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January 5th, 2023

New-for-2023 Products — Shooting Industry Showcase Part 2

New 2023 gun shooting industry products magazine

New 2023 gun shooting industry products magazineThe January 2023 issue of Shooting Industry (SI) presents a look at new-for-2023 products many of which will premier at SHOT Show 2023. This is the second installment in SI’s 2023 New Product Showcase with items from 60 brands, including CZ-USA, Federal, Mossberg, Ruger, Sako, Savage, Steiner and more. The upcoming February 2023 SI issue will have additional New Product Showcase features.

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Along with the New Product Showcase, the January 2023 Issue of Shooting Industry magazine has many other articles of interest. A discussion of 2023 gun industry trends predicts declining sales in the months ahead. A tech article covers new night-vision and thermal optics. For gun stores and ranges there is a helpful article explaining how to prepare for OSHA inspections. CLICK HERE for FREE January 2023 Digital Edition.

PICK SIX — Six Notable New Products for 2023

Here are six notable new items from SI’s January 2023 Issue New Product Showcase. CLICK HERE to see more products from the January Showcase.

CZ 600 Range Rifle

New 2023 CZ range rifle gun shooting industry products magazine

The CZ 600 Range is part of the new 600-series rifle family from CZ-USA, currently offered in 6mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. The 600 Range features a 24″ 1:10″-twist heavy hammer-forged barrel wtih threaded, suppressor-ready muzzle. Remarkably, CZ-USA guarantees 3/4-MOA 5-shot accuracy at 100 meters with match factory ammo. Notable features include: adjustable trigger, 60º bolt throw with large allow bolt knob, controlled feed, 2-position safety, Rem 700 scope base hole pattern, and magazine lock (selectable). The handsome, laminate wood stock boasts a tool-less height-adjustable cheek piece, and monopod Picatinny rail attachment. MSRP is $1199.00. Weight before optics is 10 pounds and OAL is 44.9″.

Escort SDX12 and SDX410 Semi-Auto AR-Style Shotguns

New 2023 gun shooting industry products escort 12ga SDX12 SDX10 shotgun Hatsan

The Escort SDX12 and Escort SDX10, are part of the Versatile Tactical Shotgun series crafted by Hatsan, a Turkish company. The SDX12 is 12 gauge while the SDX10 is .410 gauge. Both are offered in black or FDE Cerakote. These gas-operated, semi-automatic shotguns have detachable alloy upper receivers and polymer lower receivers. The stock features a pistol grip, adjustable cheekpiece (comb), soft rubber buttpad, and an ergonomic fore-end grip. Picatinny sight rails are integrated into the receiver and fore-end/handguard. Other features include: reversible bolt-charging handle, detachable carrying handle, sling loops, and adjustable front and rear sights. A set of flip-up front and rear sights are also included along with 5-round magazines. Length is 37.6″ and weight for the SDX12 is 9.0 pounds.

Savage Arms 1911 Pistol

New 2023 gun shooting industry products magazine

Surprise from Savage — it is now offering a Government-style 1911 pistol with a stainless steel frame and slide. New for 2023, the Savage 1911 features a 5″ stainless barrel with 11° target crown, dual recoil spring, flared and lowered ejection port, titanium firing pin, and ambidextrous slide lock safety.

A variety of sight options are available for the new Savage 1911: Novak Lo-Mount adjustable tritium bar rear sight and tritium Mega Dot Glow Dome Yellow front sight (Rail and Two-Tone versions); Novak Lo-Mount Black rear sight and white dot front sight (stainless and black Melonite non-rail versions); ambidextrous slide lock safety; and VZ G10 Grips. The new Savage 1911 pistol is currently offered in two chamberings: .45 ACP or 9mm Luger (9x19mm).

Steiner Predator 8 Scopes with 8X Zoom Ratio

New 2023 steiner hunter predator 8X optics scopes 2-16x, 3-24x, 4-32x

Steiner Optics had a new line of Predator 8 riflescopes with three different 8X zoom ranges: 2-16×42mm, 3-24×50mm, and 4-32×56mm. Features include: illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings, tactile 1/4 MOA ballistic turret, and fog-proof/waterproof design. There is exceptionally wide field of view at teh lower magnifications, and high-contrast lens coatings ensure crisp images even in low light. The different numbered turret rings allow the shooter to customize the turret for quick elevation adjustment at pre-selected distances. The 2-16x42mm and 3-24x50mm riflescopes come with the Steiner E3 second focal plane reticle while the 4-32x56mm has a Special Competition Reticle (SCR). The Predator 8 2-16x42mm (MSRP $2069.99) is the lightest and most compact of the lineup and includes a rear focal plane E3 Ballistic reticle, with cascading subtensions and windage dots.

KOR 5er VRS Gun Case Insert (Foam Replacement)

KOR VOPS 5er gun case insert foam replacement beads

KOR’s patented Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®) 5er insert is a foam replacement system for existing gun cases. The technology eliminates the need to cut, pluck, or customize interior foam. This, KOR claims, allows gun owners to have “one case for everything in their safe”. The VRS system “customizes interior by conforming to contents”. The interior is filled with “rigidizing beads” which provide a custom fit. You can change the rifle or accessories and the VRS adapts to the new contents using a vacuum pump. KOR states that its VRS system has “no shifting contents, corrosion, crushing, abrasion, or rust inside.” The 5er VRS insert is compatible with many case types from Pelican and SKB.

MDT TIMBR Frontier — Wood Stock with Internal Metal Chassis

MDT Timbr frontier combo metal wood laminated stock

The MDT Timbr Frontier has the look and feel of traditional stock with the benefits of a modern chassis with V-block. The buttstock and fore-end are made of clear-coated Birch hardwood laminate attached to an aluminum micro-chassis and bottom metal. The Timbr Frontier stock offers adjustable Length of pull, adjustable cheek riser, and interchangeable rubber over-molded grips. You can easily add accessories to the M-LOK fore-end and buttstock. With a weight of just 4 pounds, the Timbr Frontier stock works for hunting as well as target shooting. The stock can take standard AICS pattern magazines.

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January 5th, 2023

Ten Great Budget-Priced Tools and Accessories for Shooters

Budget reloading items

Useful reloading gear does not have to be costly. Here are ten handy (and very inexpensive) items that belong on your loading bench or in your range kit.

magnifying glassMagnifying Glass – We use a flat, 2″x2″ pocket 4x-8x magnifier. This folds up on itself. Very handy, we use it to inspect bullets and brass. Use this to check your flash holes for burrs, and check the meplats of your bullets before loading.

Clear 35mm Film Cannister – Use this to transfer the thrown powder charge to the little measuring cup that sits on your scale. That way you don’t get any kernel splash. Also if the charge weight is obviously off, it’s easy to dump back in the measure. A film canister works pretty well as a trickler too.

Compressed Air in a Can -- Get these at office supply stores. Use the can (with tube attached) to blow crud out of cases after cleaning the neck with a brush, and blast loose debris out of primer pockets.

Pin Vise – A simple pin vise with a #53 bit is perfect for deburring Lapua PPC and BR flash holes without reaming the flash-holes any larger. The Lapua PPC/BR flash-hole diameter is 1.5 mm, or 0.059″. sells a handy $8.29 pin vise kit with 10 bits, including the ideal 1.5mm bit. Other vendors offer a #53 pin vise bit that measures .0595″ or .060″ (depending or source). You can find pin vises and bits at hobby stores — here’s an example below with ten bits including 1.5mm. Pin vise sets can be found from $7 to $15.

pin vise 1.5mm Lapua Flash hole

Bounce Dryer Sheets – The common dryer sheets eliminate “static cling” on your plastic reloading parts such as powder measure cylinders, powder funnels, and reloading press plastic bins. Thanks to Doc76251 for this tip.

BallistolBallistol Aerosol – Try using this versatile lubricant/solvent for full-length sizing. Spray some on a patch and you can wipe the carbon off your case necks. Then, continue to apply a very small amount of Ballistol on the case bodies — just thin sheen is all you need. Ballistol is super slippery, and easy to remove. For general full-length sizing (on small cases) it works great and doesn’t leave a gooey, waxy, or chalky residue. For heavier case-forming jobs, we recommend Imperial Die Wax.

Shotgun Mop – Stick this in the chamber when using Wipe-Out foaming bore cleaner. This will seal off the chamber so the foam doesn’t flow into your action. For long chambers screw on one section of cleaning rod to aid extraction.

Colored Sharpie Marking Pens – Mark your bullets ahead of the bearing surface, and the color transfers to the target. This way you can shoot multiple loads at the same point of aim and discern which load shoots the tightest. (Recommended for 300 yards and beyond). With colored bullet tips you can test multiple loads “round robin” to equalize wind effects. When testing seating depths for example, you can mark the longer-seated set of bullets red and the shorter-seated set green and shoot them during the same sequence. Just look at the colored marks on the target to see which grouped better.

Sharpies Pens

Thin Latex Gloves – You should keep a box of inexpensive, disposable latex gloves (the kind doctors use) in your loading room. These will prevent contamination of primers or powder kernels that you handle directly. Also, use the gloves when handling fine blued tools or firearms to prevent transfering body oils and salts that promote rust.

Plastic Washers for Neck Mic – If you use a Sinclair Neck-wall Micrometer Gauge with integral stand, you can use thin plastic washers to adjust the height of the case on the mandrel. This makes it much easier to measure the same point on the case neck every time. Thanks to MikeCR for this tip (and photo).

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