November 3rd, 2007

Kelbly Radius-Toe BR Stocks, NEW for $250.00

Forum member Hammer47 (Gary R.) has acquired a large inventory of 3″-forearm, older model Kelbly benchrest stocks with a radius on the bottom of the buttstock. Apart from color and the radius, these are otherwise identical to current Kelbly stocks which feature a 1/2″ flat on the buttstock’s toe. Gary explains: “[I’ve] bought all of the inventory of the BR stocks with the older style ’rounded’-bottom buttstock. The new stocks are the same except that the bottom of the rear of the stock is flattened by one half inch. These are 100 percent stocks, not seconds, just the older style. [I] will sell these for $250 SHIPPED to your USA address. Have both RB/LP and LB/RP. These stocks are flat black and will need slight sanding to remove the mold separation marks and a shot of flat black paint or a custom paint job if you are so inclined.” The stocks are all inletted for Stolle Panda actions, but this will also fit Stiller Viper/Python, and the inletting can be modified for some other custom actions.

Kelbly Benchrest stock

This is a good deal if you’re looking for a high-quality yet inexpensive stock for your next BR or Varmint rifle. Click HERE for more information, or contact Bubbagun [at]


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