May 27th, 2007

Great Source for Used Precision Rifles, Scopes, Dies, Tools

How would you like to walk into a gunstore and find hundreds of quality, custom-built BR rifles, dozens of high-end scopes at 30-50% off new prices, plus mountains of premium reloading tools and accessories at bargain prices? Well, this isn’t a fantasy. Such a place really exists–it’s Bob White’s Shooters’ Corner in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, (973) 663-5159.

shooters corner the list

Bob maintains “The List” on the internet, an amazing inventory of Benchrest and Varmint rifles, plus assorted gear and accessories. And Bob is always adding new inventory. Here are a few samples (all subject to prior sale):

B6. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action; 4 Krieger bbls w/.262 nk, 1 under 200 rnds, 3 others 1500-3000 rnds; Edge Mod fiberglass glue-in stock; Kelbly 3oz trig; Gunsmith: Hammond Rifles; 98% cond. This rifle has shot screamer grps, a teen agg & has won rookie of the year. $2375. w/best bbl; add’l bbls $100. ea.

B4. 30 Goodling 1000 Yd Hvy, 600/1000 yd gun in Imp 300 Wby Mag cal, Bat 8½” Mod “M” w/ejector R/L action; 30” Broughton 10”T bbl, 5R rifling, 1.35 dia w/.334 nk under 300 rnds; Shehane Tracker (African Obeche Lam) stock w/pillar glassbedding; Jewell 2oz trig; includes Bat 30MM scope mnts, custom Goodling dies & 50 loaded ctgs; Gunsmith: Sid Goodling; 99% cond. A sharp potential long range winner at a bargain price. $2395. ($3400. invested)

B21. 6PPC Light Varmint, Viper R/L action; 2 Shilen bbls w/.262 nk under 500 & c.275-300 rnds; Bruno/McMillan fiberglass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Stevens Accuracy; exc cond. A competitive rig using state of the art components at a good price. $2099.

V2. 6BR Remington 40X LH, Mod 40X-KS L/L action; factory 27¼” SS bbl w/10” twist .266 nk under 50 rnds; McMillan fiberglass stock w/factory glassbedding; 40X 2½ lb trig; includes Leupold 1” mnts w/lapped rings & cases; as new w/factory papers in orig case. An excellent caliber & shooter about new. $1895. (a $2300. value)

V16. 6MM Rem Custom Varmint, Rem 700 R/R action converted to single shot, action completely trued w/oversize recoil lug; Shilen SS match 26” bbl w/muzzlebrake c.300 rnds; factory lam wood bolt-in stock, pillar glassbedded w/filled magazine area; Jewell 8oz trig w/safety; inclu loaded rnds & load data; Gunsmith: B. White; 98% cond. An extremely accurate varminter which lets you see your hits. $949. (over $1850 invested)

V25. 22 BR Carry Varminter, Rem 700 action, Shilen SS match bbl 24” cryoed #4 contour w/.247 nk c.400 rnds, factory wood stock w/pillar glassbedding, factory Rem trig 2lb, inclu Leupold scope mnts & c.100 loaded ctgs, Gunsmith: Kelbly, Inc, exc cond. This 7¾ lb beauty gives 4100 fps w/40 grain bullets, $795, (Redding comp die set avail, $125.)

Plus there are listings for scopes, rests, dies, bullet-making gear, even reloading books and magazines. If you are interested in a new precision BR or Varmint rifle, or you’re looking for a great deal on gear, check out “The List”.

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