October 1st, 2010

Precision Rifle & Tool Offers 15% Off Stock Blanks This Week

Marking the beginning of October, Precision Rifle & Tool, LLC (PRT) is offering a great promotion for our readers. Now through October 7th, PRT is discounting a straight (no gimmicks) 15% off its “cut to order” stock blanks. You may not know, but PRT supplied the stock Charles Ballard used win back-to-back F-Open Class Championships in 2008 and 2009. The PRT stocks are very solid platforms, with a low center of gravity. The forearms, despite having a low-profile contour, are stiff and solid.

C-4 Precision Rifles

C-4 Precision Rifles

Ray Bowman, PRT’s owner, explained that the 15% off “October Blast” sale is good for the next week, through midnight EST on October 7. If you miss the deadline, you can still save big. After the 7th, Bowman will knock 10% off PRT stock blanks through the end of October. According to Ray: “You can choose from the Ballard F-Class Open Low Boy, F-TR Low Boy, the C-4, Low Boy Bench Rest ,and the T-5. These blanks can be are inletted for most all custom actions including Bat, Kelbly Panda, and Barnard. In addition, PRT can inlet for the following factory actions: Remington (and Rem clones), FN Model 70 SA, and the Weatherby Vanguard. If you miss the 15% saving you can still receive 10% discounting for the remainder of October.” If you purchase 2 or more stocks (after the 7th, and before the end of October) PRT will knock 10% off the total order and ship the (two or more) stocks FREE to the lower 48 states.

For details, visit www.precisionriflesales.com. Or, from 9 am to 4 pm (EST) Monday- Friday, call Ray Bowman at (336) 214-5381. You can also speak to Charles Ballard at (336) 516-5132. Charles helped fine-tune the stock designs and he works as a PRT sales rep.

Key Features of the new Ballard F-TR stock are:

  • Extended front to provide proper balance with long barrels.
  • Low profile design for a lower, more stable center of gravity.
  • Buttstock has a 1/2″ machined flat on the bottom and angled sides to provide superior tracking in the rear bag.
  • Buttstock has a slight angle to allow minor elevation adjustments.
  • Optional adjustable buttplate and optional adjustable cheekpiece.

F-TR lowboy gunstock

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