November 1st, 2011

New Lyman Power Case-Prep Kit with Fitted Accessories

Lyman has introduced a handy, new cordless power tool with fitted case-prep accessories. This kit can speed up your case-prep chores. The handheld, high-torque rechargeable driver runs at the correct moderate speed for deburring and chamfering. The matched accessories all have hex shafts that simply snap in and out of the driver (much like with a cordless screwdriver). The full kit, Lyman part number 7777758, includes the power driver and seven (7) accessories: two case neck brushes, two double-ended primer pocket tools (large and small), an outside 45° neck-chamfer tool, an inside 30° neck-chamfer tool, and, finally, a combo standard/phillips screw-driver bit.

Lyman cordless Case prep power tool accessories

In the photo above, the inside chamfer cutter is fitted in the power driver. This chamferer (and all other accessories) can be quickly and easily swapped in and out of the driver with one hand. You don’t have to rotate a chuck or use a chuck key. As sold by Sinclair Int’l, the Lyman Power Case Prep Tool Kit (Driver plus all accessories) costs just $51.95.

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome user submissions.

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