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January 18th, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 Day Two — Noteworthy Guns & Gear

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

Today, January 18, 2023, is DAY TWO at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. There are huge crowds visiting the thousands of display booths in the “miles of aisles”. Over 52,000 people have registered for the event. As in 2022, this year’s SHOT Show encompasses two facilities — the Venetian Expo AND the new Caesars Forum. Combined, these facilities provide over 800,000 square feet of exhibit space. The two trade show halls are connected by an elevated walking bridge.

CLICK HERE for the searchable database of all SHOT Show 2023 exhibitors.

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

Interesting Products at SHOT Show 2023

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

Savage Arms 1911 Pistol
New 2023 gun shooting industry products magazine

Surprise from Savage — it is now offering a Government-style 1911 pistol with a stainless steel frame and slide. New for 2023, the Savage 1911 features a 5″ stainless barrel with 11° target crown, dual recoil spring, flared and lowered ejection port, titanium firing pin, and ambidextrous slide lock safety.

New Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical Rifle
mossbery patrio lr long range tactical rifle 6.5 prc creedmoor .308 Win

Mossberg showcased a new rifle that should be popular — the Patriot LR (Long Range) Tactical. This $1085.00 rifle has many excellent features: MDT chassis with V-Block, 20 MOA Picatinny rail, 22″ or 24″ barrel pre-threaded for suppressor, and adjustable cheekpiece and LOP. And like all Patriot rifles, the Patriot LR Tactical has Mossberg’s patented LBA™ (Lightning Bolt Action) user-adjustable trigger with 2 to 7-pound adjustment range. Priced at $1085.00 MSRP, the rifle is currently offered in 6.5mm Creedmoor and .308 Win with 22″ barrel, and 6.5 PRC with 24″ barrel. FULL Specs HERE.

Defenceport AR-Type Mag-Fed 12 gauge Shotguns
defenseport turkey 12 ga gauge ar15 semi-auto shotgun

If you mainly shoot AR-type rifles, it may make sense to have a shotgun that has very similar ergonomics, balance, and sights. Defenceport offers a variety of Semi-auto, mag-fed shotguns that have the look, feel, and balance of an AR-15. These CORE Series shotguns feature Aluminum upper and lower receivers, with AR-type grip and stock. Most of the controls are ambidextrous. In the photo above, the red shotgun is a Defenceport CORE 12L. The Blue version is the Defenseport CORE 12 PRO. Defenceport is a company based in Konya, Turkey. It specializes in shotguns, and has a variety of semi-auto shotguns with AR-type ergonomics. It also has a line-up of compact, semi-auto bullpup shotguns, the TANK 12 series.

MDT TIMBR Frontier — Wood Stock with Internal Metal Chassis
MDT Timbr frontier combo metal wood laminated stock

The MDT Timbr Frontier has the look and feel of traditional stock with the benefits of a modern chassis with V-block. The buttstock and fore-end are made of clear-coated Birch hardwood laminate attached to an aluminum micro-chassis and bottom metal. The Timbr Frontier stock offers adjustable Length of pull, adjustable cheek riser, and interchangeable rubber over-molded grips. You can easily add accessories to the M-LOK fore-end and buttstock. With a weight of just 4 pounds, the Timbr Frontier stock works for hunting as well as target shooting. The stock can take standard AICS pattern magazines.

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

ZENK RZMK-357 Modern Revolver
zenk .357 magnum RZMK-357 revolver pistol
zenk .357 magnum RZMK-357 revolver pistol

The new ZENK RZMK-357 is a radical new revolver with a patented design. The frame is similar to a semi-auto, but with a rotary cylinder. Zenk states that the patented design allows for a more balanced recoil, and states that the unique design gives the shooter “more accuracy and comfort”. The RZMK fires .357 Magnum ammunition, loaded into a 6-round cylinder like a conventional wheelgun. The top section of the pistol tilts upwards to allow loading into the rear of the cylinder.

Longshot — Bulletseeker Mach 4 Onboard Radar
bulletseeker radar chronograph longshot camera bundle sale $100 Off

The Bulletseeker Radar unit is a new radar chronograph that mounts directly to your rifle. The advanced Bulletseeker features 120 Ghz radar with a beam-forming lens. Developed in Europe, with made-in-Germany core components, this unit is sold in the USA by Longshot, trusted maker of long-range target cameras. We think this is a game-changer. You get advanced radar ON YOUR GUN, with no need to haul around a bulky LabRadar.

Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock
SHOT Show New product Bilson Arms pivotal buttstock

The Patent Pending Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is a unique design that allows the rear buttpad section to revolve around its axis. This allows a more comfortable hold in a variety of shooting positions. It also permits a rapid change from primary to secondary sights. For example you can rotate the rifle to move from a top-mount telescopic sight to a side mount red dot. Bilson Arms says: “During tactical shooting, it allows the butt end to stay stationary and not be affected by your protective vest. In competition shooting, it allows the shooter to move through the targets, twisting the gun as you move, but allowing the butt end to stay firm against your shoulder.” The Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Price: $239.00

NANUK 988 4-Up Rifle Case

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

Need to move a quartet of rifles or shotguns? Consider the new NANUK 988 4-Up Rifle Case. This high capacity multi-rifle cases is fitted with high-grade custom-cut closed-cell foam engineered to fit four (4) rifles up to 39.75″ in length with different optics installed including scopes, red dots, and everything in between. The center cavities allow storage of up to twelve (12) magazines and two (2) NANUK reusable desiccant containers. The NANUK 988 and other indestructible cases are IP67 rated and built to protect mission-critical gear from repeated blows, drops, and shocks. Price: $699.95

OTTO NoizeBarrier Micro Rechargeable Electronic Plugs

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf
OTTO’s NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs offer up to 40 dB of impulse noise protection and up to 15 dB adaptive noise attenuation, while allowing shooters to hear range commands clearly. The dual-mode NoizeBarrier earplugs offer active hearing protection as well as 40Hz-16kHz hearing enhancement for extremely effective communication. These rechargeable electronic earplugs offer excellent situational awareness with Accu-Technology® high-definition sound quality. Being rechargeable, NoizeBarrier Micro plugs provide up to 16 hours of continuous use. NRR is 28 dB with Foam Tips and 23 dB with 3-Flange Tips. Price: $452.35

BoreCORR™ Bore Saver and Safety Flag

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

The BoreCORR™ Bore Saver keeps rust/corrosion from forming in firearms barrels, while also serving as an Empty Chamber Indicator showing that the firearm is unloaded and the bore blocked. The Bore Saver is a flexible vapor corrosion inhibitor attached to an orange safety flag. The BoreCORR can provides protection for 24 months, keeping rust and corrosion from forming in bores. There are short sizes for pistols and long sizes for rifles and shotguns. Price: $6.99 (pistol)

SHOT Show 2023 new product shotgun smith wesson 1911 caesars forum venetian expo

New Product Center

The New Product Center is a “must-see” offering at the Venetian EXPO. There are dozens of interesting and innovative new products all in one convenient location.

SHOT Show 2023 rifle pistol new 2023 Venetian expo las vegas nssf

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January 18th, 2023

Velocity Per Inch in .223 Rem — Barrel Cut-Down Test Results

.223 Rem Cut-Down Test barrel UMC m855

Most of us own a .223 Rem rifle. Now, thanks to our friends at we can assess exactly how velocity changes with barrel length for this popular cartridge. performed an interesting test, cutting the barrel of a .223 Rem rifle from 26″ all the way down to 16.5″. The cuts were made in one-inch intervals with a rotary saw. At each cut length, velocity was measured with a Magnetospeed chronograph. To make the test even more interesting, four different types of .223 Rem/5.56 ammo were chron’d at each barrel length. The team that conducts these tests has a full-service gun shop, 782 Custom Gunworks — visit

READ 5.56/.223 Barrel Cut-Down Test Article »

Test Barrel Lost 25.34 FPS Per Inch (.223 Rem Chambering)
How much velocity do you think was lost, on average, for each 1″ reduction in barrel length? The answer may surprise you. The average speed loss of the four types of .223/5.56 ammo, with a 9.5″ shortening of barrel length, was 240.75 fps total (from start to finish). That works out to an average loss of 25.34 fps per inch.

5.56/.223 Barrel Cut-Down Speed Test 26″ to 16.5″ Start FPS at 26″ End FPS at 16.5″ Total Loss Average Loss Per Inch
UMC .223 55gr 3182* 2968 214 22.5 FPS
Federal M193 55gr 3431 3187 244 25.7 FPS
Win m855 62gr 3280 2992 288 30.3 FPS
Blk Hills .223 68gr 2849 2632 217 22.8 FPS

*There may have been an error. The 25″ velocity was higher at 3221 fps.

See inch-by-inch Barrel Cut-Down Velocity Data HERE » observed: “Cutting the barrel from 26″ to 16.5″ resulted in a velocity reduction of 214 ft/sec with the UMC 223 55-grain cartridge, 244 ft/sec with the Federal M-193 cartridge, 288 ft/sec with the Winchester M855 cartridge and 217 ft/sec with the Back Hills 223 68-grain match cartridge.”

How the Test Was Done
The testers described their procedure as follows: “Ballistic data was gathered using a Magnetospeed barrel-mounted ballistic chronograph. At each barrel length, the rifle was fired from a front rest with rear bags, with five rounds of each type of ammunition. Average velocity and standard deviation were logged for each round. Once data was gathered for each cartridge at a given barrel length, the rifle was cleared and the bolt was removed. The barrel was cut off using a cold saw. The test protocol was repeated for the next length. Temperature was 45.7° F.”

CLICK HERE to Read the Test. This includes detailed charts with inch-by-inch velocity numbers.

See More Barrel Cut-Down Tests on has performed barrel cut-down tests for many other calibers/chamberings including 6mm Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, and .338 Lapua Magnum. See these test results at

.308 Win barrel length cut test

Much Different Results with 6mmBR and a Longer Barrel
The results from’s .223/5.56 test are quite different than the results we recorded some years ago with a barrel chambered for the 6mmBR cartridge. When we cut our 6mmBR barrel down from 33″ to 28″ we only lost about 8 FPS per inch. Obviously this is a different cartridge type, but also our 6mmBR barrel end length was longer than’s .223 Rem start length. Velocity loss may be more extreme with shorter barrel lengths. And, of course, different cartridge types and powder/bullet combinations will yield different results.

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January 18th, 2023

Great Gun Safe Upgrade — Motion-Sensing LED Light Bars

Nobody wants to fumble around in a dark gun safe. Here’s a very affordable product that will illuminate your safe automatically when you open the door. These magnetic motion-detecting light bars (with 10 LEDs) can be placed on the sidewalls and shelves of your gun safe. As soon as you open the door, the light bars illuminate brightly. When you close the safe door, the LED light bars shut off, saving battery power.

Let there be light. Here’s a great accessory for your gun safe. This “smart” LED lamp turns itself on when you open the door, and off when you close the door. There’s a built-in magnet so you can easily attach the light to the inner walls or “ceiling” of your gun safe. It works, it’’s handy, and it’s inexpensive — just $20.99 for THREE (3) light bars. There is also an Amazon 10% Off coupon currently.

Each motion-sensing light bar has 10 LEDs and can provide 12+ hours of light with four AAA batteries (not included). Very versatile, these motion-sensor lamps can also be used in closets, car trunks, trailers, basements, storage sheds — anywhere you need light. This is an “Amazon’s Choice” for motion-sensor lighting.

Motion-Sensing Light Bar With Three Pivoting LED Heads
If you prefer a motion-sensing light system with a black body and dome-type LED lights, consider the Mind&Action Motion-activated Gunsafe Light. This provides “instant-on” motion-sensor activated LED illumination with three rotating light heads, which pivot independently. The unit can be mounted via provided magnetic mounting plate or Velcro-type panels. This $22.99 light system has earned 84% 4- and 5-Star ratings. The one downside is that it can be tricky to replace the batteries with the Velcro in place.

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