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January 18th, 2012

SHOT Show: Kelbly’s Atlas Custom Rifle and 40th Super Shoot

Each year, at SHOT Show, we get a chance to meet up with the Kelbly clan. Jim Kelbly and his family-run operation always have something new and interesting on display, and this year was no exception. Jim explained to us that 2012 marks the historic 40th Anniversary of the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. Jim is expecting the largest turn-out ever for the short-range benchrest event, held annually at the Kelbly Range. And Jim said that 50-60 foreign shooters may join the fun in 2012. The Super Shoot already has the highest attendance of any 100/200-yard benchrest match on the planet — even more than the World Championships. Jim said he is planning some extra surprises to help celebrate the 40th Super Shoot anniversary.

On the hardware side, Kelbly’s had some some new March scope options on display and Jim noted that Kelbly’s now produces 30mm and 34mm scope rings for both Davidson and Picatinny-type scope rails. These new rings have an improved clamping design with a floating side clamp piece providing direct lateral tension. This strong design replaces the squeezing-type ring base found on Kelbly’s older rings. This provides more positive clamping force and it also allows more repeatable tensioning.

$2,300.00 Kelbly Atlas Custom Rifle
Ian Kelbly provided the big news — Kelbly’s is now offering a “factory custom” rifle. The Kelbly Atlas Custom Rifle features a Stolle Atlas action in a bedded Bell & Carlson T-1000 stock with aluminum chassis. Each gun will feature a precision-chambered, Krieger cut-rifled barrel. (You won’t find those on other “factory customs”). You have a wide choice of chamberings including: .223 Rem, 22-250, .243 Win, .308 Win, 300 WSM and 7mm WSM. The Atlas rifles come with a crisp, Rifle Basix two-pound trigger.

kelbly atlas Krieger rifle

The good news is that this complete package — with your choice of stock finish — is just $2,300.00 complete. That’s a good price considering the quality of the components. We’ve seen other vendors asking $3,500.00 or more for rifles with “plane Jane” Remington actions and “no-name” barrels. And we were pleased to hear that you don’t have to wait a year or more for a Kelbly Atlas Custom Rifle. Kelbly’s has over two dozen rifles in stock, ready to ship right now.

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January 18th, 2012

SHOT Show Report: New Actions from Stiller Precision

We dropped by the Stiller Precision Firearms SHOT Show booth to see the latest product roll-out from Jerry Stiller and his crew. Jerry showed off some of his hot new action designs, including the long-awaited Copperhead rimfire benchrest action. Along with two rimfire actions, Jerry unveiled his hot-selling P1000 Benchrest Action, and his new TAC30 AW bottom metal system for Rem-clone actions.

The advanced Copperhead rimfire BR action, “in development” for years, is finally a reality. This is a pure benchrest-quality action, built from the ground up to deliver the smallest groups with today’s rimfire ammo. The Copperhead’s innovative design features DUAL firing pins at 6 and 12 o-clock. This serves to make rimfire ignition as consistent as possible. This action also has an Anschutz-style feed ramp to aid feeding of single-shot rounds. Being very complex to manufacture, the Copperhead commands a fairly high pricetag — roughly $1300.00. For those in the highly competitive rimfire benchrest game, who demand the very best rimfire receiver available, the high price is can be justified by the action’s superior performance. Prototypes have already earned top places ijn many notable rimfire BR matches.

Along with the Copperhead, Stiller Precision offers a nicely-detailed, smooth-running 40x clone rimfire action that will fit any stocks inletted for the Remington 40 Rimfire rifles. This 40X Rem clone action is in stock and available know for about $950.00.

Yet another unique action from Stiller Precision is the Tac-30 AW. This is a Rem-footprint action made as a purpose-built tactical rifle foundation. It has beefy #8 screws for scope base attachment along with the ability to add rail pins to a picatinny rail to reduce the possibly of any screw failures. Along with that, it is specifically made to work in concert with Stiller’s detachable magazine bottom metal and Accuracy International AW magazines. The entire action, bottom metal and magazine combination is available for about $1,100.00. The AW magazine is superior to the standard AICS mag; the AW design is easier to load, and it holds ten rounds in a more compact (shorter) box.

Last but not least, Stiller showed us a P1000 action which is becoming more popular in the long range benchrest realm and is available in standard and magnum bolt faces for short and long action calibers. This dual-port action is only available in a right-bolt, left-port, right eject configuration. It is also available in 2 diameters – 1.350” and 1.550” in case weight is an issue. Interestingly, the P1000 is made to work without the standard recoil lug as you can see it has recesses cut in the bottom that will act as a recoil lug surface. Similar to other Stiller’s actions, the P1000 has a small size (0.068″ diameter) firing pin for enchanced accuracy.

Stiller Precision is working hard to catch up on existing orders as well as continuing to develop innovative, state-of-the-art actions for discerning customers. Most of the actions on display at SHOT show are in stock and ready to ship. In addition, Stiller hopes to resume production of his popular Viper and Diamondback actions in just a few months. Jerry cautions “be patient” if you are looking for a drop-port or other classic benchrest not currently in inventory.

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