watch the VIDEO!

The Smart Weigh Gem20 scale is a very inexpensive option for weighing chores in the reloading room. At this low price (under $20 currently), this is a great option as a back-up or travel scale used at the range. Of course it cannot perform like a $400+ scale, yet verified purchasers, including the maker of the video above, have praised the scale. Watch the video to see how precise it is — the scale measures kernel by kernel. Use the “mode” button to select grains. The scale can also weight in grams, ounces, and other modes. Use the tare function to zero with powder pan. This scale ships with two 10g calibration weights.

8. Locked & Loaded — Fiocchi 9mm 1000 rounds, $259.99

9mm ammo sale
Really good price on major brand 9mm Luger ammo

The 9mm Luger (9x19mm) is the most popular centerfire pistol cartridge. Every handgunner should keep a good supply of 9mm ammo on hand for days at the range. Here’s a great deal on quality, major-manufacturer 9mm FMJ pistol ammunition. Get 1000 rounds of Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ ammo for just $259.99. That works out to just $13.00 per 50 count box, or $0.26 per round — a great deal.

9. Hunter Select — Laser Bore-Sighting Tools, $10.99

Laser Boresighter
Good, low-cost device for sighting-in hunting rifles

Need to sight-in that new hunting rifle? A handy in-chamber laser boresighter can get you on target quickly. The Hunter Select no-neck, shoulder-only .308 Win version ($10.99) should work with the entire .308 Win family, plus the 6mmBR and 6.5 Creedmoor families. In addition, also for $10.99, there are cartridge-specific units for .223 Remington and .30-06 Springfield (also works for .270 Win). These Hunter Select laser boresighters are cheap, easy to use, and effective. NOTE: Not all colors in stock currently.

10. Amazon — Leight MAX-1 NRR33 Earplugs, $14.99 for 50 Pairs

Howard Leight Max NRR 33 db ear plugs
Excellent, comfortable earplugs with 33 dB Noise Reduction Rating

These Howard Leight NRR 33 Max plugs are your Editor’s favorite foam earplugs. The flared outer edge creates a good seal and helps with fit. Between shooting, motorcycling, and mowing lawns, I probably have Max plugs in my ears 2-3 days a week. This is a very good price for a bulk pack of 50 pairs (100 plugs). NOTE: With the lower NRR thin earmuffs (NRR 21-22), we recommend running plugs under the muffs.

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January 16th, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 This Week in Las Vegas

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

SHOT Show 2023 kicks off today in Las Vegas, Nevada with Industry Day at the Range and the Supplier Showcase. This evening, we’ll have a report on new guns and optics seen at Industry Range Day. Later today you’ll find posts and videos from Range Day on the SHOT Show Facebook Page.

Supplier Showcase Monday and Tuesday

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

supplier showcaseEven before the SHOT Show exhibit halls open, attendees can meet with industry representatives at the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase. This two-day event starts early on Monday, January 16th. It is hosted at the Palazzo Ballroom on the 5th Floor of the Venetian hotel. Over 500 suppliers will participate. For persons who use or produce tools, machinery, plastics, fabrics, OE materials, logistics, software or other products and services for the shooting, hunting, outdoor and law enforcement industries, the Supplier Showcase provides the opportunity to connect with a wide range of manufacturers and other industry professionals.

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

New Handguns for 2023 Will Be on Display at SHOT Show

As a preview of the new handgun offerings that will be showcased at SHOT Show, here is a video featuring five impressive new pistols set for 2023 release:

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

Download SHOT Show 2023 Mobile App

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

The FREE SHOT Show Mobile App has lists of all exhibitors for SHOT Show 2023, with floor plan maps showing all the booth locations. You can search exhibitors by company name or booth number and conveniently manage your time by arranging the booth visits in logical order.

SHOT After Dark — New Evening Event
shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

shot show 2023 las vegas range day Venetian after darkSHOT After Dark is a series of networking events each evening Tuesday through Thursday after the main exhibit halls close. On Tuesday there is a Industry Welcome Reception at the Great Outdoors Plaza followed by a Rock and Roll themed event at Rockhouse Las Vegas. On Wednesday there will be an All Star Jam Concert outside Caesars Forum, next to Great Outdoors Plaza.

Registration Center Open Now
The SHOT Show center at the Venetian EXPO Complex is open now to take registrations. In addition the Supplier Showcase takes place today and tommorow.

shot show 2023 las vegas registration range day Venetian after dark

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January 16th, 2023

See How Muzzle Brakes Really Work with Blast Trace Tests

Precision Rifle Blog Muzzle Brake Test Blast Powder

A while back, the Precision Rifle Blog conducted a fascinating study of Muzzle Brakes. PRB figured out a way to show the actual “blast pattern” of gasses ejecting from the ports of muzzle brakes. The result was a fascinating (and eye-catching) series of images revealing the distinctive gas outflows of 20+ different types of muzzle brakes. If you are considering buying and installing a muzzle brake on your rifle, you should definitely review this important PRB Muzzle Brake Test.

GO to PRB Muzzle Brake Blast Pattern TEST PAGE »

For a prone shooter, particularly on dusty, dirty or sandy ground, muzzle blast is a major bummer. Muzzle blast can be very disturbing — not just for the trigger-puller but for persons on either side of the gun as well. Some muzzle brakes send a huge shockwave back towards the shooter, and others send blast towards the ground, kicking dirt and debris into the prone shooter’s face. If there was a way to illustrate those factors — shockwave and debris — that might help shooters select one brake design over another.

Precision Rifle Blog Muzzle Brake Test Blast Powder

Cal Zant at applied a unique blend of creativity and resourcefulness to try to answer that question for 20+ muzzle brakes. Using high-speed photography and household products, he captured the blast pattern of 20+ different brake designs for easy side-by-side comparison. Can you figure out how Cal managed to show muzzle brake blasts so clearly? His “hi-viz” solution, revealed in the article, is very clever. See the eye-opening results for 20+ brakes, with illustrative photos, by visiting the Precision Rifle Blog Muzzle Brake Ground Signature Test Page.

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