May 4th, 2011

Lapua .260 Rem Brass In-Stock Now at and

Lapua .260 Rem Remington cartridge brass.OK, you .260 Rem shooters, break out your credit cards. The Lapua .260 Remington cartridge brass has finally arrived. Kevin Thomas of Lapua tells us: “Sorry for the wait guys, but it’s here. has its shipment and will begin shipping orders [May 4, 2011]. Kaltron Pettibone received theirs a few days ago and should be filling existing orders as I write. Let us know what you think of this stuff. Looks pretty good so far, but the proof’s in the pudding.” has the .260 Rem brass in stock at $96.99 per 100-ct box (Shipping included with $4.95 handling fee). has the .260 Rem brass in stock for $92.50 per 100-ct box.

Lapua .260 Rem Brass

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