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January 20th, 2012

SHOT Show: Match Air Rifles and Full-Auto Pneumatics

At the Pyramyd Air booth we ogled high-end competition air rifles from Feinwerkbau and Anschutz. These are Olympic-grade rigs, with prices (for the Anschutz) approaching four grand fully outfitted with all the accessories, plus premium sights. It’s obvious the Germans take accuracy very seriously when it comes to airgun engineering.

New Full-Auto Pneumatic Rifles from Evanix
We were quite surprised to see a full-auto offering among the many new products on display. Evanix of South Korea is now producing a pair of self-loading, pre-charged pneumatic air rifles that can shoot in either semi-auto or full-auto modes. When running full auto, the electronically-controlled servo breach can cycle pellets at the equivalent of 400 rounds per minute. We’re not sure why full auto capability is needed, but this certainly offers a new experience for the air gun crowd. An airgun is definitely the cheapest way to go if you have a hankering for “hosing down targets” (quoting the AirGun Reporter video below). We do like the self-loading feature for general plinking and “fun gun” use, and the 2.5-lb trigger is decent for bench use. The Evanix Conquest sells for $1699.99. Being a brand new product, the Conquest is not yet in stock but Pyramyd is taking pre-orders now. To see how the Conquest operates in full-auto mode, watch the video below.

Evanix Conquest Air Rifle

Evanix Conquest (AirGun Reporter Sponsored Video)

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January 20th, 2012

Vince Does Vegas — A Brit’s View of SHOT Show

vince bottomley target shooterVince Bottomley, editor of Target Shooter online magazine, is one of the UK’s best shooters. Vince has excelled in both “point-blank” benchrest and long-range target shooting (F-Class and Benchrest). We had a chance to chat with Vince while he attended Media Day and SHOT Show in Las Vegas. During his SHOT Show sojourn, Bottomley enjoyed a week of American firearms freedom. On Media Day, Vince sampled a wide selection of firearms now banned in Britain, including black rifles, full-auto AKs, and assorted handguns. Vince even got to shoot his favorite Smith & Wesson 586 revolver under the tutelage of legendary wheelgunner Jerry Miculek. Watch the video below for a Brit’s take on SHOT Show, and the Second Amendment freedoms we take for granted here in America. Vince also chats about his work on the Target Shooter web site.

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January 20th, 2012

SHOT Show: Tips on Using QuickLOAD Reloading Software

At SHOT Show, we had the chance to meet with German software engineer Hartmut Broemel, creator of QuickLOAD software. This software program, while not a substitute for conventional load manuals, allows shooters to evaluate a wide range of powders and bullets, comparing potential loads on the basis of predicted pressures, velocities, load density and projectile in-barrel time.

CLICK HERE for Full QuickLOAD Review

We took the opportunity, in the video below, to explain some of the fine points of QuickLOAD for our members. QuickLOAD, sold by, helps reloaders understand how changing variables can affect pressures and velocities. It can predict the effect of changes in ambient temperature, bullet seating depth, and barrel length.

In the video below we explain how to adjust the program for true case capacity, bullet seating into the lands, and other important factors. If you are a new QuickLOAD user, or are contemplating buying the $152.95 program, you should watch the video. The program isn’t perfect, but it can accelerate the load development process, and it can save you money by narrowing down the list of appropriate powders for your cartridge.

No other product currently available to serious reloaders offers as much predictive power as QuickLOAD, and you’ll find your money well spent just for the vast collection of data on bullets and cartridges. With a couple mouse-clicks you can instantly get the specifications of hundreds of bullets and cartridges. Likewise, in a matter of seconds, you can compare load density for a half-dozen powders, or compare the projected velocities of one cartridge versus another.

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January 20th, 2012

FREE Binoculars with $150.00 Creedmoor Sports Order

Here’s a great offer for members of the Creedmoor Sports Internet Buyers’ Club. For the next three days, January 20-22 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), Creedmoor Sports will provide a FREE set of Simmons 10×25 ProSport Binoculars to any Buyers’ Cub members who order at least $150.00 worth of merchandise through Creedmoor’s online store.

Here’s how it works — Go to the Creedmoor Sports Home Page, and enter your email address. This signs you up for Creedmoor’s Internet Buyers’ Club. Then you should get an email with a Coupon Code entitling you to the FREE Binoculars when you place an online order of $150.00 or more. NOTE: Only registered Creedmoor Buyers’ Club members can use the coupon code for the FREE binoculars. Binocular offer valid January 20-22, 2012. Limit one per order. Not valid on previous purchases.

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