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January 12th, 2023

Standing Position Skills — Champion Carl Bernosky Explains

Carl Bernosky High Power

Some folks say you haven’t really mastered marksmanship unless you can hit a target when standing tall ‘on your own hind legs’. Of all the shooting positions, standing can be the most challenging because you have no horizontally-solid resting point for your forward arm/elbow. Here 10-time National High Power Champ Carl Bernosky explains how to make the standing shot.

Carl Bernosky is one of the greatest marksmen in history. A multi-time National High Power Champion, Carl has won ten (10) National High Power Championships in his storied shooting career, most recently in 2012. In this article, Carl provides step-by-step strategies to help High Power shooters improve their standing scores. When Carl talks about standing techniques, shooters should listen. Among his peers, Carl is regard as one of the very best standing shooters in the history of High Power shooting. Carl rarely puts pen to paper, but he was kind enough to share his techniques with’s readers.

If you are position shooter, or aspire to be one some day, read this article word for word, and then read it again. We guarantee you’ll learn some techniques (and strategies) that can improve your shooting and boost your scores. This stuff is gold folks, read and learn…

Carl Bernosky High PowerHow to Shoot Standing
by Carl Bernosky

Shooting consistently good standing stages is a matter of getting rounds down range, with thoughtfully-executed goals. But first, your hold will determine the success you will have.

1. Your hold has to be 10 Ring to shoot 10s. This means that there should be a reasonable amount of time (enough to get a shot off) that your sights are within your best hold. No attention should be paid to the sights when they are not in the middle — that’s wasted energy. My best hold is within 5 seconds after I first look though my sights. I’m ready to shoot the shot at that time. If the gun doesn’t stop, I don’t shoot. I start over.

2. The shot has to be executed with the gun sitting still within your hold. If the gun is moving, it’s most likely moving out, and you’ve missed the best part of your hold.

3. Recognizing that the gun is sitting still and within your hold will initiate you firing the shot. Lots of dry fire or live fire training will help you acquire awareness of the gun sitting still. It’s not subconscious to me, but it’s close.

4. Don’t disturb the gun when you shoot the shot. That being said, I don’t believe in using ball or dummy rounds with the object of being surprised when the shot goes off. I consciously shoot every shot. Sometimes there is a mistake and I over-hold. But the more I train the less of these I get. If I get a dud round my gun will dip.* I don’t believe you can learn to ignore recoil. You must be consistent in your reaction to it.

Carl Bernosky High Power5. Know your hold and shoot within it. The best part of my hold is about 4 inches. When I get things rolling, I recognize a still gun within my hold and execute the shot. I train to do this every shot. Close 10s are acceptable. Mid-ring 10s are not. If my hold was 8 inches I would train the same way. Shoot the shot when it is still within the hold, and accept the occasional 9. But don’t accept the shots out of the hold.

6. Practice makes perfect. The number of rounds you put down range matter. I shudder to think the amount of rounds I’ve fired standing in my life, and it still takes a month of shooting standing before Perry to be in my comfort zone. That month before Perry I shoot about 2000 rounds standing, 22 shots at a time. It peaks me at just about the right time.

This summarizes what I believe it takes to shoot good standing stages. I hope it provides some insight, understanding, and a roadmap to your own success shooting standing.

Good Shooting, Carl

* This is very noticeable to me when shooting pistol. I can shoot bullet holes at 25 yards, but if I’ve miscounted the rounds I’ve fired out of my magazine, my pistol will dip noticeably. So do the pistols of the best pistol shooters I’ve watched and shot with. One might call this a “jerk”, I call it “controlled aggressive execution”, executed consistently.

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January 12th, 2023

New Lapua Hunt App Now Available for FREE Download

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

Lapua, producer of premium-quality bullets, brass, and ammo, has released a very impressive new mobile App for hunters. The FREE Lapua Hunt App is available now for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets. This Hunt App can be downloaded for FREE via Google Play and the Apple iOS iStore.

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The App provides ballistics plus mapping and weather reporting. Lapua Hunt really combines the features of other popular hunting Apps with a very sophisticated 6DOF ballistics programs. Lapua Hunt incorporates the product data and advanced ballistics calculator from the excellent Lapua Ballistics App. Lapua states: “Lapua Hunt is the new digital solver for hunters that appreciate ethical hunting, accuracy, and safety. Add your own rifle and reticle, select the best ammo and game category, and you are ready to enjoy your hunting success harvesting game of all sizes.” The basic Hunt App is FREE with all essential functionality. However, additional bonus features are offered for “In-App” purchase.

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

In Lapua Hunt’s basic calculator view, you can log the wind speed and direction (red needle in the circle), the shooting angle, and the distance to target/prey. In addition, you can easily log weather information including temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity (enter manually or get info from nearby weather station). Additional paid features allow cartography/map view, and the ability to setup a hunting team.

Key Features of Lapua Hunt App
– Utilizes 6DOF, the most accurate ballistics calculation method*
– Includes the latest Lapua cartridge and bullet information
– Maximum target distance 300 meters / 320 yards
– Choose metric or imperial values
– Several result outputs available depending on your needs: map, numerical, reticle, and table views
– Create your own teams and see the location of members on the map
– Compass helps to set the wind direction
– Measure distances in map view**
– Get the weather parameters from nearest weather station
– Safety elements: map view, own location, team member location, compass, maximum and current range for selected ammo

* 6DOF tracks both the pitch, yaw and roll as well as the up/down, left/right, and forwards/backwards movement of the bullet.
** In the map view, it is also possible to measure distances, verify the current and optimal maximum range and sweep area, and view the current and forecasted scent direction in the area.

Create and maintain your own profiles for Game, Rifle, Cartridges:
– Select game category
– Create profiles for your hunting rifles, with scope/reticle info, and ammunition types
– Define custom cartridges (calculations based on G1 or G7 BC and Siacci method)
– Access and share your data from multiple devices.

lapua hunt app hunting ballistics free download Android iOS smartphone tablet software

The Lapua Ballistics App is available for Android and iOS smart phones and mobile devices free of charge. For more info, visit

Bonus Feature Set Available as In-App purchases

Basic Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges.
Basic Hunter+: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges, plus Ballistic map view.
Advanced Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges; Ballistic map and Advanced map views; 5 day wind direction.
Pro Hunter: All free features + the ability to create custom cartridges; Ballistic map and Advanced map views; 5 day wind direction; Teams feature.

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January 12th, 2023

Reloading Tip: Pulling Bullets Using Press-Mounted Collet Tools

Collet Bullet Puller Hornady RCBS Press Mount Reloading

Do you have some ammo that got loaded incorrectly, perhaps with the wrong powder? Then you’ll want to disassemble the ammo for safety’s sake. You can use an impact puller to do this task, but if you have more than a dozen rounds or so, you may prefer to use a collet-style bullet puller. These work very quickly and positively, making quick work of big jobs. The efficiency of the collet-style puller is worth the investment if you frequently disassemble ammo. These devices retail for under $35.00 (collets sold separately). Normally, you’ll need a specific collet for each bullet diameter. But collets are not that costly, so this isn’t a big deal, particularly if you only load a few calibers, such as .223, 6mm, and .308.

Hornady and RCBS use different mechanisms to tighten the collet around the bullet. On the red lever Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller, a lever-arm on the top of the bullet puller serves to tighten the collet around the bullet. Simply rotate the lever from the vertical to the horizontal position to grab the bullet. Lower the ram to remove the case. The bullet will drop out when you return the lever arm to the vertical position. This is demonstrated in the video below:

Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller Demonstrated

Collet bullet-pullers resemble a loading die with a lever or handle on the top. They screw into a standard reloading press. Hornady and RCBS both make collet-style bullet pullers. They use the same basic principle — the device tightens a collet around the bullet, and then the bullet is separated from the case by lowering the press ram. NOTE: Collet pullers may leave small marks on your bullets, unlike impact (kinetic) pullers.*

Hornady collet bullet pullerLike the Hornady tool, the RCBS Bullet Puller employs a collet to grab the bullet. However, the RCBS tool tightens the collet in a different way. The head of the RCBS tool is threaded internally. By rotating the lever arm clockwise in a horizontal circle you squeeze the collet around the bullet. To remove the bullet, after lowering the press ram, simply spin the lever arm back in the opposite direction. The use of the RCBS tool is demonstrated in these two videos:

RCBS Collet Bullet Puller Demonstrated:

WARNING: When removing bullets from loaded cartridges, always make sure there are no obstructions or debris in your shell-holder or under the loaded round. NEVER engage a primer seating accessory on your press when working with loaded rounds. You can cause a round to discharge by contacting the primer! Also, we recommend you keep your head and torso away from the bullet puller tool at all times.

*By contrast, impact pullers rarely mark bullets, particularly if you put a little bit of foam or paper wadding in the closed end of your impact puller. When dismantling loaded rounds, powder kernels can get trapped in the wadding, so you should remove and replace the wadding before changing to cartridges loaded with a different powder type (assuming you intend to save the powder).

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