April 23rd, 2012

Kimber Auction Proceeds Support USA Olympic Shooters

GunBroker.com, the world’s largest web auction site for firearms, is hosting a unique online auction to benefit the USA Shooting Team’s quest for Olympic gold this summer. Through Sunday, April 29, GunBroker.com members may bid on a unique Kimber Team Match II .45 ACP pistol. Bearing serial number “USA-10000”, this one-of-a-kind Kimber Custom Shop creation was presented to the USA Shooting Team by Kimber owner and CEO Leslie Edelman at the 2012 SHOT Show.

Kimber USAShooting auction Olympics

The “USA-10000” serial number on this highly-customized handgun commemorates sales of 10,000 Team Match II pistols. Delivered in a walnut and glass presentation case, the pistol features a mirror-polish finish, and scrimshawed ivory grips with the USA Shooting Team logo. Kimber donated this Team Match II “USA-10000” to the USA Shooting Team, with all proceeds supporting Team USA members competing at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games this London. CLICK THIS LINK to view more photos or bid on the “USA-10000″ Kimber Team Match II. Current high bid is $5,025.00 (as of April 23, 2012).

Kimber USAShooting auction Olympics

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