August 2nd, 2010

Good Deal on Lake City 5.56x45mm (223 Remington) Brass

5.56 .223 Rem Lake City BrassMidwayUSA now offers milspec 5.56x45mm Lake City brass (item 197849) at $114.99 per 500 cases. That works out to just $23.00 per hundred. Shooters report this brass is “very uniform” and shoots great in AR-type rifles. It can also be used in rifles chambered for the .223 Remington. MidwayUSA reports: “This is true 5.56x45mm mil-spec, new, unfired, heavy duty brass with the LC 09 headstamp. It is the same brass supplied to our fighting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. We made a special buy on a limited supply and it will not last long. Cases should be sized, neck-chamfered, and deburred before loading. With this brass, there is no primer crimp to remove.”

User Report: “Brand new Lake City brass made to 5.56 NATO spec, fresh annealed necks and no primer crimp. It cycles perfectly fine in my AR, loads with no fuss, and I’ve had NO issues with it.” — J.H. from Abilene, TX

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