October 18th, 2010

Quality Used Benchrest Rifles at Shooter's Corner

Want a great deal on a pre-owned precision rifle? Then visit Bob White’s Shooter’s Corner website and check out “The List”. Bob maintains a wide selection of used benchrest, varmint, and precision rifles. In fact, Bob offers the largest inventory of used benchrest rifles and equipment in the USA. Along with complete rifles, you’ll find accessories, rests, scopes, and reloading tools.

Bob White Shooter's Corner

“The List” was last updated in June, but there are still plenty of great deals on hand. Contact Bob White directly for the latest offerings or ask for his personal “hand picks” from his vast inventory: (973) 663-5159; email: shootcnr [@] optonline.net.

You can find exceptional deals on “The List”, with complete, custom-action BR rifles for as little as $1300.00, and varmint rifles starting at $500.00. Here are four examples:

Rifle B15: 30BR Heavy Varmint, BAT Model SV R/L action w/rt eject; Bartlein bbl w/.330 neck, 700 rnds; McMillan/Bruno fiberglass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trigger; Includes Kelbly type scope bases & buttstock weight system; Gunsmith: H. Vranian; Exc. cond. Superbly accurate score rig — has fired 250-23X. $2297.

Rifle B48: 6PPC Hvy Varmint, Viper drop port R/L action; 2 Hart bbls w.262 nk, less than 900 & 2800 rnds; McMillan Edge Mod fiberglass glue-in stock; Jewell 2 oz. trigger; Gunsmith: B. LaChapelle; Exc. cond. Best group .072 has finished in top 5 in 2006-50 shooters. $1775.

Rifle B84: 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall mod B R/R action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk with 1400 rnds, McMillan fiberglass glue-in stock, custom 2 oz. trigger, includes B&L scope mount, Gunsmith: Spencer, VG cond, paint shows some nicks. I’ve seen this gun shoot .1 range groups. (a $1700-!1800 value), $1275.

Varmint Rifle V1: 22-250 Cooper Western Classic, Mod 22 w/color casehardened receiver finish; Blued factory round to hex bbl with less than 100 rounds. AAA French walnut w/beautiful wrap-around checkering & skeleton grip cap & buttplate; Factory crisp 1.5 lb trigger. Includes 1″ Tally scope mnts w/color case hardened finish; About 99% cond. Has all upgrades including checkered bolt knob & inlaid sling swivels. $1995. (a cool $4000 to buy now.)

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