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January 23rd, 2023

BargainFinder 383: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Midsouth — Hornady Iron Press Kit, $599.99

hornady press sale
Save $90 on an excellent loading kit with good press

Here’s a great deal on a complete reloading kit with a premium single stage press and all the accessories you need to load pistol and rifle rounds. Right now the Hornady Iron Press Kit is on sale at Midsouth for $599.99, $90 off the regular price. This kit features everything you need to get loading including the rock solid Iron Press, LNL powder measure, electronic scale, calipers, chamfer tools, loading manual, and more.

2. Smith & Wesson Firearm Frenzy Rebate and KYGUNCO Sale

smith & wesson sale
S&W Factory Rebate through 4/2/2023 plus KYGUNCO gun discounts

Smith & Wesson firearms are some of the best you can buy. Right now you can save up to $100 with the Smith & Wesson Firearms Frenzy Rebate program covering purchases made from 1/15/2023 to 4/2/2023. To redeem online, visit Along with the S&W factory rebate, you can save with KYGUNCO’s S&W promotion right now. KYGUNCO has attractive pricing on numerous Smith & Wesson firearms. The S&W Rebate applies to revolvers, semi-auto handguns, and even S&W modern sporting rifles.

3. Amazon — Teslong WiFi Borescope, $89.99

teslong bore scope sale
New generation WiFi borescope displays views on mobile devices

Are you cleaning your barrels correctly and efficiently? A Teslong Flexible WiFi Borescope provides the answer. This $89.99 Wifi Borescope sends a feed wirelessly to your mobile device. With this unit’s built-in Wifi, you can view the live imagery from inside your barrel with just about any iPhone, Android device, tablet, or PC. NOTE: This borescope has a 36″ flexible cord, so it will work with the longest barrels. (NOTE: One part of the listing states 45″ length but the product dimension states 36″). Some folks will prefer a rigid wand-type borescope. Teslong does now offer a WiFi rigid borescope with 26″ insertion tube. That rigid WiFi unit is currently $129.99 on Amazon. Flexible or rigid, choose the unit that suits you.

4. Graf & Sons — SK Rimfire Ammo

sk rimfire ammo sale
SK .22 LR ammunition delivers great accuracy for the price

For folks getting started in rimfire matches here is some very accurate ammo that’s still quite affordable — offering great accuracy at a modest price. We’re big fans of SK Ammo and for good reason. It’s highly accurate with good consistency and is just one step below the highly-rated Lapua rimfire choices but at a fraction of the cost. Our tester uses this ammo with great success.

5. EuroOptic — Athlon Scope Sale

athlon scope sale
Save 20% now on excellent budget-priced Athlon optics

Athlon scopes offer really great performance for the price. We’ve heard many positive reports about these optics. Right now EuroOptic has select Athlon scopes on sale at 20% off. For an AR or scout rifle, try the 1-4x24mm Athlon Talos BTR SFP. For hunting or general use the 4-14x44mm Athlon Talos BTR FFP is a great scope for the $329.99 sale price.

6. Amazon — MOZETO Shooting Mat (Folding), $34.99

shooting mat sale
Nice padded nylon mat stows conveniently

Whether in the field or at the range, having a comfortable mat to keep you and your gear dry and clean is critical. The Mozeto shooting mat is made from durable 1000D nylon with EPE padding fabric for long-lasting durability. There is an extra thick padded section for elbows and knees. This nice 78″ x 28.5″ mat has convenient straps and carry handle. To transport, just roll it up, fold it over and attach the quick release plastic snap buckles.

7. Precision Reloading — 10% Off All Redding Products

redding tools precision reloading 10% sale
Discounts on all Redding items through January 26, 2023

Redding makes great dies, tools, presses and other products for handloaders. Right now you save save a solid 10% on ALL Redding products in stock at Precision Reloading. You’ll want to act soon as this 10% Off promotion ends at 11:59 pm on Thursday 1/26/23. If you need dies, a turret press, or precision tools, take advantage of this Precision Reloading Redding Sale soon.

8. Amazon — Case Prep Tool, $22.99

case prep tool sale
Versatile Case Prep Tool with storage inside handle

Handloaders need to debur and chamfer brass, and uniform/clean primer pockets? A fine tool for these tasks is the Dreyoo Case Prep Multitool, now just $22.99 on Amazon. The handle is threaded on both ends so you can fit two tools. Conveniently, the orange tool handle can hold the attachments INSIDE (just unscrew the handle in the middle to access storage). This kit includes VLD Inside deburring tool, Out deburring tool, large and small primer pocket cleaners, and large and small primer pocket reamers.

9. Creedmoor Sports — Rifle Bore Guides

rifle bore guide sale.
Excellent, durable Bore Guides for many chamber sizes

The key to properly cleaning your barrel without damaging the chamber is a chamber-specific bore guide. A good-fitting guide with 0-Ring also prevents leakage of solvents into your expensive action and trigger group. Creedmoor Sports has a great selection of high-quality bore guides that are sized for specific chambers. Choose from many popular cartridge types from .222 up to .338 Lapua Magnum. These O-Ring equipped guides have a port on the outboard end for adding solvent.

10. Palmetto SA, CMMG .22 LR Conversion Kit for ARs, $169.99

cmmg bravo .22 LR 22 AR conversion bolt carrier magazine
Quick, easy .22 LR conversion kit for AR-platform rifles

Here’s a great way for AR owners to save money while training. Shoot .22 LR rimfire rounds at a fraction of the cost of .223 Rem ammo ($0.10/rd vs. $0.80/rd). Swapping your centerfire bolt carrier group with a CMMG Bravo Conversion .22 LR Bolt Group takes only seconds. This .22 LR Conversion Kit operates on direct blowback, so it does not need the gas tube for function. Palmetto State Armory offers the CMMG Bravo .22 Conversion Kit with THREE 25-rd magazines for $169.99. Or you can get the CMMG .22 Conversion Kit with ONE magazine for $135.48 from

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January 23rd, 2023

S&W .44 Magnum Revolvers This Week on Shooting USA TV

shooting usa tv smith wesson S&W model 629 329 airweight john scoutten revolver
S&W Model 629-3 .44 Magnum with 5″ barrel, image from

This week on Shooting USA John Scoutten tests three Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolvers. These S&W wheelguns are reviewed for the Shooting USA TV episode this Wednesday, January 25, 2023. This episode also has a Talking Tech segment explaining different types of hammer-fired handguns.

John tests the three S&W revolvers using Hornady 240gr XTP ammunition. He first tests a beefy 45-oz. model 629 stainless with 5″ barrel, then a model 629 Performance Center with short 2.6″ barrel. Lastly he tests the ultra-lightweight model 329 PD AirLight. For that black-finished AirLight wheelgun, the Barrel is actually stainless steel, but the frame is scandium alloy, and the cylinder is Titanium alloy.

shooting usa tv smith wesson S&W model 629 329 airweight john scoutten revolver

Shooting USA SHOW TIMES: This Shooting USA episode airs Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific; 8:00 PM Central. If you miss the regular broadcast, you can stream the show online at any time on Vimeo for $0.99 per episode.

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