February 17th, 2011

Winchester Factory Rifle Stocks at Huge Discounts

If you have a model 70 or a modern Winchester bolt-action that needs re-stocking, here is a great opportunity to pick up an inletted factory stock for peanuts. Gunsmiths who build customs on model 70 action should also take notice. CDNN Investments has acquired a huge quantity of Winchester factory stocks of all shapes and sizes, wood, laminate, and synthetic. CDNN is selling them off at “fire-sale” prices. For example, a Sporter Walnut Featherweight Blem stock for a post-64 action is just $39.99 including buttpad and swivel studs. A black, checkered, synthetic stock for a post-64 action (with heavy barrel) is just $49.99, including pad and studs. And if you need something fancy for a modern Long Action Winchester, a Grade II/III walnut Sporter stock, checkered, with recoil pad and swivel studs, is $149.99. That’s still cheaper than many uninletted walnut blanks.

CDNN Winchester Stocks

These and other stock bargains are contained in CDNN’s latest 2010-6 catalog, on page 138 (shown above). You can view the new CDNN catalog online, or download the catalog as a PDF file.

CLICK HERE for Direct Download of CDNN Catalog 2010-6 (41.3 megabyte PDF).

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