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April 19th, 2012

Bank of America Tells McMillan Group to Find Another Banker

McMillan GroupApparently Bank of America is no longer willing to provide banking services to McMillan Group Int’l, LLC (McMillan), a leading maker of gunstocks and an important supplier of stocks, rifles, and other hardware to our U.S. Armed Forces. Apparently it is not good enough that McMillan builds products used by our troops to safeguard our freedoms.

Here’s what went down. In the course of an “account analysis”, a Senior VP of Bank of America (BofA) confirmed that BofA wished to cease doing business with McMillan because the Arizona-based company now builds rifles, not just stocks and accessories. The details of the fall-out between BofA and McMillan were outlined April 19 in a post by Kelly McMillan on McMillan’s Facebook page.

HERE is the Text of McMillan’s Announcement Regarding Bank of America:

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years. Today Mr. Ray F., Senior Vice President, Market Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office. He scheduled the meeting as an “account analysis” meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them. He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.

At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.”

Bank of America“That is correct” he says.

I replied “That is okay, we will move our accounts as soon as possible. We can find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank that will be glad to have our business. You won’t mind if I tell the NRA, SCI and everyone one I know that BofA is not firearms industry friendly?”

“You have to do what you must” he said.

“So you are telling me this is a politically-motivated decision, is that right?”

Mr. F. confirmed that it was. At which point I told him that the meeting was over and there was nothing left for him to say.

I think it is import[ant] for all Americans who believe in and support our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms should know when a business does not support these rights. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. When I don’t agree with a business’ political position I can not in good conscience support them. We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.

Kelly D. McMillan
Director of Operations
McMillan Group International, LLC

Last name of Bank of America VP redacted at request of McMillan.

Commentary: The LAST thing Bank of America should be doing right now is terminating relationships with important, long-standing business customers. Because of a series of billion-dollar blunders by Bank of America executives, the company has suffered major financial losses and write-offs, and it was forced to sell off important assets. Reflecting the bank’s poor management, Bank of America share values declined 58% in 2011. That made BofA the “worst-performing stock in the 30-member Dow Jones Industrials Index” last year according to

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April 19th, 2012

Taking and Making One-Mile Shots with Savage 110 BA in .338 LM

Savage BA110 .338 Lapua magnum 1 mile

This video by Mark Dalzell demonstrates the long-range capabilities of the Savage 110 BA chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Mark took his “BadAss” rig out to the southwest Nevada desert just north of Jean Dry Lakes. He placed a 2’x3′ target way, way out there — a full mile (1760 yards) away. At that range, flight time to target was 3.75 seconds! Sighting with a Nightforce 5-22x50mm NXS scope, Mark needed a few shots to get on target, but eventually made multiple hits, using 67 MOA of elevation and 2.25 MOA left windage. You can view the hits starting at 1:56 time-mark on the video. (Mark had a second camera set up closer to the target — this displays frame in frame in the video, and if you watch carefully you can see the strikes.) The ammo was HSM 250gr HPBT match with a 3.600″ COAL. The shooting was done at 8:13 in the morning, with clear conditions, very light winds. Temp was 57°, humidity 24.5, Density Altitude 3666. Video soundtrack is La Grange by ZZ Top.

— CLICK to hear Mark Dalzell TALK about his .338 LM Savage 110 BA and how he scored hits at 1760 yards.

Good Shooting Mark. That’s darn good for a factory rifle. You also had the elevation dialed in real close before the firing started! That shows a good knowledge of your ammo’s long-range ballistics. We also noticed how effective that muzzle brake was. Recoil looked about the same as an un-braked .308 Win.

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April 19th, 2012

Midsouth Now Carries Full Line of Norma Brass and Ammunition

As you may know, Norma is working hard to make its products more readily available in the USA. Norma has put a new distribution system in place, and quality Norma ammunition and cartridge brass is now carried by many major vendors. Leading the way is Midsouth Shooters’ Supply, which now stocks a full selection of Norma brass and a large inventory of Norma loaded ammunition. Most of the Norma cartridge brass types now come in 25-unit boxes. This allows you to try out the Norma brass without breaking the bank. For example, 25 pieces of Norma 6mm PPC brass (item 013-10260105) costs just $20.25. You can “buy it and try it” without a big up-front investment.

SAVE 5% on Norma Brass and Ammo Orders!
Midsouth Shooters Supply has announced a special discount just for readers. Just enter PROMO CODE 6mmNORMA during check-out to get 5% off select Norma merchandise. Listen to the Audio clip below to learn more about this special discount!

Midsouth Shooters Norma Discount CodeHOW TO GET 5% OFF
CLICK “PLAY” to hear Midsouth’s Michael Ryan explain how to use the 6mmNORMA Promo Code. Save 5% on your order!

[haiku url=”″ title=”Midsouth Discount Code”]

Norma Cartridge Brass

Target shooters will be pleased to find Norma cartridge brass in these accurate calibers: .222 Rem, .223 Rem, 6mm PPC, 6mmBR, 6XC, .260 Rem, 6.5×284, .308 Win, .300 RSAUM, and .300 WSM. Varmint Hunters should consider these other offerings: .204 Ruger, .220 Swift, 22-250, and .243 Winchester. Big game hunters will find a huge selection of cartridge types — everything from .25-06 to .375 H&H. Of course Norma offers nearly all the popular deer-hunting cartridges, such as 6.5×55, .270 Win, .270 WSM, 7mm-08, 7mm Rem Mag, .280 Rem, .30-06, and .300 Win Mag.
Norma Cartridge Brass

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April 19th, 2012

Amazing Yosemite Time-Lapse Video — Nature’s Showcase

Spectacular YosemitePeople enjoy shooting and hunting for a variety of reasons. For some it is the challenge, and the satisfaction of performing a difficult task with mastery. For others the appeal is the camaraderie — the fellowship of other shooters. Some folks enjoy the mechanical aspect — the process of reloading and just “tinkering around with guns”.

For this Editor, one of the main reasons I enjoy shooting is the chance to experience nature — to get away from the city, to a place “far from the madding crowds”. With that spirit in mind, here is an amazing time-lapse video (with music soundtrack) filmed from many vantage points in Yosemite National Park. We challenge you to watch the full video and not long to go out into the “wild places”. As John Muir said: “Going to the woods is going home.”

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike. John Muir, The Yosemite (1912)

Photo from Spectacular Yosemite book by Stuart Booth and Photographer Quang-Tuan Luong.

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April 19th, 2012

More Women Are Buying Guns and Learning to Shoot

We’ve stated that getting more young people and women involved in shooting is key to the preservation of shooting ranges and the protection of our rights as gun-owners. The good news is that CNBC reported last week that more women than ever before are acquiring firearms and learning to shoot.

Women & Guns Magazine

CNBC reports: “A good part of the [increase in gun sales] is women. While gun sales last year were up 14% nationwide from the year before, 47% MORE women are now shooting than they were ten years ago. And 23% of all women now own a gun — according to Gallup (2011 Gallup Poll)”. As a result of this trend, gun manufacturers’ profits are up and their stocks are rapidly climbing on Wall Street. Both Ruger and Smith & Wesson equity share prices are way up this year. Moreover, CNBC reports that mainstream retailers such as Cabela’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods are seeing “big profits from guns”. The NSSF observes that, across the nation, many local gun shops are now holding “Ladies Nights”, and enrollments in womens’ training classes is up significantly.

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April 19th, 2012

Looking for Vihtavuori N320 Pistol Powder? Powder Valley Has It.

N320 Vihtavuori powderPowder Valley just announced it has received 120 4-lb kegs of Vihtavuori N320 powder. This stuff has been hard to find lately, so Powder Valley suggests: “Get em quick. They won’t last long!”

We know why N320 powder is in high demand (most vendors are sold out right now). This is a truly outstanding propellant for the .45 ACP. It is very accurate, burns clean, and it meters well from progressive presses. This Editor has tried a dozen different powders for my .45 ACPs and N320 is my top choice for 180-200gr bullets. Nothing was more accurate, and N320 burned cleaner (with fewer sparks and unburnt particles flying back) than WW 231 (which is also very accurate).

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April 18th, 2012

TCU’s Catherine Green Wins Double Gold at NJOSC

Catherine Greene NJOSC TCUCatherine Green, a 19-year-old sophomore at Texas Christian University (TCU), is a rising star. Over the past few days, Catherine finished her National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC) career on a high note — she won Gold in BOTH Women’s 10m Air Rifle and Women’s 50m Rifle 3-position events. Catherine’s double-gold performance earned her an appointment to the USA National Junior Rifle Team. Catherine, one of the nation’s top young shooters, displays dedication and “mad skills” with a rifle. We predict we may see Catherine standing on an Olympic podium in the not-too-distant future.

Catherine Green, TCU

In the prelims, Green shot 1158 match points to take a ten point lead over her competitors. She followed it up with 94.7 points in the final. Sporting dangling air-pellet earrings all week, 19-year-old Green won the NJOSC Women’s 10m Air Rifle title on Sunday. Her performance reasserted her appointment on the National Junior Rifle Team. Green turns 21 next year so she will not be eligible for the 2013 NJOSC. “I was a little worried today that I would lose the ten point lead,” said Green. “I tried to stay focused and not think about missing, about coming down on my target and envisioning a ten. I was diligent about completing my shot process and focusing on the ten-ring. I’m grateful for the support of my parents, coaches Makucevich and Monez and God.”

Facebook Users: CLICK HERE for USA Shooting VIDEO interview with Catherine Greene

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April 18th, 2012

Van Zwoll Ballistics Book Recommended for Long-Range Hunters

Van Zwoll hunting bookLong-range hunters may want to add Shooter’s Bible Guide to Rifle Ballistics to their reference library. Written by Dr. Wayne van Zwoll, this 224-page resource focuses on the basic principles of ballistics. While the book concentrates on the many factors that affect bullet trajectories, the book also includes chapters on everything from rifle design to bullet construction and handloading. Gunsmith and long-range shooting school instructor Darrell Holland recommends the book highly. Darrell tells us: “Friend and noted author Wayne van Zwoll has authored another fine book on long range shooting. Wayne is a great shot (probably one of the best sling shooters I’ve been around) and superb hunter in his own right. We applaud his efforts to provide sound and accurate knowledge on long range hunting.” For an autographed copy of this color-illustrated book, contact Wayne van Zwoll at: wvanzwoll [at] .

Wayne Van ZwollVan Zwoll is the “real deal” — an experienced outdoorsman, with serious shooting and writing “creds”. Over his career, Van Zwoll worked for the BLM, then Washington’s Department of Game. He worked as a photographer for the U.S. Forest Service, then became one of the Elk Foundation’s first field directors. He has guided hunters in Utah and Wyoming, and has hunted on five continents. Wayne has shot competitively since his days on the Michigan State University rifle team. He qualified for the final Olympic smallbore tryouts in 1972 and later won two state prone titles. For 14 years he has conducted shooting seminars for Safari Club International (SCI). Wayne van Zwoll has authored 14 books, and written more than 2,000 articles for numerous magazines, including Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life. In 2006 he received the Jack Slack Outdoor Writer of the Year award from Leupold. Wayne now serves as Special Projects Editor for Intermedia Outdoors.

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April 17th, 2012

Don’t Over-Chamfer Your Necks — Bullet Damage Can Result

Shaving bullet jackets is a problem reloaders encounter from time to time. It can be caused by excessive neck tension, burrs on the case mouth, or over-aggressive chamfering that leaves a ragged edge on the case mouth. Larry Medler discovered some rounds where the bullet jackets were getting shaved. Diagnosing the problem, he found that this was caused by his outside neck chamfer. He was using a powered screwdriver to rotate the case, and over-cutting plus tool chatter was causing the case neck to roll inwards. This created a thin, sharp edge that actually cut into the bullet jacket as the bullet was being seated.

bullet jacket shavingneck chamfering

Larry has a Load Force 250 measuring instrument that records the dynamic bullet seating force and displays the results on a computer screen. Larry noted that spikes in seating force were associated with the cases where the bullets were shaved. Inspecting the cases, Larry realized what was happening. Chamfering the outside after doing the inside allowed his tools to cut too much. Combined with tool chatter, this actually created a sharp, ragged edge that rolled inward towards the bullet: “I discovered I had rolled the case mouth rim inward while deburring the outer edge. When deburring the case mouth on the outside edge, every now and then I could hear some tool chatter. The effects of this chatter really show in the picture.”

bullet seating force

The above chart shows the dynamic bullet seating force for the bullet with the shaved jacket. Note the large initial force used to cut and scratch the bullet outer surfaces. The final seating force of 47 pounds is just before the Wilson Seating Die bottoms out and the force on the load cell jumps. The chart below shows normal bullet seating force.

bullet seating force

As a fix, Larry decided to reverse the neck deburring operations. Now he deburrs the outside first. This reduces tool chatter and prevents the edge from rolling over, because the neck thickness has not been thinned by inside chamfering. While Larry uses a powered screwdriver to speed his case processing, the lesson applies to those who chamfer manually as well–do the outside first and never overcut.

Remember, you simply want to remove burrs and create a slight chamfer. You don’t want to thin the brass significantly at the case mouth. This is why it is important to be very careful when using a deep-angle cutter such as the K&M inside neck chamferer. Click HERE to read Larry’s full report on neck chamfering, with more details on use of the Load Force 250 measuring instrument. Using device such as this, or a K&M arbor press equipped with a seating force gauge, will help you diagnose problems with your neck tension and reloading procedures.

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April 16th, 2012

IRS Tax Filing Deadline is Tuesday, April 17 this Year

Federal 1040 Tax DeadlineIf you haven’t heard by now, the deadline for filing Federal and state tax returns is tomorrow, April 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm. So you may have one more day than you expected. This year, the IRS has pushed out the deadline by two calendar days because April 15 is a Sunday and April 16 is Emancipation Day — a public holiday in the District of Columbia.

So, you have until midnight Tuesday. Year 2011 returns must be post-marked or e-filed by that time, unless you file for an extension. If you do get an extension, be aware that you still have to pay all taxes owed by the deadline. Submitting Form 4868 (Application for Automatic Extension of Time), can give you more time to file your Fed tax return, but it does NOT extend the time to pay. Also, if you need an extension, you may have to file a separate extension request for your state returns.

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April 15th, 2012

NBRSA Long Range Nationals (600-yd and 1000-yd) This Week

The NBRSA Long-Range Nationals will be held this upcoming week, April 18-22, 2012 at the Sacramento Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, California. This five-day program encompasses three separate events, starting with the 2-day 600-yard Nationals, followed by an F-Class Benchrest Match, and concluding with the 1000-yard Nationals on Saturday and Sunday. Entry/information forms are now available for the NBRSA 600-yard Nationals (Sloughhouse 600: April 18-19), 1000-Yard F-Class Bench Match (April 20), and 1000-Yard Nationals (Sloughhouse 1000: April 21-22, 2011). All three events will be held at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, located outside Sacramento, California.

NBRSA long-range Nationals

There will be hot dogs for purchase April 18, 19, 20 and 22. The organizers have arranged a catered lunch on Saturday, April 21st. (April 23rd, Monday is reserved as a “make-up” day in the event of bad weather). Match Fees for the two Nationals Events are $50.00 per class (Light Gun and Heavy Gun), while the fee for the F-Class Bench Match (22-lb class) is $30.00. Make checks payable to: FOLSOM GUN CLUB. Mail to Craig St Claire, 10607 Sacramento Road, Galt, CA 95632. Click the links below for more information or visit the NBRSA website.

Tax ReliefGet Some ‘Tax Relief’ by Joining the Fun at Sloughhouse this Week
The 2012 Tax Deadline for tax returns to be filed (unless you get an extension) is April 17th. So this provides some added incentive to get those returns done and then go have some fun in Sacramento. You can compete at 600 yards, or 1000 yards, or both, and F-Class shooters can try their hand at long-range shooting from the bench.

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April 15th, 2012

Rock Ridge 1903 A3s and A4s Classified as “Curios and Relics”

Creedmoor Sports now sells authentic Springfield 1903 A3 and A4 rifles that have been re-stocked, re-barreled, and refinished by by Curt Wolfe at Rockridge Machine Works. If you have been interested in acquiring one of these rifles for use in Vintage Military Rifle matches, here’s some good news. As of April 2, 2012, the Rock Ridge Springfield 1903-A3 and A4 are now both recognized as Curios and Relics. This means that anyone possessing a valid 03 FFL (Curio and Relics Federal Firearms License) are now eligible to have these particular rifles shipped directly to them. (However, please check with local laws to see if other restrictions may apply — such as waiting periods and storage restrictions). The A3 variants start at $875.00 while the 1903 A4 “Sniper” model sells for $1135. The Rock Ridge A3s and A4s both feature turned-down GI Bolts, and NEW 1:10″ twist .30-06 original contour barrels.

springfield 1903 a3

The C&R status of the Rock Ridge 1903 A3/A4 has been confirmed by an April 2, 2012 letter issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). CLICK HERE to read ATF Letter.

1903 A4 Rock Ridge springfield

Dennis DeMille, G.M. of Creedmoor Sports, reports: “These rifles are NICE! Issue condition nice. Much nicer than the one I set a National Record with.” The A4s feature original Remington actions with turned-down GI bolt, fitted to new 4 groove, 1:10″ twist barrels chambered in .30-06. All fire-control parts are original GI. The A4s come with walnut-stained reproduction “C” stock, Malcolm reproduction of original Weaver 330C (M73B1) scope, original GI buttplate, and repro GI military leather sling. The A3s have original Smith Corona M1903 actions, and click-adjustable iron sights. NOTE: Both the A3s and A4s use intact receivers, NOT re-welded decommissioned versions.

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April 14th, 2012

.22 LR Ammunition Accuracy — 55 Ammo Types Tested

In 2010, the staff of Forum completed a massive .22LR Rimfire Ammunition Testing Project. Some 55 different types of ammo were tested, using a highly-accurate Swiss-made Bleiker rifle, with a 2-stage trigger. All ammo varieties were tested at 50 yards, 75 yards, and 100 yards, shooting five, 5-shot groups at each distance. Though these tests were completed some time ago, many readers have requested a “reprint” of the ammo rankings, so we’ve republished this data below.

The results are fascinating to say the least (and perhaps eye-opening). The tester observed: “I got some amazing groups, and some which are, frankly, absurdly bad! This has re-enforced what I had experienced with 22 ammo in the past — that is being consistently inconsistent.”

While we strongly caution that .22LR rimfire ammo may work well in one gun and not another, and ammo performance can be improved through the use of barrel tuners, the research provides invaluable guidance for smallbore shooters. Overall, the testers burned through over 4,000 rounds of ammo, and you can see the actual test targets online. To read all the test reports, and view target photos visit

Bleiker .22LR Rifle

The lists below rank the average accuracy (by brand) of five, 5-shot groups shot at 50, 75, and 100 yards. CLICK HERE for Complete Test Results with target photos.

50-Yard Results 75-Yard Results 100-Yard Results
0.162 Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS
0.164 Lapua Midas Plus
0.177 Lapua Polar Biathlon
0.187 Eley Match EPS
0.193 Eley Match
0.203 Lapua Midas M
0.215 Lapua Center X
0.216 Western Value Pack
0.229 Lapua Signum
0.241 Lapua Master L
0.243 Eley Pistol Match
0.256 Olin Ball
0.256 Akah X-Zone
0.261 Lapua Midas L
0.261 Lapua Master M
0.263 Eley Tenex Semi Auto
0.270 Lapua Super Club
0.272 Eley Tenex
0.303 Lapua Standard Plus
0.312 CCI Standard Velocity
0.319 RWS R 50
0.319 Eley Standard
0.328 SK High Velocity
0.339 Eley Club Xtra
0.340 Winchester T22
0.356 Federal Champion
0.362 Eley Subsonic HP
0.371 CCI Mini Mag
0.376 Federal American Eagle
0.377 Norinco Target
0.380 Sellier & Bellot Club
0.384 Eley Club
0.387 Eley Sport
0.388 Totem
0.392 Swartklip Match Trainer
0.398 Federal Gold Medal
0.403 Swartklip HV
0.409 Eley Match Xtra Plus
0.424 Sellier & Bellot Std
0.443 Remington Target
0.461 Lapua Crow HP
0.475 Eley Silhouex
0.479 Magtech
0.498 Eley High Velocity
0.513 Winchester Super X
0.516 Kassnar Concorde
0.539 CCI Blazer
0.560 Winchester Supreme Pistol
0.576 Norinco Pistol Revolver
0.593 SK Standard
0.611 Sellier And Bellot HP
0.626 SK Standard HP
0.686 Logo HV
0.956 Pobjeda Target
0.274 Lapua Center X
0.283 Lapua Standard Plus
0.295 Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS
0.307 Lapua Midas M
0.329 Lapua Master M
0.346 Eley Match
0.373 Lapua Polar Biathlon
0.399 RWS R 50
0.432 Lapua Midas L
0.448 Eley Tenex Semi Auto
0.467 Eley Match EPS
0.474 Lapua master L
0.491 Eley Match Xtra Plus
0.494 CCI Standard
0.496 Eley Subsonic HP
0.507 Eley Sport
0.512 Federal American Eagle
0.513 SK High Velocity
0.514 Eley Standard
0.516 Eley Tenex
0.516 Lapua Crow HP
0.532 Western Value Pack
0.533 Fed. Champion Target
0.535 Lapua Midas Plus
0.564 Akah X Zone
0.566 Olin Ball
0.573 Eley Club Xtra
0.616 Lapua Signum
0.631 Winchester T22
0.639 Swartklip HV HP
0.641 Eley Club
0.642 Eley Silhouex
0.647 CCI Mini Mag
0.679 Eley Pistol Match
0.682 Swartklip Match Trainer
0.690 Federal Gold Medal
0.692 Remington HV
0.703 Lapua Super Club
0.720 Winchester Super X
0.738 Eley High Velocity
0.759 Kassnar Concorde
0.765 Sellier And Bellot Club
0.770 Winch. Supreme Pistol
0.770 Norinco target
0.775 CCI Blazer
0.802 Norinco Pistol Revolver
0.841 LVE Logo HV
0.855 Sellier & Bellot Std
0.871 Magtech
0.923 Sellier & Bellot HP
0.934 SK Standard HP
1.017 Remington Target
1.257 Totem Standard
1.442 SK Standard
1.578 Pobjeda target
0.455 Eley Match
0.510 Lapua Midas Plus
0.549 Lapua Midas M
0.611 Lapua Polar Biathlon
0.611 Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS
0.619 Eley Match EPS
0.622 Eley Club
0.630 Lapua Center X
0.631 RWS R50
0.679 Eley Tenex Semi Auto
0.694 Lapua Midas L
0.729 Eley Tenex
0.739 Lapua Master L
0.753 Lapua Super Club
0.785 Lapua Master M
0.831 Eley Sport
0.851 Eley Match Xtra
0.859 Lapua Standard Plus
0.867 Akah X-Zone
0.877 Eley Pistol Match
0.907 Norinco Target
0.924 Eley Silhouex
0.939 CCI Standard
0.952 Eley Subsonic HP
0.963 Magtech
0.970 Olin Ball
0.978 Kassnar Concorde
0.995 Eley Club Xtra
1.009 Western Value Pack
1.032 Federal Champion
1.087 Norinco Pistol Revolver
1.100 CCI Mini Mag
1.112 Lapua Crow HP
1.143 Winchester T22
1.142 Federal Gold Medal
1.144 federal American Eagle
1.156 Swartklip Hollo Point
1.165 Lapua Signum
1.170 Swartklip Match Trainer
1.175 Fed. Champion Value Pk
1.182 SK high Velocity
1.201 Totem
1.224 Winchester Super X
1.358 Eley Standard
1.367 Remington High Velocity
1.375 CCI Blazer
1.414 Eley High Velocity
1.450 Remington Target
1.504 LVE Logo
1.813 SK Standard
1.879 S&B Club
1.947 S&B Hollow Point
2.073 SK Standard HP
2.221 S&B Standard
2.266 Pobjeda Target
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April 14th, 2012

350 Shooters at National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

Over the next three weeks, junior shooters take the spotlight at the 2012 National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC). Nearly 350 shooters, ages 12 to 20 years, will be competing at the U.S. Shooting Center in Colorado Springs, CO. These athletes qualified for an invitation to the NJOSC with top scores in their respective State Junior Olympic Championships. The NJOSC competition is important for shooters looking to “move to the next level”. The top two finishers in each rifle and pistol event will be offered a place on the National Junior Shooting Team.

National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

For scores, please visit USA Shooting’s Match Results Page following each competition.

Ladies First — Women Shoot April 13-17
The women’s rifle events will take place from April 13-17. There are nearly 100 registered athletes from 36 states for Women’s 10m Air Rifle, which will culminate in the event final at 1:30 p.m. MST on April 15. Next comes the 50M three-position smallbore (rimfire) event, slated for April 16 and 17, with the women’s smallbore final to be held at 5:15 p.m. on April 17. Sixty-four ladies are signed up for smallbore shooting.

Men Compete in 10m Air Rifle, 50m 3P, and 50m Prone
The rifle action continues with competition in Men’s 10m Air Rifle, Men’s 50m Rifle Three Position and Men’s 50m Rifle Prone from April 19-24. Tyler Rico, last year’s NJOSC J2 gold medalist in air rifle, is now a J1 shooter and looks to break into the final with another year of training under his belt. Other notable contenders are National Junior Team members Connor Davis, Michael Liuzza, and Ryan Anderson. The Men’s 10m Air Rifle final will be held on April 21 at 1:30 p.m. MST. The men’s smallbore field is highlighted by National Junior Teamers Davis, Liuzza and Michael Matthews. There are 62 registered competitors from 30 states.

National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

NJOSC Wraps Up with Air Pistol Matches
NJOSC competition concludes with Women’s and Men’s 10m Air Pistol events. These matches will draw a combined field of nearly 100 shooters. The Men’s 10m Air Pistol and Women’s 10m Air Pistol finals will be held on April 28. Most NJT members who are shooting air pistol will also compete in the Men’s and Women’s Sport Pistol event (Men’s Sport finals, April 29; Women’s Sport finals, April 30).

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April 14th, 2012

Zeiss Offers Big Discounts to NRA Meeting Attendees

If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in St. Louis, stop by the Zeiss Booth (#1111) today or tomorrow. For NRA members on a mission to buy, Zeiss Sports Optics is offering special discounts on optics sold through an authorized retailer in the Zeiss booth during the show.

The Zeiss Conquest 3-9×40 riflescope (#20 reticle) will be available for only $399.00 and show attendees will also receive 10% off all other Zeiss products, except for the Victory RF and Victory FL 42mm binoculars. Zeiss already has a national consumer rebate promotion for the Victory RF binoculars ($300 rebate) and Victory FL 42mm binoculars ($200 rebate). NRA members who purchase a Victory RF or Victory FL 42mm binocular at the NRA show will instantly receive the rebate, on the spot. NRA Meeting attendees can also receive discounts on gear. Stop by the Zeiss booth, mention the Gear Store offer and you’ll receive a discount voucher for your purchase at For more info on Zeiss optics, visit or call 1-800-441-3005.

Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40mm
RifleScope with #20 Reticle.

Zeiss Conquest Offer

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April 13th, 2012

PT&G Special on FL Re-Size Reamer and Die Body Blank Kit

PT&G Pacific ToolPacific Tool & Gauge is now offering a Full-Length Re-Size Reamer and Die Blank Kit for $107.50. Yep, you read that right — you get a solid pilot (HSS) reamer AND the die body blank for $107.50, total. The reamer can be a standard-spec chambering or you can send in a file or print to have the FL re-size reamer match your current chambering. Some folks have wondered: “Can’t I just make a sizing die using my chambering reamer?” The answer is no. A resize die needs to be smaller than your actual chamber so that it can down-size the brass to ensure proper feeding and extraction. This kit from PT&G is a great way to get a custom sizing die for an affordable price. NOTE: You must still get a competent gunsmith to run the FL re-size reamer into the die body blank to create the finished die.

Pacific Tool Resizing Die Reamer Kit blank

The resizing die kit (item N3861330) contains: One (1) Solid Pilot (HSS) Re-Size Reamer (excludes 50 BMG & Canon Type Reamers); and One (1) Caliber-Specific Die Blank. NOTE: This offer excludes 50 BMG and canon-type reamers.

PT&G 10% Discount for Owners of Stiller Actions
Here’s a great deal if you own a Predator, Tac30/300 or other Rem-clone type action from Stiller’s Precision Firearms. Last week, PT&G announced that it will give a 10% Discount on Remington-type PT&G parts used with compatible Stiller Actions. To qualify for the 10% discount, customers must provide proof that they own, or have purchased a Stiller Action for which there are compatible parts from Pacific Tool & Gauge. Please contact the PT&G sales staff for more information. Send email to pacpes [at] or call (541) 826-5808.

PT&G 10% discount stiller actions

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April 13th, 2012

Sierra Introduces New 6.5 and 7mm “Skived” Hunting Bullets

Sierra Bullets has introduced two new hunting bullets with the proven bullet design of Sierra’s popular .30-cal 165gr GameKing. Sierra’s Carroll Pilant tells us: “Customers have been asking us for years to make a 6.5mm and 7mm version of our very popular .30-caliber 165 grain HPBT GameKing and we are happy to say we have fulfilled that request. Just like their .30-caliber cousin, these bullets will be ideal for mid-sized game with standard and magnum calibers. The thicker jacket promotes deep penetration while the skives (pre-cut longitudinal lines) at the meplat provide reliable expansion.”

Sierra 7mm 6.5mm skived GameKings

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April 13th, 2012

Lothar Walther Offers Finished Garand and AR15 Barrels

Lothar walther logoLothar Walther has some new “pre-fit” barrel offerings that should interest Garand and AR shooters. Garand Match competitors and vintage military rifle shooters will be pleased that LW is now offering “finished” Garand barrels, pre-chambered in your choice of six (6) different chamberings: .270 Win, 7×64, .308 Win,.30-06, 8x57IS and 9.3×62. These are all four-groove barrels with 24″ length. Twist rates along with land/groove diameters are listed on the Lothar Walther website. NOTE: Though these barrels come pre-chambered, you’ll still need a competent gunsmith for final fitting and headspacing.

Finished M1 Garand Barrel
Garand Finished Barrels

AR15 Barrels — Multiple Contour Options
For AR15 shooters, Lothar Walther now offers a wide variety of pre-chambered AR15 barrels, set up for either .222 Rem and .223 Rem. With the .223 Rem barrels you have a choice of either standard .223 Rem OR .223 Wylde chambers. You can select either stainless steel or what LW calls “special rifle steel”. For most of these contours, other calibers/chamberings (.204 Ruger, .17 Rem., .30/.221 Fireball, 6.5 CSS, 6.8 SPC) are available on request. Extra charges may apply. Gunsmith required for attachment of barrel extension, drilling of gas port, and attachment of gas block, and (optional) front sight.

Contour 6000:16
Contour 6100:20
Contour 6100:24
Contour 6200:24
Contour 6200:26
Contour 6300-1675-MU

North American customers can order these “finished” Garand and AR15 barrels by contacting:

Lothar Walther Precision Tools
3425 Hutchinson Rd.
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: 770-889-9998
E-Mail: lotharwalther [at]

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April 12th, 2012

2012 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits Get Underway

The NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in St. Louis opens tomorrow morning, April 13th. (Hopefully a Friday the 13th launch won’t bring bad luck). However, doors opened at 2:00 pm CST for advanced registration, and some of the outer exhibits will be available for viewing this afternoon. The NRA Foundation’s Banquet and Auction starts at five this evening.

NRA Annual Meeting St. Louis

When the “main event” kicks off tomorrow, there will be plenty to see and do. In addition to the many seminars for NRA members, you can view more than 500 exhibits, filling 340,000 square feet of floor space. Virtually all the major gunmakers in the country should have their latest products on display. You’ll even find an airgun range on site where you can shoot air rifles provided by Pyramyd Air.

NRA Annual Meeting

Photo provided by the NRA Blog, Lars Dalseide editor.
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April 12th, 2012

Stocky’s Stocks Offers MBR Tooley-Type BR Stock for $499.00

Stocky’s Stocks has released a new laminated MBR Tooley-style long-range benchrest stock at an affordable price. Dubbed the Bobby Hart’s Ideal Benchrest Stock (IBS), this stock comes inletted for Rem 700 and Rem clone short actions or long actions.

stockys stocks Bobby Hart Tooley MBR IBSThe basic version of Stocky’s Ideal Benchrest Stock sells for just $499.00 including Pachmayer recoil pad installed. For $100 more ($599.00 total), you can get the stock with a CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum “Accublock” bedding block installed in the stock. Stock’s new IBS stock features a 1.25″ barrel channel, 3″-wide fore-end and weighs 4.8 pounds total.

Stock Geometry — Flat Front with Slight Drop in Rear
Note that the underside of the buttstock is NOT parallel with the fore-end. The buttstock has a bit of drop to improve tracking on recoil and to allow elevation “fine-tuning” by sliding the stock fore and aft. While some shooters will prefer parallel geometry, Dave Tooley’s original design did feature a bit of drop in the buttstock. Dave believes this helps the gun recoil more smoothly, without bouncing on the bags. Of course, a few minutes spent with a wood rasp, sandpaper, and a level can remove the slight angle in the underside of the buttstock, if you prefer parallel geometry. These Stocky’s IBS stocks are available in 14 different laminated colors, in either satin or laminated finish. A half-dozen of our favorite laminated patterns are shown below.

stockys stocks Bobby Hart Tooley MBR IBS

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