January 1st, 2013

Happy New Year and Message to our Readers Worldwide

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Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide, and especially the nearly 20,000 members of the AccurateShooter Forum. We hope 2013 brings you happiness in your lives and success in your endeavors. And we wish for small groups, good scores, and successful hunts in the New Year.

We hope that, in 2013, you’ll enjoy your precision rifles, spending “quality time” at the range with friends who share your “addiction to accuracy”. We’ve made major upgrades to our site this year, acquiring new high-speed dedicated servers, and adding a staff “Answerman” to provide direct help for our members. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our feature articles, our Daily Bulletin, our match reports, and our Free Forum Classifieds. The formula seems to be working — our audience is bigger than ever and it just keeps growing. And with the demise of Precision Shooting Magazine in November 2012, AccurateShooter.com’s role as an information resource is more important than ever.

Forum Membership Grows 23% in 2012
We experienced big growth in our Shooters’ Forum in 2012. Membership grew by 23% as member ranks swelled from 16,000 members to nearly 20,000 members! Forum traffic (pageviews) rose 40% in 2012 — that’s a huge increase in one year. And more people are successfully buying and selling in our FREE Forum Classifieds section than ever before.

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Daily Bulletin Is a Big Hit
The AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin has become a “must read” for anyone interested in serious rifle accuracy. Daily Bulletin viewership is up 37% in 2012 compared to the year before. In the Bulletin you’ll find money-saving sale notices, timely match reports, and a host of reloading and accurizing tips. The Bulletin has become THE source for exclusive “scoops” on new products and new shooting technologies. Eric Stecker of Berger Bullets says: “You guys have become the ‘USA Today’ of the precision shooting market.” 365 days a year we offer a unique combination of shooting tips, gear reviews, industry news, and highlighted bargains and special sales.

Big Plans for 2013 — With Your Help…
In the months ahead we plan to release more feature stories, more videos, more informative ‘how to’ articles, and some major gear comparison tests. We also hope to do audio interviews (“podcasts”) with top shooters such as Carl Bernosky, Sam Hall, and John Whidden. We’ll continue to offer serious field tests and inside “scoops” on the latest precision shooting products. And now that Precision Shooting Magazine has folded, we hope to fill that void with articles from some of your favorite PS writers.

AccurateShooter.com donation

We need your support. For over eight years the site has relied largely on volunteer efforts by dedicated shooters. But as the site grows, adding new types of content and more sophisticated features, we need the assistance of professional gunsmiths, writers, and movie editors. Those guys don’t work for glory alone.

For the site to continue to deliver more cutting-edge content, we need to bring in paid helpers. Right now, the site reaches over 125,000 shooters every WEEK. If the majority of those users could provide a small donation every year, we could deliver more stories, more tests, more Gun of the Week features, and more videos.

In the past quarter about 90 site users have donated to the site. I want to thank all those who have generously contributed (at any time). But that still leaves tens of thousands of users who access the site regularly without contributing.

Here’s our proposal. First, if you have used our FREE Classifieds to successfully sell your rifles or shooting gear, consider sending in a dollar or two from your sale proceeds. Second, for those who use the site regularly, consider donating One Dollar a Month. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee and much less than many websites now charge for their “premium content areas”.

Consider this — what do you pay for a movie ticket these days? Probably $8.50 or more for 90 minutes of escapism. For a buck a month ($12 a year) you can help this site provide a YEAR’s worth of info, tests, and shooting news that you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Contribute

Making a donation to the site is simple and easy. Just click on the orange “Donate” button at right. If you have a credit card, you don’t need a Paypal account to contribute. Any sum is welcome — donations need not be large.

Help Support this Site by Making a Secure Donation.

If you don’t like Paypal, you can send a check. Make the check payable to our Asst. Editor Jason Baney. Please list your Forum Log-In Name (if any), and mail the check to:

Jason Baney
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