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August 13th, 2013

Ty Cooper Takes Long Range Championships Title at Camp Perry

Tyrel Ty Cooper NRA Long Range High Power Rifle ChampionshipSSG Ty (Tyrel) Cooper of the USAMU won the 2013 NRA National High Power Rifle Long Range Championships with a final score of 1243-71X. Ty grabbed the lead from fellow USAMU shooter Shane Barnhart on the final day of competition, shooting superbly to take the Long Range title. Also moving up in the standings today was SSG Brandon Green, who won the NRA High Power Championships last week. Green was a close second. Though both soldiers finished with a total score of 1243 points, Cooper’s X count topped Green’s by seven (71 to 64). On his Facebook page, Green praised his USAMU team-mate: “Congrats to Ty Cooper, he is the 2013 Long Range National Champion! And I’m the first loser! … Stupid Xs.” (Photo courtesy NRA Blog.)

Below is a file photo of SSG Ty Cooper at 2012 High Power Championship. In the Long Range Championships, Cooper used a Nesika-actioned bolt gun with long barrel chambered in 7mm SAUM.
Tyrel Ty Cooper NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championship

NRA Blog editor Lars Dalseide interviewed Ty Cooper shortly after he won the 2013 Long Range title. “It’s a long time coming,” said Cooper with a smile. “Years of shooting and now here it is. It’s overdue — that much is true.”

Cooper edged out USAMU teammate Brandon Keith Green for the win by seven Xs, after four days of long-range competition. “You don’t get much closer than that,” said Russ, a competitor from Georgia. “Winning by an X count. Boy that is something.”

Rounding out the top five in the overall Long Range Championships are Bob Gustin with 1239-76X, Shirley Mcgee with a 1238-65X, and Eric Smith with a 1236-55X.

Complete Results from the Long Range Championships will be posted on the NRA Competitive Shooting Championships Results Webpage later today.

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August 13th, 2013

Today is Final Day of Long Range Championships at Camp Perry

Today marks the fourth and final day of the NRA Long Range Rifle Championship. The USAMU’s SSG Shane Barnhart is in the lead but other shooters are definitely within striking distance. Barnhart’s position atop the leaderboard has been a surprise to some, because he has been primarily a smallbore shooter in years past. But in 2013 he has demonstrated outstanding capabilities with a centerfire rifle at long range. Watch this video for a wrap-up of Long Range Day 3 at Camp Perry.

Michelle Gallagher Wins Leech Cup
Michelle Gallagher turned in a great performance earlier this week, winning the Leech Cup in a shoot-off with Ty Cooper of the USAMU. Michelle Gallagher finished with a top score of 100-6X (X stands for bullseye) to beat USAMU’s Ty Cooper by a single X.

Leech Cup Camp Perry National Championships Michelle Gallagher

Michelle received congratulations from SSG Brandon Green after winning the Leech Cup at the NRA Championships. “This is the first time I’ve shot this year in a sling at a 1,000 yard match,” said Gallagher. “I’ve been shooting F-Class, so this is pretty special.”

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August 13th, 2013

Back from Afghanistan, Guardsman Wins Porter Trophy Match

Story based on report by Lars Dalseide for NRABlog
This time last year, Cody Shields was in his final days of deployment with the National Guard. Described as “eventful”, there was little else said about his time in Afghanistan. A sentiment shared by many returning from battle. The important thing is that he made it back home. “Ten fingers and ten toes,” said Shields. “All is good.”

Camp Perry Porter Match Afghanistan Cody Shields

In the weeks following his return, Shields found his way back to range. Back to a place that was welcoming and familiar. Back to his career in the shooting sports. A journey that found him with the winning score for this year’s Irvine C. Porter Trophy match. “My heart was beating out of my chest. It was my second time in a shoot-off. The first one, ah, didn’t go so well.”

The Porter Trophy match is shot at the same time as the Leech Cup. Fired at 1,000 yards, shooters have 30 minutes to land 20 shots on target. And, as one might guess, the match is shot with a service rifle.

A competitive shooter since the age of fifteen, Shields has always been on the cusp of winning something big. He shot in high school, in college for Akron University, and now for the All Guard Team in Arkansas. But this, easily, is his biggest win. “I was shocked when I realized how well I was shooting here,” said Shields. “Once I realized I was thinking about it, I stopped thinking about it. Just focused on my front sight and tried to keep up with the wind.”

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