February 19th, 2011

Mid-Winter Shooting Report from Thunder Bay

It may be winter, but that didn’t prevent Forum member James F. (and his girlfriend Siiri) from firing up their snowmobiles and heading out for a fun day of shooting. Now that’s dedication! James, who hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, offers this report….

A Sunny Day for Shooting in Thunder Bay
It was almost +10° C today and sunny so my girlfriend and I went shooting. Just thought I would share some photos. I’m in the process of breaking in my Savage model 12 LRPV in .204 Ruger. About a 15-minute snowmobile ride from our houses, we have our own private 900-yard range, with zero elevation change (it’s a lake in summer time). And I got to play with my new toy. My girlfriend Siiri bought me a Kestrel 3500 weather station.

Below is my Savage 17HMR, which has a Vortex Viper 3-9X40mm. Siiri also shoots a Savage 17HMR.

And this is my new Savage model 12 chambered in .204 Ruger. This has a Vortex Viper 6.5-20X50 on Burris extreme tactical rings, with a Ken Farrell 20 MOA base. The rings I bought ended up being way too high. I didn’t realize how tall a Farrell base was. I ordered rings that are 1/2″ lower. So for now I used rubber bands and a towel to make the stock taller. Very high-tech, as you can see:

Savage Shines with Factory .204 Ammo
Today ended up being a very good day. I decided to try shooting at 200 yards to see how my .204 would group. I ended up shocking myself — I shot a 0.231″, 3-shot group. (0.435-0.204=0.231″). That is with Hornady 32gr factory ammo. Can’t complain with those results! I think we are going shooting again soon. But the weather is supposed to be -10° C so it’s not going to be as nice. But I made a gong and I need to try it out. I’m also going to test some loads in the model 12.

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