June 5th, 2007

New Robertson F-Class "GBF" Stock

Robertson Composites today unveiled final production CAD-CAM drawings of its new MK IV “GBF” F-Class stock. According to Ian Robertson, “this new design evolved with considerable input from the British F-Class team, hence the ‘GBF’ name. We’ve refined the grip area, and the fore-end is completely new, with a stepped design for a lower center of gravity and improved tracking. The front of the fore-end is also relieved on the underside. This effectively lets the stock run on two integral rails. We’ve learned that this also improves tracking and reduces rocking since the stock doesn’t contact the hump in the middle of the front sandbag.” Click for BIG PHOTOs.

Robertson MK IV GBR F-class Stock

Stocks intended for F-Class shooters will have a solid, high-strength fore-end fill for increased rigidity, improved balance, and to eliminate the need to add external weight to bring guns up to the 22-lb (10 kg) F-Class Open weight limit. However, Ian noted, the stock can also be built lighter to “make weight” in 16.5-lb and 17-lb benchrest classes.

Robertson composites GBR MK IV Stock

Robertson Composites F-Class Stock

Ian expects the first completed “GBF” stocks to ship within three weeks. The price of the stock will be $799.00 US through July 4, 2007 as a promotion for AccurateShooter.com readers. After that, the price will be $825.00 US. As delivered the stock includes the following:

- Two-color high-grade gelcoat finish (customer choice of colors including granite).
– Full inletting for Rem-style actions and most popular custom actions.
– 3-way adjustable buttplate and pad, installed with all hardware.
– Adjustable integral cheek-piece, with magnetic clamp and all hardware.

If you want one of the new Robertson MK IV F-Class stocks, call Ian soon at 1 + (613) 228-7543. Robertson Composites already has numerous advance orders for this outstanding new stock.

Click HERE for large PHOTOS.

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